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I'm working on a level but it has a wierd glitch that makes the game crash like in the video:

All the brambles are set to act like muchers,
Level header is set to 0D
Sprite header to 00, Sprite buoyancy enabled

Please help :S
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Are you using Blocktool Super Deluxe (BTSD)? Versions lower than 0.44 don't support Map16 tiles placed on pages 10-3F, which is probably what you did. Just switch to version 0.44, and everything should be fixed.

thanks it worked :)
Hey there every1 i found a nice japanese port on a japanese site and i don't know whats wrong with it or how am i suppose to insert it cause when i insert it to the rom i get no sound.... (addmusic shows no errors) : /
here is the link:
i already patched the nspc patch (it comes with romi's addmusic right?)
Originally posted by marioVSshadow
It does? Is this the out-dated IPS or the Xkas that carol made which is much better?

dunno the point is other songs that require nspc patch work normally, but this one doesn't for some odd reason : /
Originally posted by marioVSshadow
How did you patch it to the rom? Did you use Xkas or Lunar IPS? If you didn't do either then go to the tools section and download Xkas then go to the patches section and download MORE.ASM. Then follow some basic instructions to apply the patch. I don't have much experiance with romi's (because carol's is way easier) but if it applies the patch itself, it may be applying an outdated one. Another option (This is unlikely) is that you're out of space so you need to expand it more. But the odds of that are slim to none.

Edit: Nevermind i'll figure something out
Originally posted by S.N.N.
With the numerous amount of addmusic releases, and the fact that the old thread is really long and rather ... outdated, I have taken the liberty to make a new thread. Here are a few very basic rules to follow when using the thread.

1. YOU MUST NOT POST MUSIC CODE DIRECTLY IN THE THREAD. If you're stuck with some code, you must provide a link to the TXT itself. Using the file bin is the best option here. Violators of this rule will be banned for 24 hours. No exceptions.
2. If you're having trouble with a specific addmusic, please specify who made it and which version it is. There is nothing worse than trying to help someone who doesn't even know which addmusic they are using.

That's it. That's all I'm asking from you. If you can't follow these rules, heaven help you.

NOTICE: If you are trying to get the $ED $XX $XX (The N-SPC Patch) to work on your ROM, use the following two files instead of the ones with 4.04.


EDIT: MORE.bin has been updated as of Jan. 18/2010. This one can be used with either Carol's or Romi's, and allows you to use $E5 $XX + 80 $YY to access samples in SMWS that are greater than 14. It should probably be advised that you may have to use $E5 to reset the original SMW samples as well. Only use this MORE.bin if you know what you're doing.

MORE.bin: $E5 Compatible

Overwrite the old ones, pick your free address, and patch it with Xkas.


Also, here is the formula for BPM to SMW Tempo, courtesy of BBS750 (thanks a lot)

Originally posted by BBS750

Anyways, I found made an accurate formula for converting BPM to SMW tempo, since they are indeed very different.

The formula is 5/6 of 1/2 of the original BPM.

Example: Your BPM is 170. You would divide 170 by 2, which gives you 85. Then you multiply 85 by 5/6 and you get 70.83. Round it off to 71 and that's your tempo!

The prob is when i insert this MORE.bin: $E5 Compatible with xkas the rom stops working .. :/
Originally posted by NataruTheHedgehog
In YY-CHR I am trying to change the Mario graphic, but it shows up in weird colors. But how do I change the colors to the real ones.

go to lunar magic and check palette 8 change it to the colors you want and you'll change mario's palette.
Originally posted by omegazeroINFI
what are you typing in? i think i got an idea of whats wrong.

i type in cmd xkas.exe more.asm romname.smc
(cmd is located in the same directory as xkas)
edit: i believe it has something to do with free space...
we're u messing around with smallhackers iggy editor?
i use this program
you can download it here
that's the yoshi's coin palette (the yellow shiny one) which is hard to edit in Lunar magic just pick a different palette....
Originally posted by omegazeroINFI
Originally posted by BeniBoD
i use this program
you can download it here

thanks but no thanks, i think 3 spc players is beyond enough right?
besides, i really would like it to be on the one i mentioned since i find it useful in porting.

well just wanted to help :) I use this one cause this one plays all the spc and i know for some other that i used that didn't play every spc....
the folder must be named sprites no matter how the spritelist is named
1 : get sample tool (im guessing u already have it)

2 : open ur rom in sample tool

3 : press import bank from file

4 : on the right u have the function to save the bank

5 : u have bank select location (level xxx) here u select which bank this level will use or if u press overworld which submap

6 : select the correct bank

7 : save the rom

8 : test in LM

9 : enjoy if it works :)
So yea i patched the patch to the rom and i get strange music in game and those songs that should work with this patch still don't work...
Hey guys i was wondering how you make the background scroll horizontally like on that flying platform(Sprite C1) in SMW but slower and with ASM so i could insert it with levelasm?
Originally posted by Ice Man
There's no HDMA needed to have the BG scroll horizontally.

	STZ $1413			;\ H-Scroll = none
	STZ $1414			;/ V-Scroll = none
	LDA $1466			;\ Load layer 2 X-position (low byte)
	CLC				;| 
	ADC #$01			;| Scroll speed = #$01
	STA $1466			;/ Store at layer 2 X-position (low byte)
	LDA $1467			;\ Load layer 2 X-position (high byte)
	ADC #$00			;| Do not change!
	STA $1467			;| Store at layer 2 X-position (high byte)
	RTL				;/ Return

i tried this but when i enter the level it just crashes after 1 sec
Nevermind got it to work ... :P
Hey i was wondering if you can force credits with Levelasm after beating a level cause when i use the OW thing it doesn't work for some odd reason.
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