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A simple modification to the buzzy beetle to make it hurt you if you touch it after you jump on it, also removes ability to carry. There's plenty of other sprites in the game that you can carry after stepping on it, I think it'd be pretty neat to have a sprite that turns into a total hazard after being stepped on.
Youtube (For Reference) : Video Reference (0:32 seconds long before looping)
MIDI : Gate.mid

Sampled : Yes
-- Feel free to use MMX1, MMX2 or MMX3 samples because the PSX Samples obviously are not easy to rip nor do they actually sound that good without all the extra effects that the songs are actually processed and parsed with. Really just use any samples you feel will work best to produce the intense nature of this underrated piece.
Generally most anything you'll find in the hacks section will be harder than the regular Super Mario World; just let her play the original, she's so young she probably won't really get bored of it. Kids pick up things very fast.

But likewise, you can always just go to the hacks section and filter only hacks with the easiest difficulty listed and take a look.
Hopefully it goes smoothly, I remember being brought on the team way back when and darn was that a good couple year slog. Certainly don't want to do that again, so here is to hoping that the team is strong in both mind and body. The remoderation alone was enough to stress people to quitting, going through not one, but two GFX Managers. Big job ahead of you, Hopefully you can find plenty of helpers because the section has more easily doubled in size since the last one.

Don't mean to sound pessimistic, but that remoderation was trying on the spirit. Just remember to take it one step at a time, maybe five to ten files a day and you guys should get through it no problem so long as consistency is maintained. Good luck and do not let the job stress you out. Remember to take breaks.
Originally posted by Rykon-V73
Besides, for the story to unfold some more, I had to draw other gems.
You really shouldn't cancel a hack based on the time it takes to create resources, otherwise you aren't really going to be able to make the tale you want or tell the story you want to tell. Things like TSRP2 or even the VLDC hacks didn't have development threads of their own, and no matter the amount of time that passed in the development of resources did FPI or the collaborators stop putting the work in to make the hack happen. Making a hack takes work, time and effort.
Originally posted by Rykon-V73
I suppose no attention here. Still, I'm glad a lot of people have looked at it.
One of the things about making a hack is that you can not be dependent on feedback from people; you should not let that be the driving force or source of inspiration behind your work. Projects that are built on the foundation of feedback will always fail; feedback is never consistent nor is it obligatory to be given. There are plenty of people who make this mistake and fall into this trap. You should be making the hack based on the idea that it is what you want to do, not based on what things you want to hear from people.
Originally posted by Rykon-V73
This is because I really have no other ideas.

I'm glad to hear that you have other ideas that you want to work on and tell; I don't blame you for quitting this hack in particular given the theme I'm picking up; organic stuff is pretty juvenile in nature and has a lot of sexuality that is unfortunately associated with it, which can lead to mocking and all sorts of other unpleasantries. As cool a theme as it is, it's best avoided. I'll be looking forward to your next project; perhaps you can reuse the levels you made here for whatever other project you begin, or maybe you plan on doing something that is less dependent on custom resources?
There really isn't much issue with anime avatars; back when I was 18 or 22, don't remember which, I remember I made a big issue about one of my avatars being removed because ashen colored leotard where the chest happened to be; it's actually the entire reason why I moved away from anime-based layouts and went with something I'm passionate about: guns. But yet here I am with a manga-based avatar. I feel like people go with what's most expressive to their personality. A lot of times people will switch their avatar to either their current waifu or whatever is hot to them at the time, avatar choice can be driven from interests and likes all the way down to whatever gets the user's heart beating the fastest. (Lookin at you, Ultima, I saw that one avatar, you can't hide from me. : P )

Nowadays, I could care less about what avatar a person has, anime or whatever; being close to 30 you just stop caring about stuff like that.
Unless enemies are specifically scripted to erase themselves when they go off screen, they don't "die" necessarily. This has something mostly to do with how rendering and hardware is concerned. All enemies have what is called an "Off-Screen Routine", and this routine despawns them in order to save on memory and processing power for the game: It is what keeps the game from slowing down because of too many enemies to process.

So essentially you will never find a hack that does this unless the "pit" itself is set to delete any and all sprites/enemies that fall into it.
I would like to suggest having the Palette Animation tables extended past 11D00; I would like to be able to put my palette ExAnimation data in ExGFX60, but that is next to impossible with the current limitations on it.
Watching Grinder.

