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Cool to finally see your face, Koopster. You look like a pretty chill dude.
Eu sou palestino, na verdade, mas saí do meu país de origem muito novo e migrei para o Brasil. Minha família, de tendências um pouco xiitas, não curtiu muito a ideia de ir para os EUA, mas por algum motivo que eu desconheço, não viram problemas em imigrar para algum país latino-americano. O Brasil naturalmente pareceu a melhor opção, já que, pelo menos na época, tinha um dos processos de imigração menos burocráticos.

Sou brasileiro mesmo, cara.
Just beat Dark Souls II. I thought it was a genuinely great game. It definitely has its drawbacks compared to its prequel (it's way too linear at times), but I don't think it is far behind in quality. I particularly loved the variety of environments they went with for this game, and I actually thought the boss fights were pretty fun. That final boss was piss easy, though.

One major complaint I have is that the game felt, at least to me, rather frustrating at the beginning, but got progressively easier the more I advanced. Starting the game with one single Estus Flask sure made things tough, especially since I wasted most of my lifegems before I even reached the first boss. Yeah, I suck.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed the game. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a challenging and rewarding gaming experience, and enjoys fantasy/adventure game settings. And if you want to get into the Souls series but don't know where to start, this game is probably the most beginner-friendly out of them all.
Originally posted by Lynnes
Oh, it won't. The game is just as difficult, and design and balance wise I think it is better than Dark Souls. Some gripe about the missing sense of connectivity in the world, but that has no bearing to me.

I beat it a couple of days ago, actually, and I really enjoyed it. The linearity and lack of connectivity between the areas sure was a notorious drawback, but I too don't think it massively affected the quality of the end product for the worse - it was still an enjoyable game regardless. I'm currently exploring the areas a bit more cautiously, making sure to gather every item and secret I come across (and also trying to track Darklurker, have no idea where that fucker is and he is probably the only boss I haven't beat yet; I also would appreciate if nobody spoiled his whereabouts to me, I like finding these things by myself, hahaha).

As for the changes in the PvP mode, I wasn't actually aware of that, since I rarely play DaS on multiplayer. I must say it sounds pretty bad, though.

Originally posted by HuFlungDu
I was really interested in this game, but I only play games with friends, so one like this where you can't really play with friends doesn't work for me. They look like a cool couple games, though. If I played single player games I'd probably get it.

The game has a cooperative mechanic in which you can summon other players to assist you in various bosses and the like, which kind of makes it possible to play with friends. It also has a ton more of multiplayer content (though as far as playing with friends and not complete strangers go, you are restricted to summons afaik). I definitely recommend checking the game out regardless, the Souls franchise has shaped up to be one of my personal favorites.
- Mega Turrican, Super Turrican and Super Turrican 2;
- Fallout 3;
- Metroid Prime series;
- Metroid Zero Mission;
- Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga (on an actual GBA);
- Wario Land 4 (^);
- Jak and Daxter series;
- Demon's Souls (though I have no PS3, nor do I intend to acquire one at this point, so no freaking clue how I would get to play this);
- Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (never played the first one either, but I hear so much praise for this one that it easily catches more of my attention);
- Megaman X3 onwards.

There are probably plenty of other games I want to give a go, but these are the ones on the top of my list, so to speak.
Holy shit, those are some massively impressive drawings, rwhan. If I may ask, how long did you take to finish each one of them?

Though they have that speed-painting feel to them and thus look like they could have been made in a couple of hours, I personally would take ages to pull off something of the same nature. I'm jelly.
^ That sounds pretty slick! There isn't really much to comment on, but I can confirm it sounds pretty true to the original, which is obviously good. Keep it up.

Some recent drawings I actually managed to complete. Yeah, apparently I still try my hand at drawing.
Was browsing through and just had to comment on that Yoshi's Island styled desert set. It looks fantastic, just like something straight out of the actual game. I have seen others attempt to put together YI styled deserts before, but I really don't recall seeing anything quite as eye-pleasing as yours.

All in all, some really good quality graphical work here. Nice work.
Well, it feels like I have certainly missed out on a lot of impressive content since I pretty much drifted away from ROM hacking a couple of years ago. The quality of most custom music coming out nowadays is pretty freaking incredible overall compared to how most of them sounded back in the day when I was active around here.

These pieces are definitely no exception to that! Come to think of it, they kind of make me want to put out a level or two just for the sake of trying to come up with something that goes well with them.

Great stuff overall, keep up the good work.
Damn, you are still alive and kickin', huh? One of the few faces I still recognize from the old days haha.

I have been checking back on your main thread over Works In Progress for the past couple of weeks (ever since suddenly deciding to check back on SMWC, which might have been around when the whole coronavirus shenanigans started...?), and I can't say much other than what you have here feels like the utmost product of genuine passion and dedication. The amount of effort I can sense from all the screens and gameplay showcases is simply hysterical. You have really become a versatile hacker throughout all these years, and I really hope your legacy as such can be eternized once this gets released.

All in all, huge kudos for your dedication at conducing this project for such a long time. It will definitely pay off in the end, I can guarantee it! Keep rocking, WYE.
I was recently playing around with a couple of SMB2 enemies available in the sprites section and a lot of them feel, honestly, kinda basic and cheap. The presentation of these new ones you have been working on really caught my eye, though! The Ninji alone, acting much more closely to the way it does in SMB2 was already enough to get me excited. Besides, I couldn't ignore the amount of polish you seem to be delivering within the most trivial bits of their mechanics - such as when the shy guys get picked up or are thrown away.

I really like your other content, too. I was recently structuring a level where I felt like something like those item capsules would be neat, as the section I had going relied a lot on respawning powerups.

Anyways, some really quality content here. Nice to see you still delivering stuff after all these years.
Like many of you who posted, Mario's Keytastrophe (the original) is definitely up there in the list for me. Used to get really excited with each update that was posted on that hack, it definitely had something special about it that I seldom see in other hacks. I really liked its dark aesthetics, the overall consistency of its OST, and how each level felt singular in its own way. I also admired the healthy balance between good level design and narrative elements that SNN often managed to pull off. To see that hack being completed would be a dream come true for me, no doubt about it.

Tale of Elementia also would get me eager. It was definitely a groundbreaking hack back then, and what was more fascinating about it was that there was no heavy programming involved in any of its level concepts. Just pure creativity and well executed level design.

Other than those, AtomicShroom's hack back in the day (can't remember its name, it was on work around 2008/2009 or something) was a huge one I looked up to, as well as Boingboingsplat's 'Super Mario and the Staff of Dreams', which looked really polished back then. There's definitely more, though... Super Mario TKO, NEONSwift's Super Mario Land 3 remake, andy_k_250's SMB:TWSS, just to think of a few more. XD
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