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Name ↓ Game Description Authors
.pal Generator SMW Creates .pal files from screenshots of Lunar Magic's palette editor. May or may not be useful when you edit palettes in an external tool and don't want to copy each color back over manually. wye
BPS Patcher (Flips alternative) General Applies BPS patches. Alcaro, Telinc1, trillian
Circle Tool (Pendulum) SMW Circle Tool customizes the trajectory of the Pendulum sprites. Alcaro, Telinc1
Drum Fixer SMW This tool convert each note in MML into labels, which is helpful for dealing with percussion channels. Nanako
Duplicate Map16 Tile Finder SMW Detects duplicate tiles in .map16 files exported from Lunar Magic. wye
mml2sfx SMW Converts MML syntax into SFX hex commands for use with AddmusicK. bebn legg
ROMclean SMW This tool checks if your ROM is a clean, headered (U) [!] ROM, suitable for use here. If it's unclean, it tries to clean it. Telinc1
SA1 Hybridizer SMW Attempts to make LoROM ASM files compatible with both LoROM and SA-1. Atari2.0
SNES/PC Address Converter General Converts between SNES and PC addresses. Telinc1