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I hope I get dead last. It'd be funny.
Congratulations to the guys that won. This was certainly an interesting contest to follow, and it even gave me a little inspiration to work on my hack again. Thanks for doing this, SNN. It was fun :)
So SNN, if we have more 24 hour contests, will you be judging them all again personally? Or will you rent someone out to do it? I can't imagine judging this contest was a particularly casual task (It's unfortunate you can't really split the labor, on principle). I can definitely see this taking a toll on the judge's sanity to do this as often as people seem to be suggesting it be repeated.

No, I'm not willing to do any judging, I'm claiming unreliability clause by dropping out of SMWCP2- though that was mainly because I forgot how much I hated working with EXGFX more than anything.
Put your bed on a raised platform, this will eliminate all future problems you'll ever have with monster spawning.
Pressure plates are better. Automatic doors!
Played: Castlevania, Simon's Quest, Super 4, a bit of Dracula X (not Rondo of blood unfortunately) and Symphony of the Night. Gotta say I found SotN the most enjoyable, though Super 4 is close. Super 4 is definitely the best out of the pre-SOTN style Castlevania games (not counting Rondo of Blood again because I haven't gotten to play it)
Besides, if you can actually get into bedrock security, you're an op and don't need it.
Because who wants to sit at 1.7.3 for so long :(

I even retired my old map (since 1.2!) once 1.8 dropped. I don't regret it.
Okay, that was actually a pretty good TNT video since you could actually see the during and not just the before and after :P

I assume by now you've loaded your backup, right?
After spending most of my very early internet life on acmlm boards, I think I can safely say I prefer more traditional looking forum software. Not that the whole idea behind acmlmboard isn't sound; post layouts, for example, aren't inherently a bad idea, but I think they make threads look horribly gaudy and slow loading, hence why I have them permanently off. Among other things, I sort of missed the postcount trackers to see how much people posted in the last period of time because, shallow as it may be, I do think they encourage discussion. Whether or not you think that's a desirable effect is quite variable of course.
I would never play an MMOG that lets people pay real money to jump ahead anyway, besides a subscription fee. I get exploited enough by people with more money than me in real life.
Huh, I guess the creative server is getting all the initial attention since it's public, heh.

Anyway, I'm intending to make the area around spawn civilized in Survival 1. Make it easier for people to get started... I've already built a safe house for people to stay in.

1 2 3 4 5

If people are reasonable and responsible, I'll keep it stocked. If it gets griefed, well, I hope you feel proud of yourself. I'll keep my diamond sword and bow available.
I don't take athletic sections too seriously on adventure maps. Usually I give it 4-5 attempts before I cheat it a little so I can stay on the same spot, or if I'm still stuck, then I bypass it. Or if I honestly don't feel like doing any athletic puzzles because in general, they're pretty annoying, I just say "screw it".

Actual puzzles, though, I try to never bypass. So far I've only had to bypass puzzles that actually broke on me somehow.
This is the only MMOG I can tolerate. Strictly because whoever makes the quests does such a good job on the writing and design.

Yes, I have an account named "Tatrion" still, but I don't use it anymore. When I do play, which is usually only for about a month out of a year, I play F2P, and I do it on an account named "Cashew9255". If you feel like messaging me, go ahead (tell me you're from SMWC though so I'm not all "uhh who are you").
Ah man, you've been playing since before the RS2 beta too? Holy hell, I didn't realize it had been 8 years.

Also, I wouldn't mind being a co-founder for the guild, but neither of my accounts are members right now, nor do I really plan to make them... It's still quite reasonable for an MMO membership though, so maybe I'll make Cashew9255 a member again. Eventually. F2P represent :B

Also, I stopped my membership around 2006, 2007. There's so much new stuff, the removal and reinstatement of free trade, it's crazy. I just tried Dungeoneering for the first time today, it's super fun.
Okay wow, Underground Pass. That was the quest I was trying to think of that was my favorite quest. Goddamn, was it creepy. Did I mention that some of the thematic music for quests is also awesome? I can still remember to this day what the music from that huge cave chamber where Iban was sounded like.

...that $5.95 isn't sounding so bad right about now. Man.
Oh I forgot to say this, but I made Cashew9255 a member. If we've got 5 people together we can start a SMWC clan. Are we still willing to do that?
Oh, since everyone else has posted their skills I will too I guess. Adventurer's log link since it won't go out of date.
Now that I'm over 91 fletching I can check people's effigies for them. It's great because it's helpful for someone else and it's a very fast 30k experience a day :)

My goal is 99 fletching before december 29th!
Originally posted by camoslash
Might as well post my actual Adventurer's Log here =D I am working on my Fletching rapidly right now haha, I think it is 40? Was 30 yesterday. I am also going for 99 woodcutting =D I think I already said that before, but oh well I say it again lol.

Trust me, Fletching is like the opposite of rapid once you get into the 90's like me <_>
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