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Tip: The music in SMW's default castle/ghost house intros and boss battles can be changed by hex editing. See $0584DB and $0584E2 in the ROM map.
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Moved to General SMW Hacking Help, which I think is a more suitable place for this thread, even though it doesn't particularly involve any SMW hacking per se (so if any other mod feels the need to move it to somewhere else, don't hesitate to).

Anyway, regardless of whether or not Qwholl has given you the solution to your problem, I highly recommend checking the F.A.Q. before making any other threads of this nature, as most of these common issues are covered in there.
Really liking the progress here, but I can't deny the fact those train graphics would totally look better wearing the black outlines you mentioned about, since they clash a little with everything else the way they currently are. If you ever manage to find a way to easily sacrifice one of the colors used by those graphics in exchange of black for the outlines, that would be perfect.

Otherwise, neat work.
Eu acho que eu estou meio atrasado para a discussão aqui, mas eu não posso deixar de concordar com o fato de que a Nintendo, hoje em dia, recicla muito coisas do passado. Cria alguns conceitos novos, sim, mas não é a mesma Nintendo inovadora de alguns anos atrás.

Como vocês disseram, os jogos da franquia NSMB são um perfeito exemplo disso - são essencialmente uma grande mistura de coisas marcantes dos jogos 2D de Mario com algumas inovações no que tange a inimigos e powerups, mas com os mesmos mundos, a mesma atmosfera e o mesmo estilo de fases. Na minha opinião, esses jogos já deixaram de ser divertidos há tempos, e viraram uma verdadeira tática de ganhar dinheiro para a Nintendo. É por isso que eu tenho tendências a preferir os jogos em 3D de Mario aos 2D hoje em dia - porque eles são, sem dúvida, bem mais originais.

Eu sei que a Nintendo se diverge completamente de suas concorrentes, mas algo que eu realmente sonho que a Nintendo faça brevemente é finalmente criar alguma franquia nova. A Sony se beneficia bastante com a criação de novas franquias para cada uma das gerações em que passa, e eu acredito que isso seria uma boa jogada para a Nintendo também, pois por mais que eu ame os jogos da Nintendo, eu tenho que concordar que a repetitividade dos seus lançamentos é algo que tem a enfraquecido bastante ao longo desses últimos anos.
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Me and my gf 100% Rayman Legends the other day. It was one hell of a ride. We both beat Rayman Origins too so yeah if you haven't played them you gotta! :> Gotta say those invaded stages in Legends were quite tough but very rewarding once beaten!

Rayman Legends is such a great game. It's just a shame it was terribly overshadowed by GTA 5 when it was released last year. I wasn't anxious in the slightest about it initially, since I didn't find Origins to be anything out of the ordinary, but I made up my mind and bought it shortly after giving the demo a go. Cash well spent for sure.

As for me, I have recently beaten A Link Between Worlds and Mass Effect 2 (though I will still play its DLCs and attempt to get all the achievements), both of which I really enjoyed. I didn't really like it how ALBW's Lorule is almost identical to the Dark World, though - would have prefered something more different and unique - but what the hell, I had loads of fun playing that little gem of a game regardless.

ME2 was pretty damn good, even though I found the first one to be more epic. Next game I will play will likely be the last one in the trilogy, which I really hope won't be that much of a disappointment, because I'm really digging the series.
Out of the ones I played, my favorite one to this day is still quite possibly Ocarina of Time (even though it is hyped as fuck). Motives being enjoyable dungeons, epic overall atmosphere, enjoyable characters, simple yet memorable story, etc. I would otherwise say Twilight Princess (I thought they did a great job on the overworld in that game, and I actually enjoyed the darker art direction) if only it weren't for those tedious "let's go save this area from Twilight" moments.

