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Tip: Make sure your overworld's aesthetic, and the levels within, are coherent.
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For as much as Vlad has infested MMX6, it has some of the best music in the whole franchise. X6's intro stage in particular is one of the best songs in the game, the atmosphere just fits for a world ended.
So you're pretty much fucked for eternity given you don't have the strength necessary to even clear a 2 or 3 block high jump, let alone the gaps that are coming. As much as I'd like to say I'd use my incredible, ground breaking athletics to clear the level by climbing down the cement walls and riding a spiny by standing between the spikes.... (Pro gamer moves man)

Unfortunately I am not a fictional character that can perform amazing feats, so you're pretty much just stuck with an echo chamber that can be summarized to "Nothing can be done". The humorous replies which all amount to varying degrees of committing various forms of seppuku against spikes or becoming a chomper's lunch are both funny and disturbing because that's really all one can say in a thread like this.
The big issue for me regarding the BG is that it is too much of the same color with the foreground; there doesn't need to be a lot to a background, because the background isn't the focus, so long as it provides the atmosphere necessary and does its job well.
I would say use ZSNES, but that's highly discouraged given what kind of exploits can be done with it; but, if you know what you're doing, then you don't need to worry about the issues.

As far as actually going through and fixing the hack, people have tried, and those same people didn't get too far. Mostly as a result of trying to turn it into a sitewide collab or something; the way I look at it, when it comes to projects like that, don't take up something that is going to be dependent on other people, especially an unpaid hobby, it is doomed to fail unless you got devouts or zealots who love what you're working on; generally this just means have a passionate team.

Likewise, SMWCP(1) doesn't have the best level design out there, and despite its symbolism, isn't favored in either the fun department or just gameplay aspect in general. Its existence is more defined by the fact it is something that we, as a community, finished; unfortunately that's really all the original amounts to when you consider just how bad of a hack it actually is.

A much better representation of SMWC's collaboration efforts are the VLDC roms which include all the levels submitted in a single rom.
Oh damn! I do not check this site often enough, I didn't even know this was a thing. Maybe next year. >.<
Originally posted by Von Fahrenheit
I'm gonna go ahead and strongly disagree with some of the other commenters. I don't think the white gloves suit the aesthetic of the character very well. White gloves have a very "don't wanna get my hands dirty" which clashes hard against the mischievous and bouncy energy of the animations. Seriously, who wears leather boots and white gloves at the same time??? Obviously you know your character better than we do, but at least to me they look like someone who doesn't mind the calluses of a good climb.

A worker who goes out into a field may or may not wear gloves depending on circumstances. Some people wear gloves not because they're afraid of getting dirty, but because of the protection that gloves offer which allows them to ultimately do more work. Now say a person has been doing their rough job for twenty years without gloves, yeah, they're going to have some very tough and rough hands because of all the wear and tear those hands have had to take and endure. Gloves provide more than an aesthetic function, they provide insight as to the character's experience and mindset. No gloves definitely does show lots of experience as she's used to the whole detail of climbing around and has been doing it her whole life; likewise gloves do nothing to detract from whether she has experience or not, but shows she has the mindset of protecting her hands which basically is the skin and bone of her livelihood. (Though the same can be said for everybody really, who can live without their hands?) In a nutshell, a person's hands can tell you just about everything you need to know about the life a person lives.

As an added plus, if they decide to add something like a LttP "Power Glove" system to the game, they could easily have the palette of the gloves change to match the new gauntlet she's wearing to help lift heavy blocks. #tb{^V^}


In so far as the recent animations goes, it does a great deal to see them actually in action. The gameplay is fluid and hearing that this will play much like a metroidvania is very exciting as I love metroid-like games.
Name : Kihunter
From Metroid Fusion. The flying and hopping bugs from Sector 2 (TRO) of the habitat environments.

Type: Sprite

Description: They come in two types: Flying and Ground. The flying ones will float horizontally patrolling an area. They may choose to chase you for a while or attempt to just fly straight for your position. If jumped on, they lose their wings and turn into the ground variant. If an extra bit is set, it may fire a projectile occationally. A second extra bit determining what sprite it fires.

The ground ones will hop about left or right and randomly fire projectiles at the player.

The Extra Byte should determine if it's ground or flying. x2 for Ground variant, x3 for Flying variant.


Normally I usually provide a graphics file, however because of the very low probability of an ASM Request being fulfilled, I have chosen to omit putting together a graphics file until somebody comes along to fulfill the request.

