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This is probably a really stupid question, but what does the copy/paste function in YY-CHR do? I just want to duplicate a tile and slightly alter the other version. I click a tile, click copy, and click a new blank space, but the paste option becomes greyed-out! What am I doing wrong?
Thanks. Kinda odd... I hope that it will be changed in a future update!
I have a level where I want to edit the palette, so naturally I just checked "Enable Custom Palette" and clicked on the star icon. Everything worked fine, but there's one small snag. One color simply refuses to stay changed. It's Palette 6, Color 4, and I changed it to a grey color. It works fine, but as soon as I switch to a new level and come back, the color is back to yellow. When I test it, I notice that this particular color flashes. I don't know much about SMW hacking, so is this a special color?
Thanks, that helps quite a bit. However, is it possible to make a Map16 block use a palette higher than 7? I want to use palette A instead, but it won't let me.
Aww, shoot. Well, of the other palettes, which would be best to use if I'm going to completely redo it? Is it alright to use the blank space in palettes 5-7?
I just tried this tutorial twice, and neither works! Instead of a fish, my stem turns into a Latiku head. I tried twice, and I was very careful to do everything word for word, but I got the same result. Any ideas?

I believe I've found the problem, but I don't know how to fix it. My hex change has NO EFFECT. I've tried it with both a hacked ROM and a clean one, but the sprite simply doesn't change. I'm 100% sure I'm doing the hex hack correctly in Translhextion, but nothing works. What could possibly be going wrong?
I actually wasn't counting rows, I'm using "Jump to". Just confirming: I should be using "x101D7", correct? Thanks for your help!
Yes, I've been using 0A. Hmm... well, thanks a lot for the help anyway. It's nice to know someone actually tries to help us noobs! #w{=P}
Please don't remove this tutorial, change it. The new fix patch (the combined one) does change bytes, just the wrong ones. If you're using that patch, you don't use Translhextion, but edit the ASM file. Do this:

And skip Translhextion, but edit the graphics the same way. And there you have it, a fixed piranha plant.
Is it possible to remove an Xkas patch? The one I want to remove is the [Xkas] Raccoon Mario patch by andy_k_250.

This may be a stupid question, but I looked around and can't find an answer.
I already know HTML and CSS, so I decided it was high time to make myself a layout. But I don't know what I'm supposed to do to code the quote boxes, code boxes, and things of the sort. What are the IDs/classes of these objects for CSS?

Thanks a billion!
Yeah, I probably could've just done the old "View Source", but I'm just lazy. Woo hoo.
Anyway, I guess I'll get to work!

I think it would be nice to have a folder system kind of like this:
-Project (name of ROM)
- -Clean ROM
- -Levels
- - -Levels stored in .mwl format
- -Overworld
- - -Overworld stored in new .mwo format
- -Graphics
- -ExGraphics
- -Custom Palettes
- -Custom Sprites
- -Custom Blocks
- -Custom Music
- -Custom ASM

And I'm probably forgetting something, but you get the basic idea.
In the program, you'd set the paths to the individual programs (YY-CHR, SpriteTool, BTSD, AddMusic, etc.). When you choose to "generate" a new ROM, the editor "compiles" all this data together. It inserts levels, inserts graphics, and even executes things like SpriteTool from the command line. Then, two files are generated: an IPS patched and a patched ROM. You could disable one or the other from the program settings.
I like this approach because it's essentially non-destructive. And though "generation" time may take much longer than simply quick saving a ROM in LM, while working on a level you could just save it back to a MWL file. I know I'm constantly saving my ROM in LM so my progress isn't lost, but with this approach, saving a ROM isn't necessary, you're just saving a MWL file.

Finally, though it would be great for this program to come to fruition, we shouldn't forget that Lunar Magic was the first. We all have a few issues with LM, but we still use it. Generally, it's a nice, all-around program. Without FuSoYa, none of this would ever have existed.
Originally posted by p4plus2

This is kinda the idea I had, however you have taken it much further. This is actually something worth looking into, however will not be until later after other editor specific features have been established. (I have actually been looking into a few nondestructive versions, and this is quiet a nice one.)

In regards to the MWL and MWO formats, I will look into them...however new formats may be desirable depending on what about the level would be stored including editor specific information.

Let me know if you have any further ideas. Just remember though I am not finalizing these types of features they are very prone to change.

EDIT typo.

