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Camo I sent you a message in-game, did you not see it? I wasn't really sure where you wanted me to go.
As in a week from now? Sure, we can preemptively say I can make that. No guarantees of course because I simply don't plan my life that far in advance but I will certainly try to make it.

Also, I might save getting 99 fletching for the first guild event, heh.

EDIT: Though wait, next weekend is Christmas Eve and day respectively. I definitely can't guarantee anything then (also I'm realizing how much Christmas has snuck up on me)
I guess nobody replied to that because it was a rather simple question, besides you've probably already figured out if you can or not.

Anyway, I am now extremely close to 99 fletching. As in, it would only take a few more minutes of it to reach 99. Therefore, I'm wanting to throw a little 99 party, and of course, anyone that sees this post is welcome to come, but I'd like it if people who've shown interest in the SMWC clan would come, especially.

I'll be giving away free magic shortbows and/or longbows to anyone who wants them, or lesser if you're not 50 ranged and can't use them yet. In addition, whoever I make the bow that gets me to 99 fletching for, I will award them a Dark Bow. Plus I'll probably end up giving some other stuff away too, since it's Christmas and I feel very generous and happy lately :D

Preemptively, I want to say the party will be at 9 AM CST, or 3 PM GMT, on December 24th (tommorow). It will also be on World 26 (A members world), at Catherby. Hopefully this time will work for everyone around the world and not conflict too badly with holiday schedules; I don't expect the party to last too much longer than 10-15 minutes anyway, so if you're on anyway and want some free bows to use (or alch, I won't judge you), come on by, and you might get that nice Dark Bow, too :)

(If you can't get to Catherby because getting through White Wolf Mountain is too hard and you can't teleport to Camelot, query me (Cashew9255) on Runescape or send me a PM on SMWC, and I'll hook you up with a Camelot teletab. I don't have the magic level to cast Teleother Camelot, unfortunately :( )
"Grand prize: Every single game on steam" I have no idea how many games that even is, but it has to be a lot.

Well damn, this kinda makes me want to give Steam a try. I haven't bought a new game in ages because they feel so expensive :(
Yeah, it's over now. Falcon Punch was the only attendee so he got the dark bow by default, heh. Though Vic did query me on runescape as well to give me his best wishes, even though he didn't see it until after the fact. Thanks you two for caring :)
Stealth Rock. Both for loving to use it and hating it being used against me.
I can do that time.
Clan is started, we have the citadel and everything.

Everyone join up, we need more wood!
I thought this topic was going to be about the ROM hack. I didn't know it was a legit game that got abandoned in development.
(Topic approved by SNN)

I need data for my psychology capstone in college, and as I was pondering where I should collect data from, a few places came to mind, one of them SMWC. So, if everyone reading this could respond to it, that would be super great.

The link is http://empathydisabled.questionpro.com.

If you wanna ask about anything (like what I'm researching), feel free to contact me using the contact info in that link, or simply post in this topic. Thanks!
Originally posted by Maxx
Did you design it? Overall it's fine, but there are some questions in there that would require people to be pretty honest with themselves and self-critical (I blame external factors to save face is one).

Yes, it's entirely self-designed. As I said in the introduction, it's all recorded anonymously, so I can't tell which set of answers is attached to which person. Not that I really would want to anyway.

Originally posted by Kaijyuu
I loathe the concept of positive discrimination; anything along the lines of "you did well despite your problem" or "be nice to them due to this irrelevant thing" fills me with disgust.

This was actually one of the things that gave me the idea for this research subject: "Are people as aware of their positive discrimination as their negative?" This is what I was hoping to find in the data, anyway.

Originally posted by leod
Done and now I feel like a dick.

That's what psychology is for! (joking)

Originally posted by MSAhm3d59113
But yeah, I've done it also, and I haven't had much, if any, interaction with disabled people, so I couldn't really put myself highly in that respect.

People that don't have regular interaction with the disabled or handicapped are just as important as those that have. I'm trying to see if there's a correlation and I can't really show any differences without a "control" group that doesn't have any experience. (Obviously you can't have a true control group outside of an experimental setting, but I think what I mean is relatively obvious)
I'm glad the overall consensus (here at least) is a positive one. I was nervous about making it public.
Micro-transactions on Runescape

I want to participate in this.

(woo first post since April)
SNN, you kept doing your thing here for so long after I got frustrated with it, it's kind of amazing. That kind of persistence, patience and motivation is going to serve you extremely well in life.

Keep fighting the good fight dude, the world needs people with your empathy and skills.
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