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Hey everyone. It's been a while. Figured I'd try my hand at this whole SMW hacking thing again, what with LM 1.71 finally including the kitchen sink and all.

Velvet Valley 1-1. Ignore the old status bar, I'm still working on its replacement.

More screenshots to come.
Originally posted by Schwa
I love it! Did you draw everything yourself?

Well...the waterfalls are heavily based on those in the prototype version of Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout. Do I lose points for that? ;)

Originally posted by Schwa
The brick blocks do look somewhat clashing with the rest of the foreground, though, but that's my only gripe.

I'm not seeing it, myself...they're standard SMB3-style bricks. Is it a palette thing?

Originally posted by Schwa
Question: what's with the cloud in the foreground? Can you walk on it? ^.^

Nope, it's just decoration right now. Not really sure what I want to do with them yet. Maybe put them on a separate HDMA scroll plane?

(Fun fact: the bushes and clouds actually use the same tiles. Consider it both a way to save VRAM space and a clever throwback to SMB1.)
Originally posted by Schwa
For this hack, are you aiming for a more classic-style approach on the gameplay (as in, not gimmicky, but more traditional platforming quality)?

I can't say much without spoiling the plot, but for this level, I'm going for a straight-up old-school platforming romp. Expect things to get very different after that, though.

Also, this hack is going to require a much more advanced emulator than ZSNES or SNES9X if you want to get the full experience. It will be fully playable in them, you'll just be missing a key element. Can't say much about that yet, either...
Originally posted by Dinomar
Lunar Magic 1.72.??? i thought we were only to 1.71. >_>

Um...you saw nothing. Nothing! >_> <_<
I hate to burst your bubbles, but technically, this isn't the SMO...that died when I lost interest in SMW hacking for a few years and forgot where I left off. A lot of the custom ASM code is unorganized and broken, I misplaced all of my notes, and I have zero interest in going back to fix it all. On top of that, LM 1.71 would probably mangle it pretty badly. (I do plan on salvaging a lot of ideas and some good code from SMO, though, so not all is lost!)

This is basically the spiritual successor to SMO, restarted from scratch, with a new storyline and some clear goals in place. One of those goals is to cut way back on the gimmicky ASM and focus more on the level design and story, so don't expect a flashy tour-de-force of 65c816 wizardry like I was shooting for with SMO. I don't really have the time nor interest to learn about all the crazy technological advances that have been made since I left, anyway. :\
Sorry for the lack of updates, guys.

There has been a lot of stuff going on lately (in addition to my full-time job), and I haven't had the time or energy to work on this very much. Life has changed a lot since the last demo of SMO was released, and I simply can't devote entire nights to hacking like I used to. Being 29 on the bleeding edge of 30 definitely has its drawbacks. :(

HOWEVER! This does not mean the project is in danger of being cancelled, not at all. I am 100% determined to finish this, one way or another. It just might take a bit longer than expected.

I'll try to get a couple more good screenshots soon...I have a new HDMA screen wipe (replaces the old mosaic/fade effect), an RPG-style dialog system, and a new animated logo, all coded from scratch, as well as a few other things in various stages of completion.

Please be patient! :)
For Super Mario Odyssey 2.0, I plan to use external WAV music files, via the MSU1 add-on in bsnes. However, at the same time, I'd like to be able to enable or disable echo for the sound effects. How would I go about either muting the four music channels or repointing the sequence data to "nothing" in a couple of existing tracks, so the music doesn't play, but the echo settings and sound effects remain active? For example, choosing the "Here we go!" track in LM would disable echo, while choosing "Cave Drums" would enable it. Pretty simple.

I'd prefer not to install a bunch of music hacks in my ROM, if possible, since they'll never get used. I've manually repointed the original Special World track to start at the SMB theme via trial and error (see: Super Mario Odyssey's title screen), so hopefully this wouldn't be much more difficult.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
Actually, I plan on keeping various music cues intact (e.g. invincibility, death, game over), so I really wouldn't need to hijack any $1DFB writes. I'd just make sure to set each level to use one of the muted tracks (and I've removed the overworld, so no need to worry about that).
Like I said, I would prefer not to use any Addmusic patches. It seems silly to waste a bunch of space and potentially break my ROM just to silence two existing music tracks. :P

On a promising note, I found the echo commands for "Cave Drums" (EF F6 00 00 F1 04 6C 00). Changing the F6 to 00 silences the echo, so I know I'm on the right track. Now how do I go about looping back to this point ad infinitum? Is there a list of hex commands somewhere, aside from the few I found in the Music Porting tutorial?

I'm so close...
Heheh...thanks, Mattrizzle, but I actually figured it out myself last night. ;)

My solution was pretty similar to yours, except for that string of rests in track 06. I did notice that the echo started really quiet and gradually got louder as more sound effects played; I guess this explains why. Thanks for the insight. :)
I'm pretty sure all the keyboard shortcuts (including savestates and fast-forward) can be redefined via the Configuration panel.

