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October 4,that simply shit!

OK,that fine,BLUE SHELL,It freak,great work!


Religion? No,I are in the side of science,those theories,big bang,cretions,but not much religion...

70% Science

30% Religion


This is the dream...

Im walking in a grass land and appear a dinosaur,I running faster and...Mario appears and kill the dinosaur,after this strange dream I create a Dinosaur in my hack!(But the gfx of the dino are a shit)

My first level is a edit of level 105 2 years ago...,is a shit,a fucking shit!
Munchers floating,floating water with layer 3 low tides,and the end is a cutoff water with munchers floating in middle of the water,that thing is erased at the second day with lunar magic!(the third day the grafix go to fuck)

Who thinks that 2012 is the end of the world?

I think that the end of the world is ahead!


Who thinks that?


I wanna finish my hack before the 2012!

The computers of my school in the 2009,was stolen and now,NOW WE HAVE MOTHAFUCKING SLOW AND INFECTED COMPUTERS!

Now I have Internet and now,good bye fucking school computers!

Yes,I believe in other universe,aliens or spaceships,or ghosts,but I believe in anything else,but...Is some things that...are stupid...


Metalstriker is not a stupid(I think)

There are some EXTRA theories,a new era,the third antichrist,I believe in the DEATH Theory and the new era,no especialy the death but,maybe we dead.


From SMB3 the castle levels,that do 3 jumps and die?

What a shit!


That true...that repetitive,I plant a theory(This is was I think)The 2000 is the countdown to 2012(Those disasters! 2001-New York,You know,the airplane that crash in that know),and now those repetitive earthquakes!,Haiti,Chile,China,The countdown commence...

(I think this but...some things are stupid!)

Okay! Here U can talk about your first best hack!

My best hack are...Metalmaster(Or super mario master)my first good hack that have a simply 17 levels,and you?

JO! All have creativy,all can made a good hack! Only made it with patience(I NO HAVE PATIENCE)

XD :)

Im talking about favorite games!

Okay,my favorite games are...

1-Guitar Hero (All)PS2
2-Snes games(Especially Mario)
3-Medal of Honor Vanguard PS2

And a long list of more!!!

If you wanna show your hack,make it with patience,I submit a bad hack named "Mario Attack!" They remove my hack.

Submit your hack if you make it with no bugs,no bad gfx,and no a bad hack!

Okay,my favorite game is:

Guitar Hero III


Mario Games!


The most hardest boss are Final Fantasy 5,Oh man this is a most hardest boss!!!!


Pacman have 256 levels? A guy tells me that,but he says 255,Anyways...

The best google logo ever!!! Sometimes is slow but funny and creative

Happy Birthday Pacman!

Hmm...Super Mario RPG The sad song,But...I DON'T CRY!

Simply that!

Call of Duty 3:Go go go! Ok... It's no the best war game by me. ,but the game in general is good...Actually I stop playing war games,I playing action games(GTA)

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