I understand. As a programmer myself (though not fluent in C++), I understand that this won't be implemented for a while. I'm just putting it out there to consider. As for the video, it looks great!
Good luck!
I had the same problem. Turns out, the Layer 2 scrolling rate must be set to H-Scroll: Constant, V-Scroll: None.
I'm not really sure why, as my level didn't have vertical scrolling enabled anyway, but I guess that's how it's coded.

I just found a post with a nice list of Layer 2 command descriptions. It'll tell you what screens to use for the Layer 2 Smash commands.
Alright, I think I'm ready to post a thread on my debut hack: Super Mario World: Remix! I'm not sure if the title's taken, but I don't think it is. If I'm wrong, I'll change it, just tell me.
Anyway, as my first hack, it'll probably be pretty simple. The difficulty will probably only be moderate, and even more so on these early levels. However, the later ones will be much crazier.
I am still working on the plot, but it's not going to be too complex. It'll probably just be the old Bowser captures Peach routine.
It also won't have many custom GFX or ASM hacks, but it won't be all vanilla.

The overworld. It is a WIP, and I know there isn't any texture, it's just flat. I'll add that later.

The beginning of level one. It's a very simple level, designed for people who may not be good at SMW.

Ooo! A secret area!

Level 2: I wonder where those blocks go...


A line-guided level.

I wonder where this goes?

Kudos to all who get the level title reference.

I just remembered how much I like ground...

Alright! Iggy's castle.

Looks like things have been upgraded a bit!

Hooray for custom blocks!

It's an underwater level!

Where can it lead to?

It's an underground water level...

A key! But how to get it?

Koopa hopping, Koopa hopping...

Dodge the chainsaws.

Are we to the next castle already?

That's a big... pointy... spike!

Triple the spike balls, triple the fun!

I'm sorry, Mario, but your Morton Koopa Jr. is in another castle...

Why is everything so spiky?

And we beat Morton.

Please post your feedback, but I'm leaving tomorrow and won't be back until the end of July, so don't expect much response from me. Anyhow, I hope you like it, and tell me if you see any issues.


Edit: Typos...
Thanks for the feedback!
As for blatant edits, that's a bad sign, since I've pressed Ctrl+Del for every level! In fact, I'm not using levels 106, 105, etc., since I've started at Level 1 and worked my way up.
I also know the overworld is empty, but it is a WIP. I still need to add a lot to it.
Finally, I forgot to mention this, but though my levels are easy, the real challenges are the secret exits. I didn't show any of them, but they're tough to do, and that'll be the true challenge of my hack.
As for custom palettes, I'm not very good at those sort of things, so I'll probably make a mostly vanilla hack for my first one. Maybe I'll change some things later. All in all, though, thanks for the feedback!
Originally posted by everest700
Your creating levels inspired by the original with the same ideas which is why everyone is saying it's a blatent level edit. Not that much to me so your levels are fine!

Thanks. I guess that makes sense because I'm not trying to make hard or unique levels, I'm just trying to make fun levels at about the same difficulty of the original SMW. I want everyone to understand, though, that these levels are 100% original design.

I can actually program in Objective-C (the Mac programming language, if you didn't know), but I can't program in C, C++, or C#. I can, however, program in Java (don't ask me why I can program in anything but the most commonly used languages), and I think with that knowledge I could decipher the code. I also know very little about working with the bytes of a ROM, nor much ASM, so I may be horribly underqualified, but I'd still like to attempt a Mac port. Running LM on Wine with a ton of patches and objects is awful, so I'd like to help the small but important Mac community as much as possible.
And if I simply don't know enough, tell me what I need to learn before I can do this sort of thing. Be it ASM, working with byte code, or C# knowledge. And if you don't want me to port it, that's fine, too. I am just offering what I have.
Sorry for a long, boring and fairly roundabout post. :(
I'm trying to make a custom block, but I'm just getting into ASM, so I'm experimenting with the blocks that come with BTSD. I've been trying to edit the "gensprite.asm" block to make something like a Mushroom block, just for learning purposes, but I'm having some issues.
First, I set the sprite number to $74, for the Mushroom. I also set the x speed to $05. However, the block spawned the Mushroom in a location to the right of the block! I tried setting XDISP to $00, or even just $0010 (the default is $0020), but it always freezes. The most interesting thing is that the sprite is generated in the right location, but the game freezes shortly after. What gives?
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