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you know those flying block with power up? i discovered something.
Usually, sprites doent stand on another sprites, but if you hit a block with a fire flower in it, well the flower will stand on the flying block. So, if i change a power up or else to something else, like a shell, well, will the shell stand on the flying block?
ya! the only problem is, whats the ROM adress?
So? No ideas? Of the rom adress?
Originally posted by Kh2playa
try it in lemetal thats how i got mushrooms to only appear in it

Of course! why didnt i think about that?!
so far, i discovered this...

RAM (save state) for Star Soldier (U) on fceu-0.98.15-rerecording (FCEultra 0.98.15)

blocks act like...
address:0x71E to 0x849 (offset 1822 to 2121)

HIDDEN 1UP ( 8 shoots left): A8
HIDDEN 1UP ( 7 shoots left): A9
HIDDEN 1UP ( 6 shoots left): AA
HIDDEN 1UP ( 5 shoots left): AB
HIDDEN 1UP ( 4 shoots left): AC
HIDDEN 1UP ( 3 shoots left): AD
HIDDEN 1UP ( 2 shoots left): AE
HIDDEN 1UP ( 1 shoot left): AF

HIDDEN WARP (9 shoots left): 07
HIDDEN WARP (8 shoots left): D8
HIDDEN WARP (7 shoots left): D9
HIDDEN WARP (6 shoots left): DA
HIDDEN WARP (5 shoots left): DB
HIDDEN WARP (4 shoots left): DC
HIDDEN WARP (3 shoots left): DD
HIDDEN WARP (2 shoots left): DE
HIDDEN WARP (1 shoot left): DF

"P" small power-up: 18

Full power-up (need to be under tiles to have the power-up): 05

small star tile: 17

small "Snake" tile: 16

Large "Snake" tile: up-left: 12 --- up-right: 13 --- down-left: 14 --- down-right: 15

Large pheonix tile: up-left: 0E --- up-right: 0F --- down-left: 10 --- down-right: 11

HIDDEN "Z" BONUS ( 3 shoots left until appeared): 08
HIDDEN "Z" BONUS ( 2 shoots left until appeared): C8
HIDDEN "Z" BONUS ( 1 shoot left until appeared): C9
HIDDEN "Z" BONUS APPEARED ( 6 shoots left): CA
HIDDEN "Z" BONUS APPEARED ( 5 shoots left): CB
HIDDEN "Z" BONUS APPEARED ( 4 shoots left): CC
HIDDEN "Z" BONUS APPEARED ( 3 shoots left): CD
HIDDEN "Z" BONUS APPEARED ( 2 shoots left): CE
HIDDEN "Z" BONUS APPEARED ( 1 shoot left): CF

LARGE EYE 1 ( 24 shoots left): B0
LARGE EYE 1 ( 23 shoots left): B1
LARGE EYE 1 ( 22 shoots left): B2
LARGE EYE 1 ( 21 shoots left): B3
LARGE EYE 2 ( 20 shoots left): B4
LARGE EYE 2 ( 19 shoots left): B5
LARGE EYE 2 ( 18 shoots left): B6
LARGE EYE 2 ( 17 shoots left): B7
LARGE EYE 3 ( 16 shoots left): B8
LARGE EYE 3 ( 15 shoots left): B9
LARGE EYE 3 ( 14 shoots left): BA
LARGE EYE 3 ( 13 shoots left): BB
LARGE EYE 4 ( 12 shoots left): BC
LARGE EYE 4 ( 11 shoots left): BD
LARGE EYE 4 ( 10 shoots left): BE
LARGE EYE 4 ( 9 shoots left): BF
LARGE EYE 5 ( 8 shoots left): C0
LARGE EYE 5 ( 7 shoots left): C1
LARGE EYE 5 ( 6 shoots left): C2
LARGE EYE 5 ( 5 shoots left): C3
LARGE EYE 6 ( 4 shoots left): C4
LARGE EYE 6 ( 3 shoots left): C5
LARGE EYE 6 ( 2 shoots left): C6
LARGE EYE 6 ( 1 shoot left): C7

(Apparently, this only works on sides of the screen ,
and i got the whale and the "imp" at the same hex: 00 and F0 to FF... if you put "00" everywhere, it may not work
so instead, put a number between F0 and FF)


SKULLS: D0 to D7

EMPTY :A2 to A7, 26 (used by the game for empty ereas)


Ok im not 100% english... is "appeared" spelled right?
im still working on the blocks. i dont know what ill do next
because its so long, and if im just keeping editing my pos, the page will be really huge... and i dont have choise to seperate the text...
i got funny videos!
ive circled in blue those tiles...
i know the one to the right is the laser tile, but ive never EVER find it even on emulator in slow-mo and bunch of save states, does some body knows what and where i can find these? please?
Originally posted by Lillifeform
So i see you like blue! the glowing text is blue, the blue line and circle you did to show the tiles, and diamond, i think its blue, and your name too!


it will say: You do not have permission to view this thread forum.
is it a "Secret" forum in these URL?
Well that was easy to find! (Off topic: Ive made some star soldier RAM map(Very incomplete!) and need help on something, all in general gaming!)
Hi Pac! nice to see you back!
Too bad i missed the "Everyone-is-mod" day, i just wanted to see how it looks like being a staff.
Originally posted by Pac
Diamondphoenix, learn the difference between "forum" and "thread"...

Forum: in SMW Central
Thread: ??? secret threads? is that it?
Whats the open source for?
Originally posted by lockdown6
How did you make that maze anyway? Did you use some tool or did you draw it all on yourself?

read this...
Originally posted by DarthRiko
I made it in paint and changed the colors so when FS opened it, it would have the right effects.

used paint..

why is it so slow with me? my computer is fast!

EDIT. Is it possible to stop the wall for changing color/temperature?