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SMW Memory Map
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ROM Address Length Type Description Details
$009139 98 bytes Sprite tilemap related YXPPCCCT properties for 'MARIO START' and various similar messages.
Change $00913F from 30 to 34 and $009170 from F0 to F4 to fix the S in "Mario/Luigi Start".
$009156 is for the top half of 'TIME UP".
$0091AC 1 byte Misc. Number of coins needed to get an 1up from the green star block.
$0091DB 1 byte ASM Change it to D0 to switch the "Mario/Luigi Start"
$0092AE 2 bytes Misc. The scanline × 2 of the solid lava colour in the Iggy/Larry boss battle.

Change it to $A8,$01 (dw $01A8) to have it begin just where the sprite lava tiles end.
$009329 84 bytes Pointer 16-bit game mode pointers. Indexed by $7E:0100.
$009389 4 bytes Coordinate X position of the "Nintendo Presents" tiles
$00938D 4 bytes Sprite tilemap related "Nintendo Presents" logo tilemap
$0093A5 1 byte Coordinate Y position of "Nintendo Presents" logo
$0093B0 1 byte Sprite tilemap related YXPPCCCT properties for "Nintendo Presents".
$0093C1 1 byte Sound effect "Nintendo Presents" logo sound effect
$0093C6 1 byte Timer How long "Nintendo Presents" stays on the screen before disappearing.
$0093CB 1 byte Misc. Blinking Nintendo Presents (0F = 0 time, 1F = 1 time, 2F = 2 times, etc)
Also known as Nintendo Presents Brightness (Values use Brightness Register ($0DAE))
$009436 3 bytes Misc. Change from [AD 33 14] to [4C 17 94] to disable the circle fade in from Title screen. Use in conjunction with address $009AAD.
$00943B 1 byte Misc. How fast the circle right before the titlescreen opens. Default value is 04. The higher the value, the faster it opens. Don't go beyond #$19.
$009451 7 bytes Palette Back area colours to use for each castle destruction scene (One byte per movie)
$009459 7 bytes Palette Palette row (in the range 00-07) used by the castle in each castle destruction scene. 1 byte per scene.
$009461 7 bytes Stripe Image Stripe image (index to pointers at $0084D0) to load as the background for each castle destruction scene.
$0094A1 1 byte Music Music Bank that is used for the ending music.
0E = Overworld Music
48 = Level Music
59 = Ending Music
$0094B3 1 byte Music Boss castle destruction sequence music #1
$00950B 1 byte Debug DEBUG: Boss defeated scene select (30 = enable)
$00955F 1 byte Misc. GFX File loaded for Credits font
$009586 4 bytes Level number Which level to use for the Yoshi's House part in the credits. 'A9 28 A0 01'. Do not change A9 and A0. 28 is the low byte of the level (Note: Level number + 24), 01 is the high byte.
$00968E 32 bytes ASM This is the beginning of the code that is executed for game mode 10 (the black period between fadeout from the OW and Mario Start).
$0096A5 is which Layer 1 tile on the overworld will prevent the "Mario Start!" from appearing if the player is on it. (Default is $56, the Yoshi's House tile.)
Change $0096A6 to EA EA to make MARIO START! appear on the Yoshi's house OW tile number, or to 80 03 to make the MARIO START! never appear.
$0096AE 158 bytes ASM This is the code that is executed by game mode 03 (Load title). Game mode 11 (Mario Start) also uses parts of this code. The shared parts starts at $0096D5.

- $0096C4: music bank used for the Title Screen. 0E = Overworld Music, 48 = Level Music, 59 = Ending Music.
- $0096C7: title screen (level C7) music.
- $0096CC: title screen level number + $24.
- $009724: intro screen (level C5) music.
- $009725: changing it to [9C FB 1D] will allow you to change the music for the intro via Lunar Magic.
- $009737: Bowser scene 1 music.
$00974C 4 bytes Subroutine (JSL) Calls the hexadecimal to decimal subroutine (in short HexToDec) to convert a hexadecimal value into a decimal string at $009045 and ends in an RTL.

-A (8-bit value).

-A: 1s digit (repeated subtraction remainder (“modulo”) once A < 10)
-X: 10s digit (the “quotient” of A divided by 10)
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