C3 Voting has ended! Stay tuned for the results (and Mr. Switchy's fate...)
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News: C3 forum has been closed
The spring '09 C3 is coming to an end, and the forum has been closed.

I would like to thank all participants both personally and on behalf of the whole community.

We also have some awards to give for the most outstanding releases.

This is all I have to say for now. More to follow!

You can vote for your favorite entries this time around here!

In other news... Over 90% of the SMW RAM has been mapped! Just a little more to go. Keep up the good work! ~ Ersanio
Posted by: Kieran Menor - - 16 comments
News: HTML filtering
To increase security, we've (well, mostly Kieran) created an HTML filter system that removes some HTML tags and attributes that no normal user would need anyway, as well as enforcing proper HTML syntax.

If your layout breaks, you're doing it wrong.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice: C3!

Edit edit: Filter is fixed and back up and running. Some people's layouts screw up because they suck at HTML. No, we won't remove the filter. You'll have to learn how HTML actually works.
Posted by:  Smallhacker - - 9 comments
News: SMWC3: Spring 2009
Ahem. It is with great honor that Kieran and I hereby declare the second biannual SMW Central Creativity Convention officially open!

It also gives me great pleasure to annonce the premiere of SMWC News! Here's FirePhoenix for more information and the current scoop on C3:

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So, within the next two days, feel free to post your awesome stuff (and maybe your less awesome stuff too).

Remember, there are awards at stake, so go ahead and post!

Also, to avoid having everything posted at day one and leaving day two boring and uneventful, please flip a coin or something to decide when to post your entry.
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Posted by:  Smallhacker - - 15 comments
News: News that will not be touched.
I won't even bother mentioning when C3 is, because the two gigantic counters should give it away. I more or less wanted to note a few small updates that will be occurring over the next little while - most notably, I will be giving the trophies section a long due overhaul (this should make most of you contest/game winners happy). Not only that, but much like we did with the music section (see the Announcement thread), we will also be doing a clean-out of other sections - most notably, ExGFX and Sprites.

Stay tuned for further news on what will be going down in the next month or so.

We are also proud to announce that the LDC Results are finally in! View the results here.
Posted by:  S.N.N. - - 16 comments
News: Your Daily Reminders
  • The staff who moderate hacks are not Beta Testers. If you want people to test your hack before release, ask politely in this thread.
  • Info on recent changes to the site staff is still here.
  • C3 IS VERY SOON! May 9th-10th! Are you in it to win it?
  • SMWC Level Design Contest 2009 results should be released sometime around this weekend!
  • If I catch you idiots making fun of people with mental disorders again there will be hell to pay. -HH

    ENOUGH EDITING THE NEWS! [citation needed]

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    Posted by: The Kins - - 26 comments
    News: New News that is somehow Old News
    This certainly has been a month for birthdays. Anyways, here's the current events:

  • C3 is still May 9-10 (11 days left)
  • Staff related changes are found in this thread.
  • The results for SMWC Level Design Contest 2009 are on their way soon (finally). Expect the results to be here this weekend!

    That's about it for now. Have a nice day and thank you for flying SMWC Airways!

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    Posted by:  FPzero - - 5 comments
    News: More birthdays? YAY!
    ... we seriously need a new News Topic.

    Happy (3 day old) 23rd birthday Golden Yoshi!
    Woo! Party! *Confetti*

    And two other rather non-birthday related things:

  • C3 is still May 9-10 (12 days left)
  • Staff related changes are found in this thread.

    Have a nice day.

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    Posted by:  Blumiere - - 15 comments
    News: Staff reorganization
    Recently, the staff team has been changed around rather greatly. I suggest you read this thread to give all of your questions answers.
    SNN's edit: You mispelled mispelled as 'misspelled'.
    BlumeEdit: Haha, no.

    BlumeEdit: Spot SNN's typo that no one noticed for a FREE bag of air and possibly half a cookie!
    E2: And bond84 gets the bag of air! Since he misspelled answered, the cookie is mine.
    /me prepares for SNN to come online and see this

    Also, C3 on May 9-10.
    Posted by:  S.N.N. - - 14 comments
    News: Music News
    Things are looking a little brighter in the world of custom music - we're cleaning out a bunch of the older, buggier ports from when AddMusic was new, we've pointed out some common issues with music submissions, and we've revived the music request thread for cleaner, friendlier porting. Feel free to drop by and help fill people's requests!

    REMEMBER! C3 IS MAY 9TH/10TH! Bring your best game face, and show off your finest work, and you might even get a trophy!

    Raibys Edit: Also, Today, April 21st, is Lymia's birthday in case you're interested. :3
    Posted by: The Kins - - 8 comments
    News: A reminder to all the ExGFX artists/rippers
    Folks, I would like to remind you all that this rule STILL applies for ExGFX submissions - you WILL NOT be punished in case you leave your name written in the "author" field instead of your user ID, but it would be great if you people DID NOT EVEN TOUCH the "author" box, if the ExGFX file was ripped/made by yourself or by another user who IS registered on the site.

    Also, please keep in mind that we still do NOT allow IPS patches for the patches section.

    In more exciting news, as mentioned before, there are ONLY A FEW DAYS left until C3! Make sure to get all your amazing ROM hacking related work done until May 9th/May 10th - you may even get a trophy if your entries are SO good!
    Posted by: Broozer - - 6 comments
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