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I bet there will be near 1500 posts by the end of the day (12 A.M. my time zone (about 7.5 hours to go)).
Edit: Fixed
Yesterday at school at about 2:30 the power went out for a second. A few minutes later there was an announcement to go out into the hallway as you would for a tornado drill. It was not a drill. There was a severe thunderstorm. This drill kept me at school 15 minutes later than normal. The storm reminded me when my nown was hit by a tornado a few years ago. (There was some bad damage from that tornado (my house was okay except for a little bit of roof damage.) And it did make Storm Stories on the Weather Channel) I heard that there were some accidents, 80mph winds, and that there was almost no visibility when the storm hit. Also my brother was told to leave the library he was in and to go home.

It wasn't over yet.

I went home at 4:30. I had dinner later and started a DVD. About 30 minutes later the second part of the severe thunderstorm hit. And about another 30 minutes later I heard a dripping noise coming from the corner. It was a leak in a place you couldn’t put a container under. So I then had to help soak it up with towels for 40 minutes.

My brother took this picture after the second part of the storm:

There was a third part later. This caused a short power outage, and there was more dripping from the leak. The short power outage prevented me from making this post last night. Also the water at my house was from 1 inch to 8 inches above the ground (1 to 2 mostly). Most of it is gone now.

Today I got some details:
- There were a couple inches of water in the streets in my town (downtown).
- Some people in my town got some water damage, such as in their garage or basement.
- In a neighboring town there was a four hour power outage after the first storm part.
- The gravel was washed from under the train tracks via a really over flowing creek
- The overflowing creek caused the downtown to have the flooding.
- My town was hit the worst for sure

Did anyone else get some bad weather?

Minor editations complete
Originally posted by ibz10g
Iowa weather suuuucks. The past two nights, there was heavy rainfall and lightning.

Well, I live in Illinois so that's probably the same storm system.
That was fun

I got 140 pop-ups!
I got-

*Checks time*

66. Make sure you have edge tiles at the end of your ledges.

And here's my dial-up I have. (I got better internet above a week ago. :D )

Edit: What happened to the image code I had under paste? I'm not doing it again but here's the speed:

19kbps download
243kbps upload (really? >_> )
It's part of their layout. (post header and footer)

Click edit profile in the menu to chage you header and footer.

Layout creator if you too lazy to code one
The numbering for this is messed up. Look at the end of page 2.

111) Hit Shift+F8 to install an ASM hack that makes the lavel messge genrator work correctly in normal levels. Remember if Mario starts on a submap level 1C5 will be used instead of C5. (Once the hack is installed.)
Originally posted by Jility
"super challenge world"

I beat that game. :D

Jost post in the help in hacks thread for help in induvidual levels. No one will make a walkthrough for all the hacks.
Originally posted by Ersanio
I have a question:
Is there a way to make this shorter?
If yes, is it something like this?

This is the shortest way to change it:

1. Go to photobucket (get an account then login).

2. Upload an image

3. You will go to a new page. The images will be near the bottom.

4. Select all and copy the text in the "IMG Code" box below the image. (The one that starts with [img])

5. Paste code into a post where you want the image.

6. Done
I think the 100 goal points takes you to level 0 when you end the level on 1-FF and 100 when your on level 101-FF.

That may be useful.
<!-- XD Ice phoenix fell for the1's trick!>
<!-- Weird! Preview post is messed up!>
Originally posted by Boingboingsplat
Well, you guys have it easy. I have to PLAY MY INSTRUMENT in the parade! D:

That's what I had to do today. D:
A sentence that could or could be slightly difficult to translate is this sentence.

Japanese and back

The barely difficult sentence is this thing to translate or even it does not become known it is whether or not or so.


The gig is up.

Japan and back

One time of job is rising.

Japan and back (again)

The job of the time is rising 1 time.


The job in the time is rising the time 1 time.


The job in the time is rising in the time of the time 1 time.

(It's growing xD )
This free translation is ideal for instant, draft-quality results. It is a "gisted" translation, providing a basic understanding of the original text.

Japan and back

The translation of this free is ideal to instantaneous, the draft quality result. It is the translation that offers the fundamental understanding of an original text and was translated to "large".

I think the graphics are found at about 024C13 in SMB3 (the left number at the top.) Just adjust it a bit until you find the graphics. Also click pallete and load the pallete from the same savestate you have open. If you have what seems to be the right graphics but with the wrong colors just click a coulpe times on the big down arrow on the right side. Then you can copy it to you new exgfx file.
Maybe there is one or two people that figured out a way to change their IP adress. (I know 2 ways to) Though one instance of a possibility is not enough.
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