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Tip: The music in SMW's default castle/ghost house intros and boss battles can be changed by hex editing. See $0584DB and $0584E2 in the ROM map.
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TSRP2 was the first hack I ever played. I came across a playthrough of it on YouTube and I pretty much got interested from that point forward.
Track Name
Earthbound Pink Cloud Shrine

Yes, fully.

Audio Reference
97 - Pink Cloud Shrine.spc

Unfortunately, no MIDI exists; but I do think NintSPC can decompile it and give you the data.
Track Name
Earthbound - Sea of Eden

Yes, fully.

Audio Reference
Sea of Eden.spc

Unfortunately, no MIDI exists; but I do think NintSPC can decompile it and give you the data. Magicant and Deep Magicant appear to have MIDI's but nobody made one of this atmospheric song. I do plan on requesting both Magicant and Deeper into Ness' Subconscious because the whole Magicant Saga is a very beautiful set of songs that make you feel as if you're in the beginning of the universe.

In regards to the Sea of Eden, there is actually a port of it on the Central I requested years ago, but it's not accurate and doesn't hold up to today's standards for sampled ports, and I wish for a more accurate version. Much thanks for anybody who redoes the port.
Track Name
Earthbound - Deeper into Ness's Subconscious

Yes, fully.

Audio Reference
Deeper into Ness' Subconscious.spc

Am I greedy? Yes, yes I am. But I'm also a thankful greedy omen. The semi-final request of the Magicant Saga of music from Earthbound. This song has a very 'mysterious' feel that makes you feel both melancholic and in awe of the brevity and expanse of the universe before you. A very dreamy song that's good for coasts or something.
Track Name
Earthbound - Welcome Home

Yes, fully.

Audio Reference
117 Welcome Home.spc

The final of the Magicant songs, Magicant itself. Unlike the others, this is a very chipper song, but still holds that mysterious feeling of something beyond. I've always wondered why it was called Welcome Home, but it's probably a play on words given that if you're inside your own mind... you probably truly are "home". I don't know.
I think a lot of times people tend to forget in this "restore" craze is that all of these songs were composed with being compressed for the SNES chip in mind, what we hear in game is the way it's meant to be heard... almost.

I say almost because most of us, if not all of us in this era, do not have access to the old televisions it was meant to be played on, specifically the speakers those TV's had. On our high quality speakers and headphones, we're still not hearing the way these songs were meant to be listened to. Kind of mind blowing when you think of it that way.
I'm always in support of ALttP enemies and bosses coming to SMW
Oh yeee! Thank you very much for finishing the sprite; been looking forward to this for six months. You're a legend my man, a real legend. XD
As par usual, looking very spify there. Always loved your graphical style, that W4 level background is definitely something else. Don't rush yourself on it and approach it one level at a time.
FPI, though his style of level making is criticized these days, he was a huge inspiration for me getting into SMW Hacking. I love his claustrophic style of level design and how compact it is, I also like his long levels too which are full of challenge.
I kill myself and respawn repeatedly until I've found the correct, perfect movement necessary to clear the course.
Originally posted by qantuum
Interestingly enough, I've seen an old reddit post from 2015 or 2017 from a person claiming that smwcentral was ableist because Kaizo requires quick reaction and thinking. So both Kaizo and anti-Kaizo are toxic if we go in both these logics, there's no way out of it, right?
In that vein, most of gaming is ableist because if you don't have quick reaction time and pin-point accuracy, you're going to lose. It all simply falls to "Get Good", if you can't, then tough, figure out something else.

Over all, it's a pretty stupid argument all things considered. People should be able to make what they want to make barring certain guidelines are followed. Filter exists, if a person is too lazy to use the filtering system, I don't know what else to say.
I agree with FPI on this, there are places where you have to recognize that slower animation is better than the 60 FPS animation. The note blocks is one such thing where they'd benefit from slower animation; personally I liked the slower goomba too, however the goomba is more of a "taste" thing.
The coins, turn blocks and ?-Blocks are all very well done however.
Regarding writing/lore: One thing I've learned in my 10 years of being on this site is don't be a writer if you're going to hack SMW; unless you're a very popular and accepted individual, it's best to just stick with making levels and going elsewhere if you're looking to write a story in a platformer. Plot/Story in an SMW Hack is a very niche thing, you'd be better off not inserting it unless you're looking to be the subject of mockery and insults for the rest of your stay here. Just don't do it. There's tons of other places/communities that exist for writing purposes, and your writing will be more appreciated there.

