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Hello to everybody! I work for some time on a project which I had abandoned in 2007 and put back with current tastes.
(Saddened for my English, he is not very good)

Rather than to write a long text, I let you judge by playing it:
Download the demo (50 levels)
This is a remake of Kid Adventure 3 (who is 10 years old) which was designed to celebrate my character's 20 years (KID)

This is my favorite hack of all the ones I have made
Have fun and don't hesitate to report anything wrong with the game (this demo is made for that)

Link : https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=23674

Thank you, I am happy to see the enthusiasm that some people have for this project (which will have kept me busy during confinement) and those who liked my old hacks years ago.

I specify that the game is almost finished, I'm just missing some technical stuff, you can already access the entire game in this demo, just that your feedback and the removal of moderation will help me finalize this hack.

Wakana = Yes it's me (I have two nicknames, BOBO on real-life, social networks and French forums, and Lunartoad for rom-hacking)

Yogui = Oui ça va, j'avais déjà teasé ce remake sur Lunariville, mais ce dernier semble à l'abandon...
comme je le cité plus haut j'ai fait ce remake pour m'occuper pendant le confinement et j'en ai aussi profité pour recycler tout ce que j'avais fait pour le Sando abandonné d'il y a 5 ans qui était pourtant bien aboutit à l'époque.
J'attend ta review avec impatience (ainsi que des nouvelles de ton hack en 8-bit, Stella c'est ça ? )
(sorry, the answer is in french)

Merci pour la review, je vais tâcher de répondre à tout ça,

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Lunartoad's Profile - Posts by Lunartoad