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heyy guys :) me made a new Kaizo hack calls ,, Pit of Insaneness ´´
i upload a video on youtube
thats my irst kaizo hack and i hope you like it ;)
I like TASing and stuff.

Yes, i have read all the FAQs given on this Forum and also googled ALOT. So, here is my Problem:

I completely reinstalled Windows 10 on my Computer. Before i did that, TT64 was working just fine. Now after the fresh install (currently using Windows 10 Home, 64-bit), it doesnt want to start anymore. I click on the .exe file and nothing happens. (No popup, no error, nothing...) Same goes for starting as Admin.

"How about compatibility mode?"

Sadly i already tried that with all sorts of older windows distibutions. Windows 95 and 98 worked, but they didnt render anything. (everything was black, would pretty much be blind editing)

I got following results when trying to start with Windows XP SP2 and Windows 7:

Lets say i would try to start the programm 50 times.

I would get this error 49 times when starting the Programm:

Once i started it another time, it worked completely without problems.

It is a really weird problem. A Programm only working when it feels like it? I cant really continue my Rom Hack like this. :/

Anyone got a Solution?

PS: Before my complete fresh install of Windows 10, i also had installed Windows 10. (From the Win 8.1 to Win 10 upgrade) And as i already said, on there it worked fine.
I like TASing and stuff.

Originally posted by Luigixhero
Try redownloading it.

Already tried this multiple times :/ (With v0.6.2S AND v0.5.994b)
I like TASing and stuff.

Originally posted by Lukitu88
Level design takes practice, keep at it. There's a lot of tutorials on Youtube to help with level design. If you want to make a good level, take your time and don't rush. Uv mapping is important too.

Here's some good tutorials.

I agree to this.

But even if you learn those, it is hard to know where and how to start. I had the same problem with my first few levels.

Maybe you want to share your level with us? Like that we can give you tips on how you can improve your level designing skills.

It would also really interest me how people start with their levels when having an idea. (like drawing the first faces, choosing textures etc.) Could someone post their methods?
I like TASing and stuff.

Originally posted by Meltfire
Long time no see everyone!

I bump this thread because I having a similar problem too. My computer is a Window 10 pro 64 bit and as soon as I open TT64 (both v0.6.2S and v0.5.994b) The program (which is stated as "Adobe Projector 32 bit" in task manages) will quickly appear and disappear. I not sure if this is happening to every window 10 pro or home edition users or if a old 32 bit program is not compatible with the newer 64 bit computers. Admittedly I haven't use TT64 since March on my last computer which was a Window 8.1 pro x86.

Well suck 4 me... And in case you need another reason not to upgrade to Window 10 here you go... #tb{:(}

In this case our problems arent just similar, because it is basically the exact same Problem. xD But i know, that doesnt make the situation better.

Even if this sounds weird, but i feel happy that im not the only one with this Problem. :D Not because i like people to have trouble or something, but like this more people will have a look at it and we find a solution faster.

I also cant think about any missing packages needed for TT64. But again, im not sure. Someone can think of a solution going into this direction? Or any onther idea?
I like TASing and stuff.

This isnt your usual Kaizo Rom-Hack. It is a 2 Player one!

Hack principle
Of course, you can also play this game alone. But, depending on your skill level, you might not have very much fun doing so. Reason for this: Mario has hard levels, Luigi has "beginner"-Hard levels. Means, that Luigis levels will be hard for a beginner, and Mario levels hard for a more experienced Player.

"That sounds pretty unfair! Why would you do this?"
When Playing a 2 Player Game, well... i need a second Person. Because most of my friends dont Play SMW Rom Hacks, i tend to be clearly better in the game than they are. Thats where the Rom Hack kicks in. I Play the Hard Mario Levels, where as my friend plays the easy Luigi levels. I can so balance out the skill levels of ours with the Game, wich is awesome!

How does this work?
You have to finish all Mario & all Luigi in order to get to the ending of the game. Each Player spawns in a different Overworld and has to finish 5 Levels (+1 Special Stage each) to join a Overworld path where both Players can "meet". Again, both Players have to do this. Watch belows Video at 14:19 and 15:32 to get a picture of what i mean with this.

I personally think the levels on Mario-side are a bit too Hard. Noone Playtested those levels yet except for myself. And as you know, the dev is automatically better at the game because of the knowledge... I would rate it at Kaizo:Hard difficulty.

Hack Showcase: Super Phillip World - TAS in 20:21

The Game is in German, so dont be suprised. I didnt even intended to release this game. The Game also tells a story of me and 2 other friends of mine (including Phillip xD). If there is any interest in a english version, let me know!

Known bugs/ugly things:
-Player is randomly glitched into another Overworld, Seen here (I have no clue how to fix this? Cause might be the Player-Change Block in the level)
-Title Screen
-weird Ending with no Phillip at all?

Download here: Super Phillip World v.1.0.bps

This already is a finished Game. I would like to know, if it fits the requirements of an official release at the point it is right now. Everything is 100% playable without game-breaking glitches/softlocks. Even when there are skips, those require TAS level of skill. So im okay with them.

EDIT: Here are some Screenshots!

Have fun with the Hack! Tell me your opinions! #tb{:j}
I like TASing and stuff.

After almost 8 Years, you finally get to experience another Pit Hack from me. I hope some of you still remember me and Pit of Insaneness! :D

Video of the Pit Hack

This time, i went to my absolute limits. I didnˈt followed a special Setting, like raising difficulty curve. The creation went mostly Free-Style, with the only goal to makes moves as hard as possible. I spend ALOT of hours in testing Situations and getting to know what is possible and what isnˈt.

Definitely one of the most nerve-wrecking and exhausting Projects of my life. But the effort was worth it 100%!

If anyone wantˈs to attempt this, get prepared many hours of frustration.

Also, Credits go to Panga for IA3 and the resulting Motivation to make me create Hack like this #tb{:DD}
I like TASing and stuff.

Thanks so much for all the feedback. ^^ I'm really happy about all the nice comments and posts i received. This makes me feel like my Hack is a successful Project!

Originally posted by Rainbow Man
This is how an awesome pit hack should look like! While inspired by Item Abuse 3, it has some new ideas, like maybe that part with the dolphin and block duplication using Yoshi. It's great to see a new hack at the end of 2017! How much time did it take to finish a single run? I can imagine how it takes 3 months to finalize a perfect run!

I can't really tell a time, since testing was the biggest Part of it. As soon as i finished a room ("testing"), i knew exactly how to do it. And so, i moved on to the next one. This Creating/Testing Project took the longest. After i knew everything worked, i just played SOME of the Rooms again. Sometimes i could Hex-Edit the input from the single-Room testings into the .SMV File. (Sadly didn't always work...) But creating the End-SMV you see in the Video, maybe took me like... a week? Im not really sure. But it wouldn't been around a week without all the preparations.

Just a thing i found interesting: Shells can act differently when entering a Room 1 Frame earlier or later. Room 3 for example, wouldn't work out when entering a bit too early. The Wall-Jumps would work, but the shell would be a bit off for the Shell-Jump. (im talking about the exact same input) So yeah. I even compared Mario's and the Shell's Exact Positions. They were the same as when i entered the right frame. But as soon as Mario drops the Shell, things get different.

Originally posted by Bruno Visnadi
What an awesome work right here! I didn't see this coming at all, congratulations for making this beautiful hack.

I encourage you to submit POI1 as well, as that hack would also be welcome in this site.

Thanks you, and yes, i think i will also Submit POI1 in the next couple of days.
I like TASing and stuff.

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