This being said, upon somebody taking the request, I will immediately upon knowledge provide a .bin file as well as Tilemap information, XOffsets and YOffsets, saving the asm writer the effort and trouble of putting together the graphical appearance.
Yeah, I at least have enough knowledge to put together the tables, properties, etc, so all the ASM'er would really need to do is just code the actual function of the sprite and a graphics routine to utilize said TILEMAP, XOFFSET, YOFFSET, PROP tables.
Yoshi's Island - Koopa


A sprite that walks back and forth from ledge to ledge. When jumped on, it will leave behind a shell and spawn a shell-less version of itself which can be defeated with another jump.

Yoshi's Island : 2-1


On top of being more expressive, this actually uses less tilemap space than the vanilla koopa set. For people using custom power-ups and what not, this variant of the koopa would actually be a god send as you can get rid of the small koopa in favor of a shell-less guy in boxers. XD The important thing is fluid animation and less tilemap space being used.

If the coder so wishes, they could make the Extension determine what color it is/acts like. As much as I would like for koopas that do more things like get into their shells and roll at you... just the basics will do.
It's great that you are who you desire to be; however I think the real question you should be asking is if the people who you interact with in real life are okay. If people like your parents, friends, coworkers, etc, are all okay with you being gay, then that is where the real magic is. People online will generally accept people for who they are because online life is online life.
That Devoid Spirits soundtrack is something else, a different style of song I hadn't heard; these will fit really well with a darker toned hack than usual. If there's anything I like seeing the most, it is always music. Your work is appreciated.
LB3, I pretty much love all the songs in Last Bible 3, requested quite a few of them, and now I shall want no more, for Kevin has fulfilled that little nudge in my mind and heart. You're a legend man, porting one soundtrack after the other. I have to ask, what is your drive to do this?
Personally, I think there is not one OG SMW Hacker who doesn't have a soft spot for the old MM2 Wily song that was completely overused, but completely overloved as well. The song was always a pleasure to listen to, and it's joyful to know you've provided a faithful, yet different alternative to the classic song. That Touhou one likewise is a very good and energetic piece, I personally love your Touhou songs as they're just a joy to listen to.
Damn, having a hard time deciding who I want you to draw... hell, eith draw the latest design I did for Scorpion, a Sentry or Yusica... take your pic, either one:

(From Left to Right: Scorpion, (Red) Sentry Drone, Yusica
I think one of the biggest things this project will ultimately face is... ASM. My suggestion, before doing anything else, get the necessary ASM needed for this thing to take off, in particular:
- the ability to select between Mario or Luigi
- the new bosses
- the new physics for Luigi.

I know Sonikku has found a way to get Mario and Luigi to have different physics thanks to changing certain aspects of player physics to RAM addresses, so maybe he might be willing to donate some of that ASM. As for everything else, bosses are overall what held SMWCP2 back, ASM and what not, hell SMWCP2 had a lot of its bosses and needed ASM complete, and it is still in a developmental hell. I'm convinced that if the ASM isn't done first, then this project ultimately will not go anywhere. As fun an idea as it is, the core mechanics need to be completed first and foremost.
I personally am glad that there's not a lot. Standard hacks focus on more than game play. Some have story/cutscenes and secrets, puzzles- all sorts of things audiences might see as slow or boring, which is not good for views. Imagine playing a metroid inspired hack filled with confusing level layouts and hidden items, audiences and maybe even the streamer would drop the hack in an hour or two. Also there is length. Some of the longer hacks, like 60+ exit ones, would test patience... unless it is a collab.
Originally posted by LucasRCD
I don't go looking in here often, so I don't know if this has been suggested multiple times in the past or not, but please, PLEASE, add buttons to automatically offset animation frames forwards or backwards, because doing it manually for each frame is incredibly tedious.

It's probably wishful thinking but this would save a lot of trouble for things like ExAnimated hurt blocks that only hurt on certain frames.

It's not really that big a deal; TAB works incredibly well to switch to the next frame. Using hotkey tricks like TAB -> CTRL+V -> TAB -> CTRL+V works very well when you're just pasting empty frames. Heck just using TAB in general helps with animation and saving time when setting it. However, doing things manually ensures the most accurate result.

Really I think what would be much more intuitive would be a "Click System" to setting ExAnimation Frames. For instance, you click a button that says "Easy Animation" or something, and every click you make in the 8x8 window will set that frame. So if you click 0x800 four times, then the ExAnimation window will write 800|800|800|800 until you finish.
I'm honestly surprised at just how many times you'll find Roto-Discs being made that don't have this effect.
;) Yeah, I don't blame anybody for voting you either; your music is... should I say, legendary? Remixes, and I'm heavily betting you wrote a majority of them yourself. You're always putting out such high quality work- it's like... you'd have to invent a reason to not nominate you, that's how god tier your work is.
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