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After playing quite a few hacks, I decided to try making one of my own, starting with a vanilla hack since I donn't quite understand all the stuff about ExGFX yet. I've already gotten a couple levels completed, and now I feel like trying something a little more elaborate in my level design.

Now I've come across a problem. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place, or maybe I'm supposed to do something else. All I know is that I cannot find a Map16 tile that looks remotely like this one I circled here. (The following screenshot was taken from Hacking 101 by Tails-155)

Oh, and although not exactly what I'm here for, I'm also curious as to how the 1-tile solid top/bottom ledges and the "bottom edges" under the Muncher platforms were made.

If anyone could point me in the right direction here, I'd be thankful.

Eh, I suppose it shouldn't be too diificult to copy'n paste bits of existing tiles to make new ones.

Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
Actually, that is an original tile; more specifically it's tile 0AF.

Fits in my ramps like a glove. Thanks!

Right now, I'm currently working on an underwater level, and once again, I'm trying to make it look nice rather than just being completely boxy or open. I've heard a few things here and there that placing the terrain in certain ways can actually kill Mario if the player goes into it, but they didn't exactly specify what placements do that. Anyone care to elaborate?

Originally posted by Koyuki
Use a custom block that can kill Mario and place it at the very bottom of the screen.

...Is this supposed to be a joke reply? I'm trying to AVOID freak deaths, not incur them.

I'll probably have to playtest to see how acute an angle is too much for Mario (big and small). Thanks for clearing that up.

Map16 is your friend.

EDIT: Though you could be a little more exact by posting a screenshot of what you're trying to accomplish?

So I'm trying to create a sort of beach landscape in a portion of my overworld. Problem is, there are no southward land faces touching water that aren't cliff tiles by default. Is there an option or tool for changing or adding new 8x8 tiles for the overworld?

Well, at least I've got a decent-looking beach now. Thanks.

So yeah, this is basically my first attempt at a Super Mario World hack, called Super Sugar Land. At this point, it's pretty much a vanilla hack in terms of tilesets, so don't expect to see any graphics beyond palette swapped landscapes. I MAY use custom sprites later on once I've decided on what designs would best fit each enemy (and have sprites for them of course).

As far as difficulty is concerned, this will be a standard difficulty hack. There might be some spikes in difficulty at some points, but I intend for the entire hack to be beatable without the use of savestates.

The initial overworld for World 1.

The first level, Vanilla Road. All of the stages in this game will be named after various sugary ingredients, treats, fruit, and such. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to think of that, but meh...

Second Stage, Cream Path. In this hack, just because a level looks white doesn't mean it's an ice level... unless it's stated otherwise.

Milky Sea, an underwater stage. As you get closer to the castle, you must watch out for Torpedo Teds.

Wafer Castle. This level actually starts off underwater, then transitions to a typical indoor castle after the midway point.

I don't intend to spoil any more levels unless there's something really significant about them that should be pointed out.

I've got a long way to go before this hack is complete. Even I don't know how many stages there will be when I'm done, so there's no telling how long this could take.

I am open to suggestions as far as palette choices, so long as they don't clash with the level theme (For instance, don't suggest orange for a "Cherry" level).

None of the terrain palettes are supposed to look "real", but if the brighter ones are really going to cause eyebleeds, I'll tone them down a little.

I'm not making the Stage 1 bushes green though.

EDIT: Added a couple more screens to the original post, and a few more notes.

So I want my vertical level to stay on one horizontal screen, and only scroll up and down. How do I disable the horizontal scroll without removing vertical scroll as well? I know the original game had several levels like that.

Originally posted by Hobz
this hack looks great so far, if your colorblind. not that much noticeable cutoff in it, except for a water tile on the ow (near the chocolate part). you might want to fix that #w{=D}

Must've gotten clipped out when I was modifying Mario paths. Then again I was bound to notice it since I realized I'll need to rearrange the land a bit to get Mario paths to form right.

I toned down the dirt colors of Cream Path to a darker shade to contrast better with the ledges and background. I won't update the screenshots yet until I am ready to playtest World 1 in it's entirety (still working on a secret level and a switch palace)

Once I've gotten more of the worlds ready, I will make a video showing short clips from various stages I have created.

As I mentioned earlier, I might be using custom sprites for enemies. Here are a few ideas I had for them.

"Hard Candy" Shells for Koopas
Raspberry (Goomba)
"Grahmn-Cracker" Thwomp (maybe Thwimp too)
Cotton-Candy (Banzai Bill)
Chocolate Bar (Rex)

Though these will likely be the last things I add to my hack (if at alll), as I am more concerned with making playable levels for now.

The problem I've seen is that some hacks can be quite fair, but then there are some ridiculous spikes in difficulty. Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown 2 had a lot of this; the desert world was just very tough compared to most of his other worlds (until the later game), and there was a good deal of fake difficulty in that some stages were very long.

Probably the worst part of MKM2 was one of the final areas. Incredibly long, many difficult jumps, and I don't think there were any midpoints throughout the entire stage. The worst part of this stage? There were these insta-kill electric-beam pits of which the only way to cross them... was to jump off of Ninjis. This required luck in that if they didn't jump at the correct heights, you could easily die, and have to start the stage all over! As you can probably guess, I had to save-state to beat this level.

Okay, so I followed someone's advice to use XKas + LevelASM to fix the scrolling for a vertical level. Unfortunately, it seems like it might've broken my hack, because I cannot load it on ZSNES. What's worse, when I tried to use Lunar Magic, it now claims I don't have permision to edit my own hack!

Is there any way I might be able to fix this, or am I going to have to start my whole hack over from scratch?

Lets see, I had completed about 7 stages (for the first world). 5 overworld stages, a castle stage, and a switch palace, complete with an overworld submap. Granted, these took me much longer to create initially because I was basically trying to get used to using Lunar Magic's features to create the first few stages.

Originally posted by Metalwario64
Did you set the freespace before you patched?

Nope. Right now, it says "There were no freespaces found!"

Awkwardly enough, through the use of loading savestates, it seems the levels are still in the hack and working fine. It's just that I cannot edit my hack with Lunar Magic.

So what's the verdict, am I screwed and gonna have to redo my entire hack?

Yeah, I didn't think to create a backup copy of my hack, so I'll probably have to start over. At least I kinda remember most of what my levels look like so I won't be spending too much time trying to come up with stage designs.

While we're still on the topic of the flashing color, can anyone tell me how I can could create a similar animated color myself? I edited the palette of a Layer 2 level to create a certain color scheme with the layers, but now I've got weird-looking Yoshi coins that are part pink, part flashing yellow. I'd prefer that part of the coin to be flashing pink, but if that isn't possible, I suppose I could just settle for a solid color.

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GeminiSunfall's Profile - Posts by GeminiSunfall

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