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I replaced jumping note bloc by bumpers in Sonic and I replaced the coins by small stars that have him(it) could find in Ristar on Game Gear (which were the equivalent of SMB/SMW coins)
If you really want to respect the beta version, you should put back(hand) the house mushroom on the map (on the place of that of Yoshi)
This video how shows to beat the final boss of Kid Adventure :
(warning spoilers)

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I prepare at present the second episode of my preceding project (which is available in final version on this site)

Screenshots :

The story :
After its defeat in the 1st episode, Biza is decided well to take revenge and to take posséssion of the island to quench its devilish plans. For that, him(it) in created its ultimate weapon, a vessel called the death sausage, only to feed its vessel, is needed a mythical jewel called the rainbow orb hidden in a region taken away from the Pancake island.
It turns out that Alicia who is the girl of a very brilliant researcher knows the place of this orb, Biza does not hesitate a single moment and kidnaps again Alicia so that he(she) that re-raises him(her) the place of the orbe which will serve for feeding its ultimate weapon.
Kid accompanied again by Myfy and followed by Tran, leave to save his(her) girlfriend and to try to prevent Biza from putting his(her,its) the death sausage in execution.

Thank's ^^

I have just ended a new sprite of Sando another character :

Originally posted by DgBarca

But BOBO can you m'envoyer ton level du concours STP ?

Je l'ai déjà envoyé à Lexou
(I have already sent him(it)to Lexou)
Originally posted by Scooby Doo
Look what I ripped!

Mickey Mania - Mickey and the Beanstalk -Sprite Layer-

Yep, in Mickey Mania, that BG is actually a sprite layer, and now it's a layer 2 BG. I'll release it when I get all the palettes correctly.

Nice! i like this game!
You has him ripped of the Super-Nes version or Megadrive/Genesis version ?

Otherwise, here is my new map for Kid Adventure 2 :

(the game will be translated into English)
Originally posted by FPI
I haven't posted anything about TSRP3 for a while, so...

The background looks like that of the 1st level of "Tiny Toon Adventure Hidden Treasure" on Megadrive/Genesis.
Originally posted by Alex 92
Dadiro: That level looks quite good, only suggestions are adding more decoration to empty spaces in your submap and don't make all goombas and koopas blue-grey like the level: i ask this because Mario is the only one that is colored :o
Besides this i don't have any other suggestions.

Time for me again:

I just tried to make it more childish

That is obvious that you made enormous progress in pixel-art, the old sprite of Sara was much less made a success.

When to me :

My new project, 30 levels and more...
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This is level test, no use for final version (i like used the world 1-1 for my graphics-musics test :P)
Great! I like this idea of the castle in the sky (like in world 8-3 from SMB2 Jap lost levels :p)

When to me, I have just ended the GFX of my 1st world (a forest inspired by the 1st Rayman)

Really good job NekohDot ^^
news screenshots from Kid Adventure 3 :

Rayman musical area.

classic city level.

haunted desert.

Thank's ^^

SuperTails : this colors was specially chosen, this level is look like Carnival Night from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
This game is epic-win! i really like your first demo ^^
Will there be also deserts in SMB3 style ?
NekohDot : it is very interressant, that can open new ways for an awesome gameplay.

When to me :

Sakito's house, I have still found utility at this level, I would see that later :p

The last world.

Final release for September.
Originally posted by Sonikku
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/E4XhlHufyCk&hl=en&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/E4XhlHufyCk&hl=en&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
I made some modifications to my Beehive boss I made a while back, it spawns one of 3 custom sprites every second or two. It spawns, the SMB2 Porcupines, Water Tanks, and Throw Blocks. The Throw Blocks are what you want to get, but Water Tanks are an added bonus! It takes 5 hits to kill, and everything moving left moves faster than normal.

I made a generator do the entire moving effect (Ground, dirt, and ceiling are Exanimated), so most sprites are even more dangerous than before! Of course, there's only 1 enemy that is in the battle, but still. Some things are subject to change, and coding will probably be a bit different in the final version.

Really good, I am impressed!
i like the remix from Rockman 2 ^^

When to me :

Betilla the fairy (from Rayman 1) cameo apparence.
this level restore all HP (look like Pokemon center :p)
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thank's ^^

These plants/floating platforms are in 8-bit, me have them ripped of Rayman 1 on Game Boy Color.

Froslass : No, i am not very bright to make full of animated background...
Originally posted by carlos-182

Awesome! the Megaman energy-bar!
Will the Metool custom sprite be available on the site ?

When to me :

New Biza's Hideout.

A bonus/mini-game, "break the target" (with a snowball :p)
I look like Hikari/Aurore in classic Bonni style ^^

When to me :

A extra level, Splash-woman's Hideout.
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