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Tip: The No More Sprite Tile Limits patch does NOT increase the limit for the amount of sprites onscreen at once. The SA-1 Pack does.
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Name: Super Metroid Speed Booster (+Shine Spark)

Type: Patch/UberASM

Description: A proper update to the Speed Boosters patch already on the site; specifically adding a proper ShineSpark requiring you to press down before you can rocket off somewhere, as well as fixing some glitches like the Star Music playing when it activates.
Since it's a physics kind of thing that affects the player, it doesn't need any outside resources.

References: Speed Booster+ShineSparking
What Lion said, likewise, it might actually help for you to keep everything in one rom, assuming each of your ideas do not require different physics/abilities. You could separate your Ideas into separate worlds in your work so that each world has a different theme based on the idea it is embodying.

Over all, don't take hacking this game super seriously, not everybody has the patience to stick with one project for however long it takes to complete one. So if you find yourself jumping between ideas, remember it is your time and your work, so you should allow yourself to jump between ideas as you please. As long as you're having fun, that's what counts in the end.
Track Name: Metroid Fusion: Sector 1 - SRX
Sampled?: Fully sampled. Would prefer the Gameboy Advanced Samples, but feel free to use samples from the MIDI as well.
Audio Reference: YouTube Video
Note Data Reference: Sector 1 - SRX

Much thanks in advance, Metroid Fusion is probably one of the more underrated Metroid games in existence with plenty of atmosphere and amazing music.
I'm sorry, but there really is no highly convenient tool or method out there to do this. SPC2MML is one of the most accurate transcribers out there for turning an SPC file into something that can be inserted with AddmusicK; and even better it prepares the samples for you and does a good bit of the hard work.

Unfortunately, SPC2MML does not loop correctly, and that's mostly because almost all of the notes are "broken", b=20 or g=31 to name some examples. These notes aren't "broken" parse, but they're not exactly easy to read either.

You don't want to be redirected to Wakana's Music Porting Tutorial, but unfortunately there is no way to actually repair/fix these ports without going through the file and manually changing each of these broken notes to their standard and do looping yourself, since looping is one of the biggest problems when using this tool.

There's a saying I live by: You get back the amount of effort you put into something. Though it took a lot of effort to make this tool from Vitor Vilela's part, using this tool is essentially the "Easy Way", where you can mostly get a port of an SNES game without much cost in time or effort on the user's part. As a cost however, you have to accept that these ports might not be accurate 100% of the time, eat up space and don't loop properly.
This project sounds like it's really coming along, always great to see porters being active; I feel like music is the one thing I frequently check the site for over and over, this thread always has my attention too simply because of how high quality all of your work is. Over the year or two I've been away, you've really grown into a master over the SPC700 engine from the sounds of things, holy goodness.

(Last I remember, you were named Izuna, took me forever to realize that was you, all this time I've been wondering where Izuna went.)

New video of a brand new level; yes, this remake includes new levels and not just a 1:1 remake.
A bit of a camera thing to suggest, during the F2 menu, when you can see the subscreens, would it be possible to designate certain subscreens to be "Boundaries" so that the camera won't scroll to those, for instance:


Would make some more creative level design and some convenience so you don't have to fill every screen with tiles in expanded levels.
Speaking of questions, here's another. Say a person (me) used a ton of map16 tiles, but now this person (me) is looking to optimize the rom and space, part of this optimization is deleting the tiles in the Map16 editor and remapping accordingly. Do these deleted tiles still take up space, or should I also be moving tiles I am using up as more and more space is cleared?
Came back from inactivity over 2+ months ago, only made 8 posts since. I may as well still be inactive. Happy categorizing to all participants!
We all wish you the best, BlindDevil, you've been an amazing individual and I hate to see you going through things like this, especially seeing your mother in the hospital; it's a very tough thing, and having all the burden on your shoulders, it's a huge responsibility. The only thing I can say is do your best, but do be sure to know what takes priority in your life, family over work/job. It's going to be a very tough road from here on out.
Now I want to see a video of Hinalyte going to a Zaxby's and eating one whole chicken finger dipped in Insane Sauce, dipping it in more Insane Sauce. For those not in the know, that's the hottest sauce available from that restaurant.
I got sent $30 from my mother (very rare do I get any sort of money from my mother) which is going to go towards some new fans for my laptop's heatsink, as they just recently started failing.
Originally posted by Katerpie
There's practically zero benefits in adding such a rule, especially if it's unilateral. I don't like how we have to spell out to not find loopholes for the sake of common sense, as judges will just waste their time discussing whether to disqualify the offending entry or not. If anything, they could just be disqualified from further contests if they keep getting hasty like this (and the ACE situation is a first, to my knowledge).

