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Since there's apparently no easy way to do this with ASM, how can i use up to 9 custom sound effects to either increase, decrease, or set the tempo, volume or pitch of a song?
Welcome to here!
Please note that i can only progress VERY slowly, since i only do this for fun. Not just because i may be lazy, even if that is a big portion of it, but also because there's no real benefit from doing this.
Anyway, I will be posting videos/mp3's of songs that i have made. I may not release these until i release my romhack, or if i decided that i cancelled it.

Song list:
Song name SPC / TXT link Description
SiIvaGunner's SMW Athletic theme Lost in harddrive death, re-creating.
Will have two versions.
First song i have ever made, or Tweaked actually. Needs some work, like fixing the Pitch slide with the piano, and making the steel drums less loud.
At this point, this was the very first time i actually learned how to edit text files. Replacing numbers, letters, symbols. Never knew it would be this fun! Pretty satisfying when i learn new things!
With custom blocks or UberASM.
How can i make an overworld event show up without any revealing animation after exiting a level? Event 01 specifically. I tried setting 7E1F02 and 7E1FA9 to 40, but nothing changes. It only appears only after i load the Overworld from the title screen.
It should not matter if i exit the level by winning, losing, or pause-select, i just want the event to be LOADED when i exit a level.
How can i make my code do controller inputs in the title screen without having the game activate the menus by itself?

I am using Gamemode 07 to run the code.

$009C82 is disabled.
I know about that, but that isn't what i am looking for.
I did figure out something that seems to work, however, i wish there was a way to have the controls applied constantly instead of having to place checkmark blocks to do the job:

Green R, L, D, U, X, B blocks sets a bit to $87.
Red ones removes bits from $87.
And the checkmark blocks copies $87 to $15 and $16.

If i try to write to $15 or $16 with UberASM, it activates the menu.
I tried having a persistant sprite sit on one of these blocks, but nothing happens.
The tile blocks will be hidden, this is just a test.
Why i want this is because i plan on making it have different routes, different outcomes, different title screen levels based on what is saved at $700089.
Either by patch, or UberASM, what do i have to do to have Mario not be invincible and still have control after defeating Bowser?
Bowser no longer spawns Peach, and the level will transition after a little while, however, Bowser will explode, hurting Mario if possible instead of flying away getting sick from dizziness .
Alright, i was able to make $71, $154C, $13F9 and $190D stay at #$00.
But now if Mario touches something that could kill him, the game just "freezes". He does not die. I am still able to pause+select, but everything else just stays frozen.
Retry patch inserted, with effect #$03 (auto-retry)

EDIT: Never mind, freezing $71 to 0 was the problem.
Because apparently, the old patch where you had to use $0660 for the block number just doesn't exist anymore?
I have this test code to create a map16 block somewhere:
LDA $16                    
AND #$08                
BEQ return   
	LDA #$53
	STA $7FC275  ;BounceMap16Low
	LDA #$01
	STA $7FC279  ;BounceMap16High
	STA $9C
	REP #$20				
	LDA #$0080
	STA $9A					; Block X
	LDA #$0100
	STA $98					; Block Y
	SEP #$20
	JSL $00BEB0

Problem is, it doesn't create block 0153, it creates block EE20.
I am having a strange thing going on with AMK.
I am trying to code in custom commands in the commands.asm file, adding a 11th entry in command $F4's dw table. So $F4 $0A. It works... but for some reason, the song also skips to the start of the "/" loop when my test song hits that command.

I even changed it to a one-line code as a test:
mov $51, #$FF
The tempo does go up to max, but the song skips to the start of the loop.

Using commands listed in the hex references help files doesnt cause this, and still work as intended.