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If the song is unsampled just remove the header and it should work
for unsampled yes

PM-ed you how to convert sampled ones
Originally posted by Gamma V

Kirby's Adventure - Orange Ocean Map
This is a slight arrangement as I used pseudo-echos to fill it out and used @0 for the lead rather than a more accurate sounding instrument like @1.

Maybe try lowering the volume on the flutes it's a little earrape-y?
Other then that nice port

Something new from me:
Castlevania Bloodlines - The Sinking Old Sanctuary
So I decided to sample a port from OGS93 and here is the result:
SoL - Battle 21
(all credit goes to OGS93 for porting this vanilla)
Originally posted by Masterlink
I wonder what SoL means... :P

I like this, the sample choices are interesting and seems to go well with the song. Just a suggestion, use portamento ($f4 $02) on channel #5 because it cuts really bad sometimes, if it's supposed to sound like that then ignore this.

I wouldn't know what SoL means :/ and neither does OGS93 :/
As for #5 it's suppose to sound like that :P

As for the 2 SD3 ports:
-I've heard Few Paths Forbidden a while ago I personally see nothing wrong with the flutes (maybe they are not like in the original but they still sound good)
-As for Strange Medicine I've never heard the original but this sound pretty good to me :)
Overall good job on both of the ports :)!
Have 11 invites to give. If you want them just post your Steam or send me a PM
Originally posted by Hobz
Gorillazilla but I go by Oscar_Proud

Thanks bro.

Friend request sent waiting for response :)

Originally posted by Binrazan
dimentio32 I believe but otherwise I'm Binrazan the Jolly Wizard.

Invite sent :)
Originally posted by Luigi370

I'm working on Plok ost.
Not finished, but I hope you'll enjoy this gift :P

Which song is that suppose to be? Sounds nice (as all Plok songs do)
And here something I finally decided to fix to make it sound correct

Pokémon Emerald - Sealed Chamber
I know this isn't really an SPC but a soundtrack file but I'll post this anyway. This is the entire soundtrack of a project I was working with some friends and never finished. Everything was ported for AddmusicM

Team Catface - The Unfinished Project Soundtrack

(most ports are by me and OGS93, some are from Undifined3 and Atma, and modified from Slash Man)
Originally posted by Diegh0st
Why are you explaning ADSR to someone who still uses carol`s addmusic? I dont think he really cares if he is right or not.

I think someone is forgetting how powerful Carol's Addmusic acually was...


also it would be just easier to link him the porting bible...


just sayin...
Originally posted by HackerOfTheLegend
Originally posted by Core
I think someone is forgetting how powerful Carol's Addmusic actually was...


Back then it was fairly powerful, yes, but now with Addmusic K, we've already blown CAM out of the dust. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be using Carol's Addmusic anymore, period.

Me personaly when I was porting I was using Carol's Addmusic and later AddmusicM and never liked 4.04 and 4.05 cause they were more powerful at the time and everybody was bitching about it (and hardly anyone knew how to use AddmusicM). But I kept porting and ported around 40 ports.

I've seen a lot of good ports on this site by people that were at first posting a lot of shitty ports...

Encourage the community no need to bring other people down that have a passion but don't (yet) have the skills. Porting isn't really that hard and people will learn.
Since this was ported a while ago and rules on this site about submiting constantly change I decided to just release it in a thread so someone might use them or just enjoy the SPCs.

The project was never finished but a lot of music was ported for it.

Enjoy the SPCs/MMLs (most of the music was ported for AddmusicM so they may break your SPC player if you have echo rewrite on)

Feel free to leave any feedback.


EDIT: Since there was a problem with the link I moved the file to google drive
Originally posted by xjakku
This is my first port, Holland Windmill. It might be an earfull, but I hope people enjoy it. I don't know if it loops properly.

The song is heavily inspired by this

Sounds good but I think it's missing some Romancing Saga samples to make it sound more like the original. Keep up the good work!
Originally posted by Samantha
Originally posted by Core


Only complaint I have with the port is that some instruments are noticeably way louder than others but if you fix that this port is golden.

Thanks! Will maybe return to it and check it out.

As for releasing it, when the time is right :)
Originally posted by Samantha

Sounds awesome! #w{=3}
Originally posted by Brood Fours
I decided to try my hand at making my own composition. I wantd to make a ghost house/ship theme.

This is my first pass at it:


Sounds amazing (even more cause it's a first attempt)! Keep it up!

As for me I updated my Cynthia port a bit:

Awesome idea, keep it up!

Also I really liked the Nightmare Boo Boss
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