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I like to hack SMB but i have a strange bug. After hacking a level, the game freezes when a pipe or a koopa is going to the screen (in emulator) Only in 1-1 the game doesn't freeze...

Maybe it is in the right topic...

EDIT: After 2-2 it will crash at mid-way point. Is my program bad or the ROM is corrupted?
Yea, it's "The Cookie Crisis" but the level name is "Cutoff Keep" not "Cutoff fortress".
Wow. This is one of the hardest hacks that i ever seen. I did this glitch only once. (but with ground, not blocks)
Star Road 1
Star Road 2
Star Road 3
Star Road 4
Star Road 5
Forest Of Illusion 1
Forest Of Illusion 2
Yoshi's Island 1
Um... Vanilla Secret 2?
I vote for the save hub. I think it's the best idea.
Chocolate Island 1 or Chocolate Island 2?
I often use the animated water, because it looks better than still water. Too bad, animated water is glitched in underground levels.
Red Switch Palace?
I hate patching. You can easily destroy your ROM. It's annoying, especially when you forgot to make a backup of your ROM.
Um... Forest Of Illusion 4?
In SPW3 you must also abuse glitches, it was pretty unfair and who cares about that? Good to see a hack in which you mustn't put a key to a keyhole to beat a level.
This hack is bad. It has a lot of cutoff and coinblock traps aren't a good idea.
This hack looks like you just edited Kaizo Mario (I'm saying about the screens)
Donut Ghost House??
It mustn't be a Super Koopa. It can be also a green switch block. ;)

My guess: Donut Plains 2?
To make a good water level you must:

1. Have good level design that makes the water level not boring. Water levels should be short (they mustn't be very short, but don't make it too long, because long water levels are boring water levels)

2. Please, don't spam Torpedo Teds and the Rip Van Fish. Running away from a fish that is chasing you and from a gauntlet of Torpedo Teds can be annoying. And don't put Torpedo Teds in narrow places.

3. Don't make puzzles in water levels. It's annoying and makes the level more boring.

4. If you want a long water level then make it a beach level with just some water.

5. Plan about putting enemies in water levels. Also don't make a water level laggy because the jump button will sometimes not work (especially Turbo A/B).

6. If you want some custom sprites in a water level, use only these which match a water level.

7. An interesting ExGFX and/or pallete would be nice for a water level.

That are my suggestions.
Originally posted by Diddyboy100
floating munchers: yes

Please, avoid this. Floating munchers are a very bad idea. Use mines instead or other spiky things (not spikes) that will not oddly float like the muncher.

Originally posted by Kaizokoban

I don't get it. Why should that be an element of criticism? Kaizo hacks are supposed to be unfair, right?

I think they shouldn't. This will make it annoying, not fun.
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