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News: Level design contest
Think you have what it takes to design the best level on SMW Central? Haven't seen the thread yet? Go here, read through the rules, and test your skill. The deadline is Feb. 25th, so start preparing your entries!
Posted by:  S.N.N. - - 9 comments
News: We admit defeat.
Nightfall is dead.

We were unhappy with how Nightfall was (or rather, how it wasn't) progressing. Real life trouble, combined with the pressure of users, became too much for Boom, forcing him to leave the community.

With the project in my hands, I had two options: Keep developing Nightfall or bring SMWC back to life. Knowing that I would never be able to turn Nightfall into anything nearly as good as SMWC, I chose the latter option.

We're terribly sorry for all this.

(Also, Boom encourages those who use IRC to keep visiting #nightfall and regard it as SMWC's official channel.)
Posted by:  Smallhacker - - 32 comments
News: News on Nightfall?
Points to title. (and obvious glitch )
Posted by: Lightvayne - - 2 comments
News: Christmas
The christmas banner has returned! Ph33r!
Posted by: Kieran Menor - - 19 comments
News: The 10,000,000th page view! got the 10,000,000th page view!
Posted by:  System - - 23 comments
News: The 9,999,999th page view! got the 9,999,999th page view!
Posted by:  System - - 10 comments
News: Eh.
Nothing of note to report. I just felt like it was time for a new news post.

...for the sake of content, #smwcentral is getting active again. Remember, the server is irc.initialized.org.
Posted by:  Tatrion - - 14 comments
News: Amazing! Trophy distribution!
Mosts are done! Results are here!

Or chat about it here
Posted by:  Tatrion - - 3 comments
News: Le Mosts.
Who IS the most popular on SMW Central?

Voting thread
Discussion thread

If you're from Acmlm's, yes, this will look familiar to you. It ends the morning of October 30, so get your votes in by then.
Posted by:  Tatrion - - 5 comments
News: It's over.
Eggidemic contained.
Posted by: Kieran Menor - - 15 comments
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