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It's very good!
The SMB3 sprites is well with those of YI.
The 1st demo, he it has 4 levels (thus 1 world), I hope that that will please you.
PS : Do not make a bloomer in the title-screen, I did not end it.
darklink898 :
Your video is fabulous, but I find that that goes away too much from the original contexe of SMW.
Breakfast : it's a good idea for the FryGuy!
Atomic Shroom : it's very good!
You is inspired in you of SMS or NSMB for your background?
It is really brilliant that! Will there be a file asm/cfg for srite tool?
A boss from my hack :

I used the giant Chomp from Brutal Mario and the Omanite is a Giant Koopa.
Originally posted by FirePhoenix
Originally posted by -kamek productions-
it is not exactly to copy of brutal mario becouse i am changing all the gfx ..., i am working in the levels ...i riped a lot of exgfx and put in it ,i changed all the overworld ..and brutal mario is a unlocked hack and i am working in it to look a lot of diferent of the original brutal mario...so you could say that i am copyng if i pick brutal mario and only change the levels...but i am doing a new hack

But you're basing it off someone else's game... >_> It doesn't matter if you make new levels with it, the problem is that you're using someone else's hard work (and in the case of Brutal Mario and its bosses, very hard work) for your own benefit. Essentially, you're stealing Carol's game, making something new with it and billing it as your own game. Giving credit to Carol isn't enough either, not when you're using the entire hack as a base.

I do not use Brutal Mario as base, I only took sources (customs boss and graphics) it is with the new rom that I begin my hack. and I asked for the authorization to Carol before using his(her) sources.

It is not a boss, a just allie, the sprite is ripped of Pokemon silver on GBC, I also took advantage of it to insert one background of Rainbow Ressord into Kirby Adventure there and I redid myself the pallette of the foreground of switch palace, me he was given an golden appearance as the original version of Ho-oH, and not Brutal Mario animated door, just a pallette...
A level from Rayman 1 :

I used the background of Music Plant from Sonic Advance 2 and the Foreground comes from Raymon on Game Boy Color.
A Green Hill tileset :

Pozeal : your character is cut and the tileset is nice!

WhiteYoshiEgg : i like a FG desert, it's a custom?

This remake is very amazing, a like this game from my Game Boy.
a 1th demo?
O my god! this is a level 1-1 from Super Mario Land!
The graphics is very nice, i like it!
Will he also have Super Mario land 2 "six golden coin" level?
<object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/Tpshis0k64o"> </param> <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Tpshis0k64o" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"> </embed> </object>
A simply another level from my hack...

Broozer(and MetaKnight) : Thank You! i like this BG ^^
Originally posted by DaKing
I have come to the conclusion that I have been greedy lately. So instead of just ripping graphics for myself. I will try something new. I will try to rip graphics for the community! Here is the first rip that I will upload soon.

Oh Yeah! a secret base zone BG from Sonic Advance! nice rip!
I plan to resume (to take back) my old hack (Alex Kidd in Pancake World) and I need this music :
this is Alex Kidd in Miracle World main theme.
Bonjours! Here is of new screenshot of my hack "Alex Kidd in Pancake World"

this is Palmtree-panic zone, That replaces the green Hill of my 1st demo.

A Sonic-styled cavern.

no comment...
Originally posted by A Yoshi

The entire blue factor is spreading. XD

Strawberry Sky. The holes in the clouds are where the levels are. Also, the clouds on the overworld do the same thing. :/

Also, I'm working on a new status bar. :|

I love this overworld! 8D
Just a question, what is the utility of mushroom houses in this hack?
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