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YI Memory Map

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SRAM Address Length Type Description Details
$7000E6 2 bytes Misc. Egg cursor Y position

When spitting an enemy this is used subtracted with constant $0200 to set enemy y-speed
$7000E8 2 bytes Misc. Frame counter for holding the Down button to cancel egg throw (up to $0007 then it cancels)
$7000EA 2 bytes Flag $FFFF = Egg cursor locked with L/R, $0000 = not locked
$7000EC 2 bytes Flag Egg aiming flag:
$FFFF: Have eggs, can aim
$0000: No eggs, can't aim
$0002: In water, can't aim
$7000EE 2 bytes Misc. Egg cursor angle, ranges from $0000 = lowest, to $2E00 = highest
$7000F0 2 bytes Misc. Angular velocity of egg cursor (fixed point)
$7000F2 2 bytes Misc. How much Yoshi is stumbling during fuzzied state, starts at $00 and increments or decrements by $02 until threshold point, then begins stumbling:
$001A: stumble forward threshold
$FFE6: stumble backward threshold
$7000F4 2 bytes Misc. Direction Yoshi is currently leaning during fuzzied state, relative to Yoshi's current facing:
$0002: forward
$FFFE: backwards
$7000F6 2 bytes Misc. Yoshi idle animation state:
$0000: Stepping in place
$0002: Blinking
$0004: Scratching nose
$0006: Turning around
$7000F8 2 bytes Misc. Running animation state:
alternates between $0000 and $0002 while running
pre/post-run: $0000 - $0012, increments by $02
$7000FA 2 bytes Misc. Current ground type Yoshi is on:
$0000: Ground
$0001: Water
$0002: ????
$0003: Ice
$0004: Snow
$0005: Mud
$7000FC 2 bytes Misc. Player collision with MAP16 terrain, format: 0000000L lRrTtBMb
L = left, head
l = left, body
R = right, head
r = right, body
T = top, left half
t = top, right half
B = bottom, left third
M = bottom, middle third
b = bottom, right third
$7000FE 2 bytes Misc. Player collision with water, same format as $7000FC
$700100 2 bytes Misc. Player collision with cross section tiles, same format as $7000FC
$700102 2 bytes Flag $0001 when on a Spiky Stake ($0000 means not)
$700104 2 bytes Misc. Current door exit type:
$0000: Regular door / boss door
$0100: Sewer pipe hole (like in 4-E)
$FFFF: Bandit mini-game door
$700106 1 byte Misc. Pipe entrance/exit transition type:
$02 = Going right
$04 = Going left
$06 = Going down
$08 = Going up
$700107 1 byte Misc. Pipe entrance/exit transition type:
$00 = Vertical, going in pipe
$40 = Vertical, coming out of pipe
$80 = Horizontal, going in pipe
$C0 = Horizontal, coming out of pipe
$700108 2 bytes Misc. Distance Yoshi has travelled so far in vertical/horizontal pipe entrance transition, in pixels & subpixels ($ppss), fade & exit begins at $1F00 for both (NOTE: for horizontal it's basically a constant $0080 increase)
$70010A 2 bytes Misc. Yoshi's vertical pipe entrance animation state:
$0001-$0006: going down a pipe
$0001-$0009: going up a pipe
$70010C 2 bytes Misc. Yoshi's vertical pipe entrance acceleration: $0100 = 1 subpixel, low byte is subsubpixels
$70010E 2 bytes Misc. Before entering pipe: Yoshi's horizontal distance from vertical pipe entrance
During pipe entrance transition: Current horizontal position of pipe entrance
$700110 2 bytes Misc. While walking on mud/snow: Mirror of $7000F8, used for generating mud/snow particles
While sliding on mud: Distance slid, wraps around at $1FFF, used to generate mud splashes
$700112 2 bytes Misc. Car transformation wheel extension height, increments by 2, maxes at $0030
$700114 2 bytes Misc. Address of ROM graphics (bank $52) to DMA into VRAM at $4200-$43FF:
-Yoshi's tongue
-Yoshi egg during Super Star Mario
-Yoshi during bubble transformation