In contrast to this, what is the drawback from adding this rule? Like, there are people out there who don't even believe Common Sense exists. Or heck, just tell people to use what is widely considered "Common Sense" when making a level for (this) contest(s).

Also, the level doesn't even work in Snes9x, so it does overtly break rules that the contest has had in the past - it just wasn't specified this time around because, you know, common sense.
Also this, like the level works in every other emulator but SNES9x? I get that SNES9x is the most widely used emulator, but what if somebody uses BSNES or mains god-forbid ZSNES because it's the only thing that can run on their dinosaur computer? Does anybody who submits a level to contests have to make sure their level works with all known major emulators?(ZSNES/SNES9x/BSNES/ZMZ)

Also keeping in mind what I said about "common sense" and not everybody believing it exists, common sense in and of itself is a very subjective thing because everybody is raised differently. What I consider common sense (Right turn on red lights, or like... the Golden Rule; don't yell at people because you're mad, etc.) might not be the same for them.

Lastly, why even remove the rule if it existed in previous contests b/c common sense? If anything, that doesn't make sense, if it was there before and didn't cause any problems, why remove it? There's a reason why before you play some games, there's like... 20 page agreements, Terms and Conditions, you must agree to before you play. A lot of it is common sense but it's still there because there are people out there who take what they see and examine it to the dot. Whatever isn't listed is pretty much fair game. Yes, common sense dictates you shouldn't, but people do it anyways because that's how people are.
For the above, but omit the whole "Reorder" part as some people actually utilize the Exanimation Frame Engine that is incorporated. There's actually a lot of reasons why some people will put an ExAnimation in a specific slot, so reordering the slots would cause a lot of issues for those who want an exanimation in say, Slot 00, 08, 10 and 18, and others in 01, 09, 11, 19, and etc.
The worst part is, what kept SMWCP2 in development hell way back when was what's keeping it up now: ASM. Hope you can find the help you need to complete the project, but if I were you, I'd consider setting up a paypal and looking for coders to pay off a couple $'s so the bosses and credits can be finished.
That SMB2 thing is spot on, always impressed by your work man. I feel like when it comes to ASM, you're one of the MVP's that's pretty much always in the spotlight, and when it comes to C3 threads, yours is one I'm always on the look out for if only to see stuff like this. Those animated doors are by far the best thing I've seen on this, if only because of the simplicity/authenticity of having animated doors actually brings.

As for the request side of things, I'm going to suggest the monkeys from Yoshi's Island, those little buggers are pretty mischievous and I feel like SMW could use some sprites that are dangerous in an indirect sort of way. I will provide graphics tomorrow just b/c it would take too long to rip them before posting.

Graphics (SP3)
Originally posted by Skewer
As for the request side of things, I'm going to suggest the monkeys from Yoshi's Island, those little buggers are pretty mischievous and I feel like SMW could use some sprites that are dangerous in an indirect sort of way. I will provide graphics tomorrow just b/c it would take too long to rip them before posting.

Graphics (SP3), as I said yesterday, here are the graphics for the case scenario where the monkeys are accepted. Since I hear that Offsets are the most annoying part of making sprites, I could set up the offset tables myself if you think that would help, Sonikku.
The whole thing about asking questions about older stuff around here sounds incredibly interesting. Will be keeping an eye out for your questions. Also yes, the site theme is very good this time. Happy to see dark ones.
I'm looking at that tree right there and I'm just blown away by the first frame. Never mind everything that came afterwards. Just... wow, your work is just phenomenal.
One thing I think would help a lot for people who make large hacks would be the ability to tell the level to get its palette data from another level; that way if one level is using an exact copy of the palette from another, it would save quite a good bit of data in the long run. Sometimes in large hacks, every bit of space you can manage to save will help a lot in the long run. Same can be said for ExAnimations.
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