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News: New Files
In order to make the news slightly more useful, we've decided to start putting new files here (music, graphics, blocks, sprites, etc) every few days or so in hopes of allowing for more variety in hacks.

Here are some new files which have been submitted and accepted in the past week:

[ExGFX] [FONT] Super Mario World (NES-FC Pirated) Fonts - by nipcen
[ExGFX] [BG & FG] Mega Man 1 - Bomb Man's Stage - by CreationProblematic
[ExGFX] [BG] Legend of Stafy 2 - Level 2-3 - by KingGoomba304
[ExGFX] [BG] Super Adventure Island Title Background - by Nintendude88
[Music] Mega Man Battle Network 2 - Knightman's Stage - by Nintendude88
[Music] Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone - by Dioxaz
[Music] Mega Man 9 - Galaxy Man's Stage - by Tornado
[Music] CUSTOM - "Lost Cave" - by Masashi27
[Blocks] [BTSD] Custom Trigger Blocks - by Decimating DJ
[Blocks] [BTSD] Exit Block (no OW events) - by Mindless
[Blocks] [BTSD] End level Timer block - by Iceguy
[Sprites] Fire Pillar - by imamelia
[Sprites] Pendulum Pack - by Alcaro
[Patches] [Xkas] 16x16 Goal Tape - by Alcaro
[Patches] [Xkas] Multiple Overworld Earthquakes - by Ersanio
Posted by:  S.N.N. - - 20 comments
News: Moderation 101, and finding your way around
In conjunction with the new subforums, and to get the highest quality of moderation possible on hacks and files, there will be a slightly new system in play.

In the current Moderation of Hacks and Files forum, you will see the old system of using removal logs. Because some of the threads (especially the Hack Removal Log) can get extremely laggy on some computers (and generally hard to follow as well), we've decided to open up a subforum for each section of the site. What are the benefits of this, you ask?

-much easier-to-browse logs.
-(hopefully) more personalized help and reviews.

The old removal logs will soon be OFF'ed and archived.

You may have also noticed a few other new forums. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

-The International SMW Hacking forum encourages users who speak languages other than English to post there for help. There are subforums for the most common languages, such as German, Spanish, etc.
-"SMW Hack Discussion" will now be for discussing hacks - literally. Whether you're looking for ideas or want to share some of your own, that is the place to do it.
-"Works in Progress" will contain the screenshot/video thread, and will act like the old SMW Hack Discussion forum - all of your hack threads and WIPs go here, as the name implies.
-"Full Releases" is where you go to release your hack, obviously.
-"General Hacking Help" covers everything that ISN'T ASM or music related. Likewise, all of the advanced questions go in said subforum.

That should hopefully be a start into you checking out all of the new forums. Do not hesitate to send myself or Kieran a PM if you're unsure of where to post something.

KINSNOTE: Thanks for bearing with us during the forum degunking! Have a little something as a thank you.
Posted by:  S.N.N. - - 30 comments
News: Also
Posting is back in case you didn't already notice.

Posted by: Kieran Menor - - 34 comments
News: Looking for funding
Yesterday, Google shut down our AdSense account, apparently because of "click fraud". This is rather unfortunate since we were already low on funds. We still have our ads from Project Wonderful and the occasional donation, but even after the new server has been bought, we are looking at monthly expenses of around $200 USD, possibly more, which is more than what these sources provide. I have plans to move away from home before the end of the year which means that I would not be able to pay for this myself. I don’t feel that it would be fair if I had to pay this, either, since I already put a lot of effort into keeping this site running smoothly, not to mention that I’m not really into SMW hacking myself. That said, I love SMW Central, and I know you guys do, as well. The latter is actually my primary incentive for doing what I do. But it is a rather expensive hobby and if we can’t find a solution to our monetary problems, I might be forced to shut it down.

If you have Shareapic, and want to help out more, please visit #helpsmwc on IRC.

Lucasedit: This is not a doomsday declaration! The site is not going down immediately! This announcement just means that at the current rate, Kieran will eventually be unable to continue paying for the site. Instead of mourning for SMWC, backing up files, and hating on Google, why don't we try to figure out ways to support the site?
Posted by: Kieran Menor - - 453 comments
News: Forums

Forums are now open for READ ONLY. They are still buggy, but due to the long development, I decided to let you in early. Please don't report any bugs yet.

SNNedit: I'm in the process of setting up all of the forums + subforums, as well as permissions. Please don't panic or run to the hills or etc.
SNNEdit2: forums and permissions are now done. and yes, I will be adding a French forum once Kieran is finished up with the remaining coding.

Atma Edit: Removal log for 20+ songs
Posted by: Kieran Menor - - 320 comments
News: Hack Showoff #2


It is now a possibility this will actually go for, like, a month. Maybe.

Round 6 of SMWCI has been extended due to forum maintenance!

Also, here's something to entertain you while you wait:

<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>


Posted by:  Blumiere - - 345 comments
News: Non-SMW Hacking Discussion #2
Crappy backup of last Non-SMW Hacking Discussion article can be found here.

Meaning stuff like site questions, general conversation you'd see in the talk forum or even how to code a layout.
Posted by:  Blumiere - - 430 comments
News: SMW Hacking Questions
Ask your SMW hacking questions here.

... in fact, just ask any type of *game* hacking questions in this article.
Posted by:  Blumiere - - 305 comments
News: Newer news
I would say that I am about 15% done at this point, meaning that this will take a bit longer than I thought.

In other news, error messages are a sign of progress.
Posted by: Kieran Menor - - 83 comments
News: Slowdown on last article was an issue
Continue with your jibber jabber here.

I would make separate news articles for each different type of conversation, but Kieran should be getting on soon so it'll be kind of useless if the forums come back up in the next few hours.
Posted by:  Blumiere - - 369 comments
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