Keep in mind that a majority of the people who enjoy Kaizo probably are not even active on this forum nor care to be active; they just come in, download their hacks, play/stream and go to the next one. There's tons of people who enjoy traditional hacks too, I'm looking in the section's WTBM section right now and I see a healthy mixture of Standard and Kaizo, nothing is dying out. The people that absolutely want Kaizo out of their searches when looking for hacks, the hotkey Ctrl+F exists, it's much quicker and easier than clicking the filters button. That will filter out what you don't want in less than two seconds.
I don't know exactly what makes a good lore, I know what kind of lore I'm interested in, really I just like the idea of shooting for a goal or end game, not just randomly playing levels with no goal in sight other than "Complete everything". I like the idea of saving a princess or maybe stopping a super villain from taking over the world, something like that. Personally I love lore, though I just don't think this is the website to do it. I also feel like lore helps with setting up some very interesting locales or even helps you with coming up with settings/ideas that you normally would not have come up with.

Originally posted by Anorakun
Do you think I would be afraid because of a bunch of randoms talking mad shit about what I wrote in a freaking hobby?
It's basically putting up with 10+ years of this that has discouraged me from sharing any more of my works, at least on this site. I mean ye, back when I first started, my writing was shit, but I'm a much better writer now and I feel as if that wouldn't have been the case without doing it here; doesn't mean it will be accepted beyond a niche, non-vocal community.
As an artist, if anybody were to do converting from 4bpp to 2bpp, I think it'd be pretty neat; just give the original artist credit for the idea and you're pretty much set. If you're looking to entirely remake or "remix" something somebody else did draw, I would argue getting permission.
Originally posted by Anorakun
Originally posted by SF - The Dark Warrior

Also why should there be another graphics remoderation?

Well, mainly because last remoderation started before the palmasks became a thing. So there's a lot of rips and graphics missing their palmask. Second, previous moderation team did some slip-ups, I even fixed one graphic that was missing the bin file, so yeah, ooops, gotta fix stuff, I guess. And third, because we have updated the tags, so we need to update older submissions and try to make everything to fit to the same standard. We're aiming for consistency.

About the options. I would go for slot useds, since it covers all the options, even layer 3. So I see this as good alternative, even if takes more space.

Since I was part of the original remoderation process back when I was a graphics moderator, like back when Lightvayne was team lead, following Antimatterhuntre as team lead; I am going to say it was probably the worst thing I've ever had the displeasure of doing and/or experiencing. The whole process took around 2 or 3 years if I'm remembering correctly and we had a lot of people come and go from the team because of the process; it got to the point where the team leaders were actually having to keep tally marks on how many people did how many (re)mods. Likewise, everybody has their own way of doing the remoderation which leads to some inconsistencies.

Personally, I think you should let sleeping dogs lie and don't touch the graphics section again with another remoderation, remoderating over 205,250 graphics submissions is going to be overwhelming.
Maybe if the level is focused entirely on the gimmick of carrying one item from the beginning to the end, it can work with minimal obstacles or easy to navigate ones; the gameplay should come from utilizing the item you're babysitting, not from whatever is around it.

It'd work well for a bonus level or a switch palace, but not for an actual obstacle course Mario Maker styled level.
Track Name = Sonic 3D Blast - Volcano Valley Zone 1
Sampled = The best one can. So Yes.
MIDI 1 (37415 bytes ; By Kasumi No)
MIDI 2 (40522 bytes ; By Monster Iestyn)
MIDI(XG) (154099 bytes ; By Teck)
Ref = YouTube
I personally love this song, and we need more upbeat Volcanic sounding themes that just make you want to bop and vibe.
I much prefer the gloves, gloves make any character look spiffy. And if you much prefer the gloves too, it's worth it to go back and edit all those frames. I've had to do it plenty of times before, it's not that bad once you get started.
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