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Originally posted by Boing
Well, I made some ptooie graphics, but I'm kinda unsure...

Tell me if the spike balls look bad, and if so, I'll redraw them again.

Good work! sprites is very successful! there is a file asm or cfg for sprite-tool?
I had fun well when I saw the pyramid line guided platforms!
This level makes me think a bit of that of the world 2 of NSMB (with Porcupuffer)
It is not often that have him(it) sees a hack with graphics of SMB1 allstar.
Plants are really well realized, but that makes it not too much?
Very good job, but the ground is bizzarre, it looks like they rose the one on the other one.
I would like to know if my request will be taken, to have no false hopes.
A Yoshi : The map is very attractive, but I hope that you cancelled not no your current project.
That look like to me interressant all this, I like the maze of Zelda style, deeply the demo.
The SMB1 4-3 background night style is really nice!
News screenshots :

A beta overworld map (Who will change in any case)

Magica de Spell (Magikoopa) and Beagle Boy (Chargin Chuck) from Duck Tales/Carl Bark comics

My "Hill Top Zone" level (music includes) with other enemies from Kirby séries, Bronto Burt (Super-Koopa) and little Wheelie (Monty Mole)
S.N.N. : The graphics is magnificent, from what game come the musics?

darklink898 : I like your turn-blocks, it is indeed in mind of Kirby, will you keep SMB1/SMB3 bricks?
Originally posted by Delmaru
Originally posted by BOBO
I would like to know if my request will be taken, to have no false hopes.

yeah, i'll try it.

oh! thanks you!
I like the SMB3 Bowser'Castle in a cavern background.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Originally posted by BOBO
S.N.N. : The graphics is magnificent, from what game come the musics?

I made the swamp theme myself, and FPI ported the water theme from Rudora no Hihou.

Thank you for this information

Xgor : Your background is very beautiful, kept silent can give an ExGFX?
Thank you for your comments, I did not think that the idea of my hack would please so much,I takes into account naturally your critics.

Originally posted by carsr4carpeople1
they are, but in your very first vid, i dont like the idea of a FORCED bonus room.

It is only the beginning, in the next levels, the bonus rooms will be more and more hard to find (in the mushroom house on the map, Toad will give some indications to find them)
I like the blue-green palette of YI Pitooie Piranah .
Exellant background, I like stained glasses with Boo.
It is a good idea, the energy as in the RPG.
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