Sprite/Patch ; whichever is more feasible

Whether it's a custom sprite or a patch to change regular grinders doesn't matter to me; what does matter is that I simply want an "Eye" like graphic added to Grinders which track Mario much like this guy: Big Urchin; however I only want the eye to use one tile like the hot head and use different frames for each of the 8 cardinal directions (Up, Left-Up, Left, Left-Down, Down, Right-Down, Right, and Right-Up)

Big Urchin
It's just a normal grinder just it watches Mario; it's to add a little bit more character to it.
1. EarthBound: Alien Invasion 1
2. Super Mario RPG: Bowser's Castle (1 & 2)
3. Shin Megami Tensei IF: Donyoku Kai (This song is seriously awesome!)
4. Panel De Pon: The Place Where Evil Sleeps (Cordelia Theme) (AKA Tetris Attack: Encounter Bowser)
5. Super Mario RPG: Battle Against an Armed Boss
6. Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Pyramid of Fear
7. Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Mars Needs Cheerleaders
8. Panel De Pon: Boss Stage (AKA Tetris Attack Boss Stage)
9. Super Ghouls and Ghosts: Sea of Despair
10. Super Ghouls and Ghosts: Ice Forest
Majin Tensei: Judex

Sampled?: Yes please

Audio Reference

This song, while slow, is very atmospheric and gives off a slight feeling of dread and darkness.
You can just use a combination of custom blocks and ExAnimation to achieve most of this.
disable coin to brown used block conversion : Make a coin ExAnimation and just have the ExAnimated Coin act like Tile 02C
disable brown used block to coin conversion : Not tested this, but you could try changing Tile 132's "Act As" settings to 130.
enable coin to SMB3 brick conversion : Download the [u=]SMB3 Brick</u>, it has options where you can toggle P-Switch effects.
enable SMB3 brick to coin conversion : The provided block can do this for you, just follow the directions.

Bonus: if it can also make the blue P-Switch non-carriable. : P-Switches, a custom block by MarioFanGamer
Not to be the "downer" guy here, but some of the changes listed you could have easily taken the extra week or two to add them and then release. Glad to see the release but no in game credits, a good and quick way to do that would be to grab the VWF Cutscene tool and just use that to make a quick credits sequence; maybe design some cool artistic works of the various worlds to give a little bit of flare. A VWF scene takes up much less space than levels with Map16 text or something, and while not as fancy as a hand coded credits sequence that was being done a long time ago, anybody can make a VWF scene.

All in all, the release is a good thing, but it feels like a zombie release (which I remember somebody saying wasn't going to happen) and honesty given everything that is still missing and planned; it would be best to add in the changes that can be done, forego whatever is planned to be added (like the dreamer boss that has held this thing back for 11 years) and let the project rest, and with SA-1 being a stretch for this hack, it's pretty highly unlikely you'll be able to squeeze anything else into the rom without having to start from a fresh, vanilla rom anytime you want to make any little change to code or something. I know how tedious the whole process is so I can imagine working with this project is less than pleasant with the space issues.

All in all, don't get too ambitious with the things you want to insert; the make the changes you can, implement those and don't let things you wish could have been done keep you from working on other projects. Once a rom is filled to the brim, there's not much else you can do.
There are some tricks that can be used to squeeze out whatever little space you can; most of the space taken up is from level data in my experience.

Deleting unseen parts of the backgrounds can free up a good bank's worth of data if you go through every level and do this, likewise deleting the bottom five rows. In levels where it's possible to change the BG over to a Layer2 level can save space as well. Changing over commonly used ExAnimations in levels to global can help as Exanimations take up quite a good bit of data too. Delete any unused objects, optimize map16 space and finally... removing unnecessary Map16 tiles in levels.

If the hack still uses Romi's SpriteTool over PIXI; then Imamelia's shared subroutines can really lower sprite space. Remove any sampled music tracks that are not in use and unifying sample selection in the music; likewise remove any tracks that are only used once or twice. (Though removal is always a hard thing to do because boy aren't we all fond of music... but still.)

With this and a few other tricks, port over to a new rom with the Scratch Rom patch; maybe ask Imamelia how to remove the vanilla boss data (koopa kids, reznor, bowser, etc) that aren't in use in the game and you stand to gain around 0x5000-0x16000 bytes of data to use... which isn't a lot, but better than before.
Originally posted by Ayami
the end of an era

Ain't the truth, I remember way back in high school when this thing was just being started, sitting in engineering class and just shaking at reading the updates and stuff on this. Next thing you know, cut to eleven years later and here we are; I mean, for all intents and purposes, the hack isn't finished, but it is in a stand-alone and presentable state. With how things were going, SMWCP2 was starting to look like that one punchline that would never get old.

Still though, Falconpunch, converting this to SA-1 will do a lot of good for actually completing the product. It's not an easy thing to do and will take a few weeks to convert all the resources, but if you're looking to do anymore additions or work to this hack. The benefits to converting a hack is astounding and worth the effort, so that's the first thing I would encourage you to do.
Take the graphics of that block and put it anywhere else in the graphics file where animations are not present; then you'll have your block that doesn't turn into a coin.
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Skewer's Profile - Posts by Skewer

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