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YI Memory Map - Waiting Addresses

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SRAM Address Length Type Description Details Submitter
$70004A 22 bytes Super FX Palette for the falling wall and spinning wooden platform (sprites 0x36 and 0x39). Each byte contains the individual colour i.e. only red, green or blue. These colours are then multiplied with the angle plus some constant which is then stored into the CG-RAM mirror. MarioFanGamer
$700086 2 bytes Controller The button which allows Yoshi to thrown an egg, same format as in $700072. MarioFanGamer
$700088 2 bytes Controller The button which allows Yoshi to lick an enemy, same format as in $700072. MarioFanGamer
$7001C2 2 bytes Player Physics Yoshi pushes a solid sprite (e.g. Chomp Rocks). If set, it sets the push timer to at least 0x0F and doesn't reset if Yoshi doesn't touch a wall. MarioFanGamer
$7001E6 2 bytes Misc. Timer until Yoshi is able to flutter again in a flutter chain. Set to $12 after a flutter is finished and decrements. Teyla
$701960 16 bytes Misc. Sprite scratch RAM. The direct page in sprites is set to $7960 so accesses from $00-$0F default to these inside sprites. MarioFanGamer
$701FE4 2 bytes Timer Frame counter for the wave effect on layer 3. Since this is only used in backgrounds with a wave effect like the sun background, it can be used as freeRAM if these backgrounds aren't currently used. MarioFanGamer
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