As for a least favorite, I guess I would have to go with Link's Awakening (again, out of the games I played; heard bad things about Skyward Sword but never gave it much attention). Can't really put my finger on what specifically I disliked about it - guess I just found it really random. And boring overall. Though I actually tend to dislike most 2D Zeldas, so.. yeah.
@Wuthering: Really liking the look of that. The ripped graphics complement the custom ones quite well. Is the background custom-made as well? I must say, it looks pretty neat, even if it does look simplistic - that twilight-like palette you have going on there is quite sweet. Keep it up.

@Rykon: I actually quite like that golden panel idea. I don't think it's absurdly weird or senseless in any way, since, hell, it's Mario. Though I do think you could come up with something more good-looking if you remade it. The border especially looks too narrow, what with the black pixels from its edges crossing paths and all.

Also, the shading on the dirt kind of irks me. The whole thing feels rather awkward with that gradient-like shading. I would also work on that if I were you.

@Chanagaburu: I.. honestly don't understand what kind of atmosphere you are trying to achieve here. That stuff looks really weird as of now. The purple ground with the tree trunks just doesn't blend, and the player graphics definitely do need more effort put into them. I can't say much other than that given the fact I don't know what you intend to achieve here, but, all in all, it needs some work.
The ones I recall finishing:

Aladdin (SNES)
BioShock Infinite
Cave Story
Dark Souls
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2 (100%)
Donkey Kong Country 3
Donkey Kong 64
Lego Star Wars
Lego Star Wars 2
Magical Quest 3: Starring Mickey and Donald
Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Megaman 3
Megaman 9
Megaman X
New Super Mario Bros. (100%)
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Pokémon Emerald
Pokémon FireRed
Pokémon Pearl
Pokémon White
Rayman Legends (100%)
Super Mario 3D Land (100%)
Super Mario 64
Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Super Mario World (100%)
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Street Fighter II
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (100%)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Yoshi's Island DS
Yoshi's Story

There's also a crapload of games I have played through considerably, haven't touched in a long time, but still plan on beating (Darksiders, Majora's Mask, Megaman X2, Super Metroid etc).
Yeah, I wouldn't call myself a fan of those waterfalls in the background either. I don't know what exactly bugs me about them, but it may be the bright colors, which contrast way too much with the black BG color, IMO. I would recommend darkening them.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed everything else in this screen, including the foreground waterfall, which I think looks neat. In fact, the whole Metroidvania concept for a hack is something I have always wanted to see being implemented, and it's really awesome to see someone finally going for it. I must say it looks really promising thus far. I'm also surprised to see all that powerup and save-point coding, as I didn't know about that ASM side of yours.

Keep rocking, man - looking forward to seeing more. #ab{;)}
My personal favorite metal band is Judas Priest, but I assume you are already aware of them since they are quite well-known in the metal scene. If you are looking for some more underrated bands, there are quite a few I personally dig. Accept, Flotsam and Jetsam, Satan, Diamond Head, Angel Witch specifically come to mind, if you are into classic heavy metal and thrash (my taste in metal is pretty much limited to that, sorry).
I haven't kept up on updates on this story for a long time, but it's quite flattering to see myself making an appearance. And a seemingly badass one on top of that.

Honestly made my day, hahaha.
The art style in this game is horrible. I just can't force myself to like it. I acknowledge they were probably trying to give the game a watercolor kind of look along with the crayonish visuals that the previous games are famous for, but the outcome of all this honestly looks really bad to me. First thing that turned me off about this game.

Second thing is probably the fact the gameplay looks much slower than the two previous games, and as far as innovations go, none of the ones I have seen from footages appealed to me. I thought YIDS had taken a positive route in that aspect, what with getting to play with different babies and whatnot, but giant eggs that break everything out of the way honestly doesn't seem much original.

