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Posts by Midnight Mist
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(First post FTW!)

Okay, I am still somewhat knew to this, so I might be n00b worthy. I have two questions for you, Ultimaximus, to answer. (Any other power figures or people that can point of my obvious flaws are welcome)

I am not the worlds best games, and because of such, my ability to make crazy hard levels isn't great because I can only do things that I can handle and test. Is the judging system so strict on 'Difficult' or would it be minorly flexible on its rules.

Question two, You mentioned something along the lines of 'using regular SMW items and doing unique things with them'/ Does Map16 stuff count as points in the creativity section?

Well, that's all folks.
Two more questions, YAY! (Not -_-')

After hearing it has to be uber hard for it to be in the difficult section, I had to go for creative. However, most of my hack is complete for the most part and being uber hard is not an exception as this is meant to be played by a human player. (a masochistic one at that) Can 'Creative' count as making unique jumps of just the general use of something to do another thing it was not meant to do. (Flying Blocks used as a platform for instance)

Or does creativity come from the look and feel of a level, using custom music that suits the mood of the palette with custom sprites and custom everything. I am just voicing my concern over the fact my computer hates any form of custom blocks and sprites, so I plan on making it a Vanilla Kaizo hack (besides custom music)

Can you please clarify?
Let me rewrite that.

Are you scoring the creativity based on the creativity in music selection, block selection, et cetera? Or are you judging based of the use of the items and the variety of puzzles?

And is length a factor?

EDIT: Right now I am in a tough part. The deadline is approaching and I have the level 1/2 way done, but right now under my level, I see it neither falling under creative (Basic Map16 tricks and creative jumps, only a few cool things here and there), nor difficult (meant to be played w/o slowdown, but with a lot of save states). I'm at ends. -_-'

EDIT 2.0: LAST question, by 'two exits only' do you mean only two 'levels codes' it is on (105, 103 for instance), or do you mean, two exits for the level, (i.e: Regular path, secret path, switch room, et cetera)
I just finished my hack, but due to major confusion and lack of knowledge, I couldn't add a whole bunch of extra tunes. My bad..
Midnight Mist's Hack

Name Of Hack: Divide By Zero
Author: Midnight Mist
Rooms: 5 (if you count the 10 second madness a room)
Average playing time: 30 minutes
Section: Creative

My Opinion

My hack is a formidable opponent, using a large combination of folding ground on the first screen while getting more into unique precision noteblock usage and usages of popular glitches further on, the boss is a minor puzzle. Unlike most Kaizo, this is meant to be played by a person using savestates, so the difficulty could be improved on slightly. I find this hack to be good, but lacking what more larger professional hacks out there possess, but for a one level madness, it suits.

Any one want to test (excluding judges)
Divide By Zero
My level exit is broken even though it verifies that it is in a working order, ir doesn't happen ALL the time, just randomly. I myself do not have video footage but other LPers have managed to get the Endless Bonus Game themselves?

Can anyone explain?
Wow, not only quickest, but the correct responce, Huzzah!
Due to a file error during uploading, my hack link is down, provided it was up prior to this, may I reupload it without penalty?

(Edit:, This link should be enough for now, even though it is a 'Wait X seconds' site, it is all I can do this moment, so sorry. If I could download on the school computer, this would be in the file bin, but I hope it will do, so sorry)
The final sweet uber limited awesome edition. Here it is assuming that the contest ended at midnight. However, I believe this IS acceptable due to the fact, I only fixed on game breaking error of the door on a boundary that rarely cause a teleportation to the bonus game.
Low poster strikes back, with pie!

(However, in all seriousness, this is an amazing feet. I have never ever seen this in the history of ever. Nice job S.N.N.)

...imagine if someone asked how to spell S.N.N.?

(ninja'd 11 times)
You, the god of all that is awesome, asking US what to change the color to. Are you MAD?!?!? YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! YOU MAD<AM! YOU FOOL! YOU...

HA! I have no layout, I feel spezial.

It would REALLY suck if he posted his 10000th post on another thread.
So, right now, by any means, all entries are now CLOSED, so I guess you are all going to have to wait intill the list is updated before you could even consider doing something. Now, for the lulz, I'm going to download some top competitors and steal modify some ideas for my next Kaizo hack. Good luck to you all.
I did a small review of Paradox's Kaizo Hack (even though I couldn't beat)

Even though the idea was sweet, and the first all vertical level hack, so good job on that, however, you seemed to compose everything out of cement block, and not using any custom palette drew down the awesome meter of this hack ten fold, I suggest using custom palettes that are unique in future levels. You seemed to love the P-Switch hop, which I naturally suck on, so completion of this level couldn't be done, at least. I couldn't... Overall, you overused some elements, but you used them effectively and somewhat nicely. I would give you a 78/100 on that.
Well, I might have spoken it wrong. It is where you have an opportunity to jump on ONE frame when a P-Switch collaspes, you have to do it after the second jump with the chucks throwing the baseballs, you have three P-Switches and you must jump from one side to the other side of munchers while getting a jump on the P-Switch, which in essence, resets the timer. I find it impossible to do without it, and impossible to do with it. I could give you a screen shot if you really want me to.
Originally posted by Paradox
You aren't supposed to use p-switch jumps to get to the other side of the munchers. You have to use the platforms to the right and left.

Even with slowdown, the jumps between the two areas are not possible because Mario goes faster than the platform.
Originally posted by Paradox
Originally posted by Midnight Mist
Originally posted by Paradox
You aren't supposed to use p-switch jumps to get to the other side of the munchers. You have to use the platforms to the right and left.

Even with slowdown, the jumps between the two areas are not possible because Mario goes faster than the platform.

You have to use the brown platforms that are going up and down along the left and right walls to help you.

To help, I thought we were waiting for those to dissapear. If you tell me to walljump, you don't know what I'll do.. MUNCHERS!
I tried using that, but the lowest it would go isn't enough room to jump on without bonking my head on the turn blocks
I'd take that as a compliment *snickers* But in all honesty, I think that needs to get looked at.\

(Edit: How long would the judging take for this contest?|)
Regaring my entry, you for some reason managed to put my emergency download link that has a ROM when my download link in my main post with an IPS file. The link you have is to a ROM, I'm sorry this was never corrected. I posted a post stating that my IPS file was there and in working order. You apparently didn't read it and took it from my post at school. Can you correct this, or am I disqualified?

(In essence, I made a post with my IPS, but then that broke, so I took it down, but when I realized the judging was continuing, I assumed I had to get a link in, so I submitted my ROM link just in case. Then, when I went home, I updated my IPS file in my main post and posted telling you it was updated, you picked the ROM file. And due to that, I am afraid I might get rejected)
Thanks, when reading the last message about broken ROM, was there many cases of broken hacks?
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Midnight Mist's Profile - Posts by Midnight Mist

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