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I was running tests on the sprites and I was wanting to know what sprite I'm supposed to have the Slugger fire b/c at the moment, it doesn't have anything to use. It fires a custom sprite, so for a moment I thought it was supposed to fire itself thinking it'd have some special configuration or some bit set, but that isn't the case, so I'm stuck.
More text options are always nice in SMW. But I must say, these can be kind of confusing to the eye. Maybe try giving the letters some space or clarity or might try making one for VWF messages instead???
Track Name: Castlevania III: Epitaph
Sampled?: Fully Sampled to the Brim
Audio Reference: Specifically this video
Note Data Reference: MIDI 1 or MIDI 2
I would like to request this song for something I'm going to do WAY down the line, it's used in the final area of an old, old hack of mine and I'd like to remake that hack with modern standards, etc, and a remix or a modern update to the one that's currently in the SMW Music section would be highly appreciated. Much thanks to anybody who takes this on! #tb{^V^}
New level and new player graphics to boot. I felt Yusica's (now older) player graphics that I drew in 2016 or so weren't lively enough and not up to my standards. So I redrew them, this video mostly shows off the new level, but also is meant to show off her now more lively, more child-like player graphics. It's tough when you inherit the title of "Hero" at a young, but adventurous age!
Originally posted by FuSoYa
Maybe, though you may not save as much as you think. Palettes don't take a whole lot of space compared to graphics, and neither do animated frame references.
Perhaps so, but counter point: I've filled roms up to the brim with data and information, that often enough I have had to go through levels and optimize them as best as I can, often turning levels that are unused into 0x18 KB's of data; turning off custom palettes where possible; even saving up to 0x200 is worth it in my opinion.

Often enough when I finish making levels, they can come up to this many bytes: "0x1139 bytes"; and coupled with ASM, music, custom sprites/blocks, etc... you'll find that your space gets eaten up by level data very quickly. Likewise, if I turn off my ExAnimations and Custom Palettes, that same level takes up...

"0xEAF bytes", which in decimal is 650 bytes, or 28A in hex, which is almost a background's worth of data.

Now, this might not seem like a lot, but hear me out on this; imagine making a 70+ exit hack where each level takes up around this many bytes, and single room levels like bonus rooms and what not taking up about 0x600+ because of background information, palette, etc. If there was a way for levels to "use" the information of other levels, like background tile arrangement, palette information or exanimation arrangement, each level could save up to 0x400+, especially given backgrounds take up around 0x300+ bytes of information; this would end up freeing a significant amount of space.

Sure it won't look good in the editor to look at an empty background or at a default palette that clearly doesn't work with the graphics, but when it comes to advanced features like something like this, I don't think level creators would care too much.
Reiterating, there's nothing wrong with changing your keys or control scheme. Really, I'd also argue there's nothing wrong with setting up macros if you have the software for it.
And it is looking absolutely glorious. Thank you very much for accepting my request, I know it was a complex one, but if there was anybody who could get it done, I knew it would be you. Again thank you, it means a lot to me.

Spoiler warning: next C3, if you do this again, I'm requesting Baseball Boys. XD I would have done so this C3, but I wanted monkeys more.
Technically, MTX does exist (in patch form) on the Central. There exist patches such as "Pay to Jump", money health, etc. Just collect the coins (which represent in-game currency) distributed through levels and bada-bing.

Likewise, as for actual MTX, introduce a time mechanic into the rom. Each time you play a level, it takes up a certain amount of Action Points, and you have to wait a few hours before all your Action Points fill back up; but, if you act now, you can buy Stimulus Packages that offer you these digital items with artificial value that will refill your AP! Likewise, you can only use lunar magic for a certain amount of time before your lunar points disappear too, which we have stimulus packs for those too.

We'll be watching the trends and introduce new things such as Tokens every time you insert sprites or blocks. That way, you can sport your custom made Super Mario World hack in style! (But not too much style. #tb{;)})
Agreed, I've tweaked the level a little bit to remove the section and just included a small rest stop in between that area and the next one; given the level is a pretty lengthy and difficult one, the player needs time to sit and rest. Thanks for the feedback.
Okay, so testing this on SA-1 Pack v1.32 (Reduces Slowdown), and I'm having issues. First, I'm installing your MoreSRAM.asm

On a 2 MB rom (only been touched by sa1.asm, and Lunar Magic to install the "Sprite 19 Fix" (Shift+F8), and I'm getting this error:

So, I'm going to assume that I need to expand to 3 or 4 MB to make use of this patch; as well as set up two pipes to 0x1E and 0x1F, and likewise with Red Paths to 0x0E and 0x0F as listed on the MoreOverworldTiles.asm. This is only the MoreSRAM.asm patch; after applying these hijacks and expanding to 4MB does the MoreSRAM.asm patch insert. However, after testing on SNES9x, the rom crashes the moment you press any buttons on the title screen. Now, maybe I need to insert the MoreOverworldTiles.asm patch and apply the Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F8 Lunar Magic Hijack on the overworld, but there's nothing in MoreSRAM.asm that says I need to. However, patching MoreOverworldTiles.asm doesn't even allow the game to load up the title screen.

