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Edit: Link fixed
ammmmm let's see now...
Mainly I listen to rap but I also enjoy house, techno, country ^_^, game music, game music remixes(link), sometimes rock(rarely) and Movie music lol :P
You can't use mode 4 it's says so in LM :P
Yes the long awaited sequel is finally here. :3
If you haven't player Bowser's Hideout go play it.
This is a short 5 level hack with last world difficulty. Each level has it's own boss.
The hack featured:
Custom sprites
Custom music
Custom blocks
And many other things...
Some Screenies: ( More in the hack link)

Thanks to my buddy Goron50 for LPing this.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
And finally the download link
Edit: Fixed some grammar lol.
Originally posted by cheat-master30
3. There was a random switch block in the last level, yet I could find no switch. Is there one somewhere in this game?

It's the same as in Bowser's Hideout (1) the switch blocks are invisible coin blocks
Well i decided to sample my Last Journey Port so here is the sampled version
Hey I was just wondering is it possible to make the background autoscroll in a circled motion without the use of Mode 7?
thanks YCZ :)

Although I'm a noob at ASM so would anyone help me code that? ^_^?
Here is something I ported cause I was bored
Romancing Saga - Last Dungeon
It's still a work in progress
EDIT: Fixed the link
Originally posted by Ice Man
I may be wrong but this is exactly the same port of my version from that song:

Romancing Saga - Battle Theme

LOL i feel stupid... Uploaded the wrong SPC... Since i have all the SPCs in the same folder -_- Sry Ice Man... Anyway here is the SPC i wanted to upload:
Romancing Saga - Last Dungeon
Which sample is used for spinjumping?
Here you have all the commands:
Region: EU
Name: BeniBoD
Code: 500
I've been playing Starcraft 2 and Heroes of Newerth and when i can be bothered to turn on my PS3 I play Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast II
Adding my US account aswell
Region: NA (US)
Name: Paradaciron
Code: 275

Here is something I ported when I was bored
Romancing Saga - Hurry Out
Originally posted by Airbourne Bubblun
Well, I'd mostly want to go to Slovenia myself. Nice people and all, plus I'm learning the language. But on a sub, I'd want to go to Cyprus because of the nice weather, and nice people.

I live in Slovenia and let me tell you... It's kinda boring...

and to not go off topic

I'd want to go to Seoul South Korea or Tokyo Japan cause of the culture and the awesome food and Starcraft ^_^ because it's awesome =D=D
I have 2 screens one is 24" 16:10 and the other is 16:9 so ignore the blackness on the secondary screen because it doesn't show in Windows
Without icons
With icons
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Core's Profile - Posts by Core