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Dude I like your player GFX I think it is great keep it up RedToonLink #w{=D}
U know what I am making a smw hack about Yoshi and the hack is called TYRPR The Yoshi Reality Project Reloaded and it my madeself palttes in my levels and overworld and Demo One is coming very soon so I hope you enjoy your smw hacking too.
Happy Hacking #w{=D}
Hey hello to my level contest these are the rules.

EXGFX- Yes you are aloowed to use EXGFX but any buged up ones will get you low on points.

Player- Yes you can use anything you want with your player like Luigi Yoshi Mew and etcs:

Blocks- Same on No.2/1

Sprites- Same on no.2/1

Palttes- Same on no.1/2

These are the rankings

Platinum- 50 points

Gold- 40 points

Silver- 30 points

Bronze- 20 points


Very Good 10 points

Good 8 points

Not Bad 6 points

Bad 4 points

Very Bad 2 points

Loser 0 points

I hope you have fun WARMING DO NOT DELETE THIS and think you have a nice time now and it holds at 9/4/10 so have fun
These are the new rales. You have to make a level with any you want like exgfx, player, status bar and etcs:

But you can also put HDMA and ASM if you want to but any buged up ones can get you a bad point or none.

And yes every one is allow to enter here and there is also free level entrys.

How many people you needed 5 to 100

What do you need for it IPS

I just hope you enjoy now


This is the status bar for my incomeing hack.
The worst game I ever played is Superman 64 because I can't get past the second level of this countdown part SO FUCKING ANNOYING!!!!!!

The second worst I played is Star Wars for SNES because the contols are so dougey.

THE BIGGEST WORSTEST!! game i ever played is Sonix for Pocket Pc there is nothing you can do FUCK THAT BALLSHIT GAME!!!!
This is my status bar for my new hack called The Pikachu Crysis go to my files and you should see smw.url on there

This is my underground palttes
Think you mockingod #w{=P}

But here my castle one
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