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I Haven't put it on her but i Don't Really Have the time to Test my hack so i am gonna put SMW Cold Mario on here when I can so watch for it please. If it doesn't work then tell me on my cold mario thread.#w{=3}
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I think this is a little bit too easy to me because i thought i made it hard, oh well i guess i will see what you think about it
No, SMW Cold world is a new hack that i made and i said i will see what the people who downloaded it if they tell me here
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to download it go to Http://www.smwcetnral.net/?p=Hacks
[url=Link to SMW Cold worlds]
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I would like to thank everest700 for giving me the heads-up and everyone else who did too. Plus I would also thank Ultimaximus for giving me the Submission Guide. So I am gonna give another try on a SMW Hack. but this time It Is Gonna Be A Demo. Right Now It is still getting Modarated. I'm Sorry But I'm Still Reading the Tutorials So I Cannot Give You A Link YET.#w{=D}
Does This Show you Tutorials on how to reply posts on this website too?
I Don't Know How To Put screenshots either (I Forgot to Mentoin that). Reason Why I put too many dragon coins is Because if people try to do a run without save states they might need them For the 1-UPs they give when you get more than 4.
OK When I Get the full version on here i'll make sure not to do it like that Thank you for telling me though

What I mean is How to make links or images
I still don't get it so if anyone can show me on youtube please tell me and i will look for the video
or give me a link plaease
People that that see that my images look like paper with shapes on it.

For Example

The reason why it is doing it is beacause i have linux and i am lucky that i have Lunar Magic, Lunar Expand, and Lunar IPS Working on my computer so sorry about all those times.
Close it I Don't Care anymore. My Hack was already rejected.
I think goombario's world is very good until you get to the map You see when i started playing.! Beat level one but the map screen glitches like crazy a that makes the map graphics look bad. I suggest you look at the animation settings on your map editor and see what's going wrong. I Can't give anyone a link but Goombario's world is in featured hacks
I'm Good at Beta-Testing!!!
Basically i am working on a team hack. Here are some screenshots!!!

Who Said you were Boss RivalNightmare
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