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Personally, I don't think each switch should count as a separate exit in these contests, but what can you do?

I'm sure I could have pulled off a four-switch design using duplicate areas, like I did with the two switches in the final level, but I probably would have come pretty close to exceeding the 75-screen limit.

Anyway, I don't expect to win (or even place terribly high in) this contest. I was mostly doing it for fun, and to prove to myself that I can still finish things, if I put my mind to it. :P
Originally posted by mathelete
Also, I think we should drop this topic, I have a bad feeling that a flame war is going to erupt.

To me, it's posts like this that come across as VERY obnoxious. You're not a moderator--not even close to one--and yet you're trying to tell everyone what to do, in a topic that's not even yours. It's extremely annoying.

Back to the primary subject of this thread, last night I saw a lot of really interesting ideas that were just...very poorly executed. Many of these hacks would absolutely shine if they were given some playtesting and tweaking by a more casual SMW player. Unfortunately, cheap deaths and unfair situations seem to be par for the course, and I can totally understand Xkeeper's frustration. Even if your level is theoretically "beatable" without savestates, that doesn't automatically make it enjoyable, and I'm kinda sick of seeing that excuse get thrown around when anybody dares criticize a level's difficulty. I personally don't consider hand cramps and stress headaches to be my idea of "fun."

I think many of you guys need to expand your horizons and try catering to players of all skill levels if you truly want to succeed.
Originally posted by mathelete
However, what I should have done is given the player a suicide option if he does something stupid like throwing away the throw block.

Or you could have just not required the throw block to complete the level. Throwing a throw block is not "stupid", it's what people naturally do. They are very temporary things, and your first instinct is to throw them before they go "poof."

I'm not sure anything we've said has really sunk in...
Originally posted by Forty2
As for difficult levels not being fun, I shall once again bring up my love of Super Meat Boy because it seems at least tangentially relevant. Anyone else who has beaten that game probably understands my point of view.

Except Super Meat Boy had infinite lives, respawned instantly, had appropriate physics and abilities for the challenges he was presented with, and didn't have to slog through 75 screens of hell per level.
Funny, I thought everyone knew that already.
Originally posted by mathelete
I realized my misake in the appeal of the level: I spammed the same decoration instead of varying it.

A turd with frosting and sprinkles is still a turd.

Why don't you try focusing on everything that's horribly wrong with the layout of your level, the part that actually matters?
I thought the cutscenes, while technically amazing, were pretty ridiculous and detracted from the overall experience.
And some people wonder why I never post here.

Jeez, people.
Originally posted by Teyla
Yeah, but since when as anyone ever used spinjumping in a way that isn't bounce up on a thwomp to continue, or bounce along a chain of spike-tops to continue?

I mean, I'd be fine with it, if it happened once, for the secret exit, and wasn't explicitly required. That works well, but NOBODY ever does that, and that's why I'm complaining. It's always required, and it's always for really long amounts of time. Hell, it's never even just thought of as an extra way to proceed, always as the ONLY way.

I'm of the opinion that the main path to the goal in any given level should be 100% playable with most sprites and usable objects removed (barring static sprites like floating platforms and green leaf springs). Crazy spin-jumping maneuvers across hordes of enemies, shell/throw block puzzles, "item babysitting" and the like should really be reserved for alternate paths and secret exits. I'm pretty sure most--if not all--of SMW's original levels are like this, probably due to the risk of sprite overload erasing an important sprite.

(Speaking of throw block/item babysitting puzzles, if you're going to do those, you should at the very least provide a method of resetting everything in case the player messes up, such as a pipe that leads to a small bonus area. Nobody likes having to kill themselves--or worse, wait for time to run out--because they dropped their only springboard in a hole, or killed an enemy with a shell/throw block that was supposed to be tossed at a turn block wall.)
Originally posted by FellipeUzumaki
Are taking too long. #w{:s}

Woooooooow. You know, you should be grateful the judges didn't just throw in the towel and cancel the contest, given some of the atrocious levels they've had to slog all the way through. >:|

My hat is off to them. There's no way in hell I could have played through, scored, and provided feedback for 97 entries, especially within one month. That's a little more than three hacks per day, every single day!
Woo, 10th place! To be honest, I actually expected to place lower, given the level's short length and lack of difficulty. :P

I agree with the judges' criticisms for the most part; I probably would have addressed many of those issues had I not run out of time, as I explained in the original discussion thread. (To think I used to stay up all night working on SMO...how times have changed.)

Congrats to all the winners, and special thanks to the judges for taking the time to provide detailed feedback!
Originally posted by Ripperon-X
Little off-topic: I checked through XKeeper's latest videos and I've noticed soemthing: Did he skip some of the entries by any chance?

Xkeeper (lowercase K) says: "I originally did about 60% of the hacks in patch filename order, got tired of it, and then did the top-10 ranked hacks (in order from #1 to #10)."
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