Honestly, with this latest release, the only thing ZSNES has that bsnes doesn't is an outdated emulation core. While both ZSNES and Snes9x rely on internal game-specific hacks to work around emulation bugs, bsnes runs virtually every SNES game ever released without taking any shortcuts. Anything that works on the real console will work in bsnes and vice-versa, barring a few incredibly obscure hardware quirks (and even then, the accuracy core will eventually cover those, too). Even the super-optimized Performance core will only require a few hacks to make a very small number of games work.

ZSNES and Snes9x are relics of the NESticle era of console emulation, and it's time to move on to something better. If you've got a CPU made sometime during the last decade, you can probably run bsnes.
It has nothing to do with bad ROMs or IPS patches. ZSNES's sound core is really outdated, and contains some nasty bugs that Snes9x doesn't. There's nothing you can do about it, except try a better emulator.
The latest Snes9x debugger actually has that "feature" removed. :P
Your code is writing $1F to both the palette and the window mask registers (a 16-bit write to $2122 spills over into $2123), so you're getting a half-updated palette entry, along with corrupted window mask settings. Why is it doing that?
NOTE: This demo requires bsnes 0.68 for music playback. It should will work fine in other emulators, you just won't hear any music. Also, please read the notes below before you complain about the length/incompleteness of the demo. It took a long time just to get this far, thanks to real life getting in the way.

Extract the entire folder and run it like a ROM. Do not open the .sfc file inside the folder or you won't get any music.

Without further ado, copied from my thread on byuu's board:

Originally posted by BMF54123
http://bmf.rustedlogic.net/smw/smo_msu1.rar (30 MB)

Here it is, the first teaser of Super Mario Odyssey, now with MSU1 soundtrack goodness. Just extract the "smo_msu1.sfc" folder in its entirety somewhere and load it in bsnes.

A few notes:
- Save files are not implemented yet. All four doors take you to World 1-1.
- The intro is incomplete.
- World 1-1 is incomplete.
- There is a small pause between the intro and main loop of a couple of tracks. Can't really do anything about it until byuu implements WAV loop points.
- Debugging features are still enabled. Hold L and press A twice to enable free movement mode, or Up+Select to change powerups.
- The code is horrible. Please don't look. :(

Future demo releases will likely include MP3 files rather than WAV files. There are quick and easy MP3-to-WAV converters available for pretty much every OS. For Windows users, I'll probably just include LAME and a batch file to simplify the process.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you encounter any horrible bugs. :)
Hooray, a reply! Now I can add screenshots!

Is it just me, or has the Edit feature been broken for a long time? It always tells me "the forums are currently unavailable". Sigh. -_-
I plan on making the vast majority of the graphics myself, yes. I think there are too many hacks nowadays that rely entirely on art ripped from other games. While it looks nice, it just feels kinda cheap to me. :\

The only graphics here that were taken from other sources are the planet Earth (Google Images) and the waterfalls (based largely on those in the Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout prototype). Everything else is either from the original SMW or drawn by hand.

GoldenSonic: what OS do you use? bsnes is available for a few different OSes, including Linux and MacOS. You might have to compile it yourself, though there are probably older precompiled binaries floating around somewhere. 0.60 is the minimum version needed to play MSU1 music.
It's not a matter of being "powerful enough" to support the music; all you're doing is playing back a WAV file (though some level of synchronization is involved). It's a matter of convincing the two dev teams that it's worth implementing, and then actually getting them to do it. :|

However, if this hack ends up getting a bunch of people to try out bsnes, that's fine by me (and byuu). ;)

AamirM was kind enough to record a little "TAS" of the demo in its entirety. He plans to upload it to YouTube soon, but in the meantime, you can download an AVI here.
I was a bit reluctant to let the old SMO die, but honestly it's for the best. I wasn't nearly as good a hacker back then as I am now, and the sheer number of unfinished, broken, or just plain dumb code hacks, combined with the disappearance of my old notes, ensured I'd spend the next few years fixing stuff instead of working on the game proper. Internally, the game was an unholy mess, one I no longer knew how to deal with after nearly three years of inactivity. On top of all that, the upgrade to LM 1.71 broke even more things, and I really wanted to use the editor's amazing new features (especially the expanded graphics and Map16 space). In the end, the pros of starting over--armed with a fresh ROM, new tools, and the freedom to do things right the second time around--greatly outweighed the cons.

If it makes you feel any better, I'll probably end up recycling a lot of stuff from the old SMO. I've already salvaged the title screen and the original cave graphics, as you can see in the demo. :)
Originally posted by Error 52
Also, would you mind saying how the original SMO story ended?

I'd tell you, but...I never got that far. :(
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