I am using the patches "as is" provided on your Github with no modifications.

So for reproduction purposes, this is what I did:
1. Expand SuperMarioWorld.smc to 2MB.
2. Applied SA-1 Pack v1.32 (Reduces Slowdown)'s sa1.asm
3. Tried to patch MoreSRAM.asm which resulted in a failure to patch due to the error here. (Link of above picture to avoid repost)
4. Expanded Rom to 4 MB and applied the following:
---- LM: applied Shift+F8 (Message Box Fix)
---- OW: set up two Pipes to 0x1E and 0x1F
---- OW: set up two Red Paths to 0x0E and 0x0F
5. MoreSRAM.asm patched successfully.
- Running the game however results in the rom crashing after pressing any buttons on the title screen
(I am assuming patching MoreOverworldTiles.asm might fix the problem)
6. Applied the Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F8 Lunar Magic Hijack on the overworld.
7. Patched MoreOverworldTiles.asm.
- Running the game however results in only a black screen.

Is there anything else that might need to be done to a clean rom before applying either of these patches? Your Reclaim7E1F49.asm says it's integrated into MoreSRAM.asm so I did not bother with it.
Confirmed, so the problem was that it did not have SA-1 compatibility; more specifically auto SA-1 detection. For those who want to use this patch, I suggest following my method listed above and also adding the following at the top of the patch right below @asar 1.71 if it's there.
if read1($00FFD5) == $23
        !sa1    = 1
        !addr   = $6000
        !bank   = $000000
        !sram   = $40A000
		!long 	= $000000
        !sa1    = 0
        !addr   = $0000
        !bank   = $800000
        !sram   = $700000
		!long 	= $000000
So a bit of a bug, not a big issue however, with Lunar Magic "Palette Editor Dialogue"; by default you click on a color and it is copied, you hit Enter on your keyboard to confirm selection and right click to paste it elsewhere. Very useful for moving things around.

However, if you use the "F3 Command" to copy any color under your mouse pointer, you are unable to return to default way of copy-and-pasting colors via LeftClick>Enter>RightClick, closing out the program likewise does not fix this issue. Regardless of what you do, the color you copied with F3 will remain in priority and be constantly pasted.

To combat this bug, you need only copy something, and that returns the Palette editor to its default functions. Not a bigee, but I thought it was still worth pointing out.
So, I'm finally hard at work on the Space Station levels, which I would say, next to the interdimensional levels that is the hack's namesake, Scorpion's Space Station is probably the most memorable world of the hack because the whole thing is basically spent building up to it. I think this is the most I'm going to get at making the place look like a super space station.
The reason Rule C1 exists is essentially so that if people who submit things get pissy for one reason or another, they can't just go off and say "Fuck it, since I'm angry* I'll make sure I'm not the only one that suffers," a mindset which usually results in making sure nobody else has access to the stuff they submitted. Rule C1 from what I understand simply allows people to continue to download the resources you've made available.

It's one thing if you want stuff removed because either it doesn't function or it's just shit, it's another to remove a resource simply because a person is pissed off; and that's why Rule C1 exists. As far as the rest of Rule C1 goes, nobody out here is an asshole enough to largely modify a file that somebody submitted unless it's to fix a bug or something, and most of the time if the user that submitted the asset is around, they'll be the one asked to fix bugs or something similar.

All in all, your stuff is still yours, just once you submit it through the official system, you give up the right to "take away its access to other people".
Track Name
Metroid Fusion: Sector 1 - SRX

Yes. You can use Super Metroid samples, or try to rip the samples from the GBA game itself.

Audio Reference
Youtube Video

Note Data Reference
Originally posted by imamelia
I am once again asking for custom object display. I've been working on a project with some other people and using them there, and the person in charge has said how much better it would be if we could see them in Lunar Magic wth their proper tilemaps. Especially since the latest version of ObjecTool comes with some example objects, and the formats for those are documented and are pretty specific.

Seconding this, custom object support would be very interesting for those who know how to utilize and code them. I would love to work with custom standard/extended/etc objects as they would serve to save plenty of space for those like myself who end up using every single byte in the rom.
You can use the "Remap Direct Map16" feature in Lunar Magic's Edit drop-down window at the top left. Put the old level's tilemap on Page 0x06, and just type the following into the Remap window:
This will move all the tiles that use Page 5 to Page 6.
While disabling the original animations is a decent idea, keep in mind that if you do have to remake all the original animations, your level data will be large due to the unnecessary animation slots being used, likewise every exanimation slot will contribute to more frequent slowdown.

The best things you can do is as quietmason said, use the diagonal pipes or bush tiles; however there also exists the other two last pages of the graphics bypass, tiles 200-2FF. If you don't see yourself using these final pages too much, you can put your animations on say, tile 2FC and 2F8, and just work your way backwards for each new animation you make.
(The provided examples for 2F8 and 2FC is assuming your animations are using 4 8x8 tiles each)
Vouching for the ExGFX fast open tool thing the others support.
I had a dream that I was liked.
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