Yeah, overall, I didn't really like what I have seen from Yoshi's New Island. I haven't played it yet, though, and I am not sure if I ever will, so, needless to say, my opinion isn't the most accurate. It may actually be a good game, but yeah... that's my initial impression on it.
Still haven't gotten my hands at it, but my parents are going to the US next week and they will thankfully get me a copy. I have recently beaten Dark Souls for the first time and it was a truly rewarding experience, and a fantastic game overall. I'm currently replaying it on NG+ and I'm pretty far into the game already, on the hunt for the lord souls. I have never played Demon's, but the first Dark Souls is a game that really had me hooked, so I have very positive expectations for the sequel. I hope it doesn't get me disappointed.
More than a year late, but thanks, Kc - that means a lot. ;)

And here comes a massive bump. Just dumping some stuff I have worked on as of late, most of which consists of traditional artwork... hope you guys like it though.

This was made last year in an attempt to create something that looked psychodelic and bizarre. Not the most creative thing ever, but it somehow turned out to be one of my favorite most recent drawings. I think it looks significantly better in real-life, though, as this image is actually a crappy photograph taken with my obsolete iPod which kind of ruined the quality of the actual drawing.

Made with regular drawing pencils.

A freaky-looking mummy. Made with drawing pencils and nankin pens. Not much to comment about this one... I rather liked the way it came out, though.

An enraged tiger, made with pretty much the same method I used for the mummy. I made it on a lighter sheet, though, which I thought made it look kind of meh-ish in comparision the mummy. My dislike for this one may actually lead me into digitalizing it - if I get the time, that is.

Finally, this one was actually made for a project in college, but back when I made it it looked quite lazy (there was no background, for instance), so I improved it recently. It started out as a paper sketch and I later covered it with brushes and the like in Photoshop. Not sure if I liked the result, but this one took me quite a while to finish, so I feel it deserves its spot here as well.


That's pretty much it for now. Comments and criticism are always appreciated.
Ficar enfurnado em casa jogando Dark Souls 2. Passei os últimos 3 dias me matando pra fazer um trabalho da faculdade (que ficou uma bela de uma bosta, por sinal), então acho justificável ficar só no ócio nesse feriado. #ab{:P}
Those are some awesome drawings, actually. Either that or I am indeed fucked up like you said.

Seriously though, that's some great work. I especially like the mermaid and that first drawing (I have a thing for macabre and psychodelia). You have a very cool style - don't put yourself down like that. I hope I get to see more from you in the future.
First thread in a long time that caught my attention in this forum. Good job at creating it, I guess.

  1. For whatever reason, I tend to dislike trendy things in general, which oftentimes leads me to develop a rather unusual taste for everything. Yeah, it is kind of a dickish, hipster attitude (and ironically (or not) I hate the stereotypical concept of a hipster), but that's just the way I roll.
  2. I'm quite worried about my future, and about whether or not I am taking the right direction as far as the professional side of things goes. Pretty much every day I sit down and obsessively think about these matters.
  3. To this day, I haven't learned how to blow up balloons.
  4. I was getting pretty burned out on videogames until last year, when I decided I would actually play something different from generic Nintendo stuff. The passion for actually playing games has been restored since.
  5. Very often I have weird dreams where I find myself half-paralyzed or having epileptic attacks or whatever, and it feels absolutely awful. This sort of dream actually happens so frequently that whenever I have it I actually acknowledge it's just a dream and tell myself I should wake the fuck up, but I usually cannot force myself to do it immediately because it's like I have no control over my body due to what's happening in the dream.
  6. I have been to eight different countries other than my own. And ironically I've probably been to more places in the U.S. than in my own country.
  7. I've been trying to follow a rather strict moral code, to the extent at which I don't even torrent stuff. Hell, I scarcely emulate these days.
  8. I attempted to start a vlog for the lulz sometime during high school. Only my friends knew it existed, and I wanted to keep it that way. I feared I could possibly go viral all over the internet in a bad way, so I eventually deleted it. Yeah, some classic paranoia coming from me.
  9. I usually find myself to be rather perverted (and often in a very immature, eighth-grade like fashion - yeah, it's that bad), but most people don't even realize or even suppose I have a dirty mind to begin with.
  10. Whereas my written English is kind of decent, my oral grammar sucks miserably. Unless I'm chatting with myself, in which case it obviously flows rather nicely (since I am not concerned about how I come off to others).
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