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I know. but its WAY not finished!
Originally posted by icegoom
The demo with the Marx battle is still available here. Remember, you can inflate yourself into Balloon Mario by tapping B while in the air.

You saved my life! lol. thanks icegoom! Google! Pfff!
DiamondEgg wants to know how to play on network on snes9x? (By the way, its me)
Originally posted by Techokami
Don't bump old threads without reason. Generally, threads should stay dormant/dead if nobody has made a reply after a month. There are exceptions to this, but in general, please don't do it.
Its a month...ok ill send something usefull in DarthRiko's thread :)
Here! Just click here! Not difficult!
We ALL forgot something! (important? if not, then stop hacking)
Originally posted by Amanda
I assume it isn't FuSoYa's Birthday (Feb. 9) so it must be the anniversary of Lunar Magic's Release (Sept. 24).

Am I right?

Yeah! i thought it was sept. 22...
My new/first post footer! Each week, when new musics are in here, i just insert it here! I just hope its not too big!
Nice to see you back, KPhoenix!
A preview layout, instead of always doing "Edit profile"(Save) and doesnt work, scroll the page click on "Edit profile"(Edit) then modify, save dont work... just like preview post.
So i wou;d like to request a "Post layout preview"