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Originally posted by DarthRiko
Originally posted by Diamondphoenix
EDIT. Is it possible to stop the wall for changing color/temperature?

Not in this version, trust me, this one is the best one.

BTW, when you peeps download the exe file, and you play it, does it work right?

Because the water is evaporating and its annoying... And the sand box temperature is 0.
Ive downloaded a mod. with the fireworks, i did the rocketpath, fuse a the bottom, kaboom at the top of the rocketpath ans some 4X, but i dont know how to light the fuse! please help!
Okay. then it can be closed...
doesnt work. the fuse just... breaks.
still dont work... i wll find another mod with fireworks
yeah. when i was younger, i was having fun tilting SMW cartige, but one time, i saw a message in the title screen like "...o solve the puzzle. MahYTz(Weird text)..." ??? the text was where the "Wodd" is, at the bottom. is it me(didnt notice this message in the game), or its an unused/replaced message?
SATAN IS HERE!!! HELP US!!! GOD!! (User 666:satan) AAAAAHHHH!!!!! lol
Originally posted by DarthRiko
Couldn't this have been posted in the B+G?

does it exist? it would be fun!
my favorite glitch is when the music keeps playing faster and faster.
I just tilted the cartige again, i was in the "Welcome" screen. and a block appeared just in front of me, and i died. As if i hit a block by under.

...Damn! my layout is removed, i dont know how to make it smaller, and it WAS small... well, apparently not for mods...aah never mind! anyway, who cares?
a tutorial for making a mod for falling sand? it would be fun!
It would be fun, having a tutorial for doing mods.
Hey, not long ago, i was doing this on Super Mario All-Stars, i decided to stop. files was corrupted, not on emulator! i played, and when i choose my game, the file number (Level/world) where glitched. So i did the "BACK" button, choose SMB3, because i wanted to see if i would be in a glitch world, but instead, the game brang me in a hidden message screen, flashing blue text. Im not sure what it was saying. Something like: WARNING! Copying games is illegal... blablabla.
I REALLY dont remember the message. Its the game that doesnt have SMW. Did somebody had this... glitch? Or saw this message?
Originally posted by DarthRiko
I tiltd the cartradge, and got Demo World: TLC.

yeah... right!...
But i dreamed about that like 5 months ago... and its CARTIDGE! :P

Originally posted by carsr4carpeople1
Uh... no. the one in chocolate island 3, where you beat the level with out the screen scrolling up.

Yeah thats cool!
Sorry, i didnt know where to place this... Okay, i have a friend that doesnt understand english, so is it possible to know what addres i can change the text (In LM and open it with translhextion)? please i want to know. Thanks!
okay, thanks for this! :P So? how do i edit ALL the text from LM? Like "Overworld editor" > "Éditeur de monde". "Load ROM" > "Charger la ROM"...
I think you need to click here. No wait! Here! Or maybe its there. :P
Have fun with the game!</span>

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