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Hmmm well is there anyway you could make it play after you get the goal?
What is the song used in Super Puzzle World 3 level "We Love Water"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb9mJEPknXk --> 8:13
So yea i have for example this code
#0 @5 q7f v255 y10 w255 t45 
and i want to make it play even faster than it is what do i need to change and what is the limit to the max?
Hey i want to know how i can loop channels from a certain point for example i want it to play the intro only 1 time and then never again
thanks it worked amm one more thing how do i make a seperate thing loop so i reduce the size
like i want to repeat this 3 times
thanks :)
What is the echo command?
some patches are incompatible with each other
amm what is the OW music here?
To insert a song with Brr samples you need to use AddmusicM
If you're using romi's addmusic some of the music isn't compatible with it and is only compatible with carol's addmusic or so i believe
Originally posted by DarkLightVs
Does the song require the N-SPC patch? Some songs can crash the level/ sound system if this patch is not applied.

some songs require carol's addmusic it works the same for those as well as darklightvs said
You can use BG2 for the second graphics and then you make map16 files
make a new graphics file with YY-CHR that will contain ninji and chuck
Is it possible to make it scroll even slower cause even with 1 it's scrolling to fast?
Hi everybody i have a sprite that uses SP2 and i want it to use SP4. What do i have to change in the graphics routine? (or somewhere else)?
What is the hex edit that makes mario always on the center of the screen?
Change the sprite header to 04
Originally posted by yno14jax
Also if you want the animation to appear on every level, you can click on the spinning turn block icon (only in LM1.81) or go to Level>Edit Global ExAnimated Frames

global exanimation can be found in LM 1.7x aswell but there isn't an icon for it.(LEVEL > Edit Global Exanimated Frames)
Which Channels die when you spinjump?
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