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Originally posted by Spinjumper
I want to make it so when you hit the switch palace, you continue the level, but the switch blocks are activated. I found this
Originally posted by ram map
1 byte Misc.
Multi-purpose flag. Used, for example, for when the level ending flag is set, it acts similarly to when the ! Switches are pressed if value != $00.
On the OW, it will temporarily spawn ! blocks.
(#$01 for Yellow, #$02 for Blue, #$03 for Red and #$04 for Green, all others unused).
but I have no clue what to do...

You have to make custom blocks which activate the switch flag ($1F27), but do not end the level.
2. Install this patch.
3. Did you change both values and used .asm block?
You have to install .NET Framework to get Free Space Logger to work.
For the block... Do you delete and insert block again? If not, BTSD just doesn't do anything.
Well... just type "NET Framework" into Google. If you use BT, you have to hex edit the .bin block (change 9th and 19th byte to 0A).
The block uses the ON/OFF switch flag, so you have to place a block that resets it somewhere.

BTW: 30 seconds of searching.
Try checking the "Enable Down" box in Yoshi's House tile settings.
Originally posted by enjoirider

A block to reset it?#w{:s}

Yeah, actually very simple one:
JMP MarioBelow : JMP MarioAbove : JMP MarioSide : JMP SpriteV : JMP SpriteH : JMP MarioCape : JMP MarioFireBall



It'll be 9C AF 14 60 in hex. Set Mario Below/Above/Side offsets to 0, rest to -1.

The download... Meh... It seems I can't link to the download page directly. Look on the
I guess using BT and BTSD together is safe, BTSD will just overwrite BT tables (that means you can use only one, though).
IMO BTSD is way easier to use, you don't even have to convert MAP16 to dec. Keep in mind that in BTSD you can use both .asm and .bin blocks.


...huh?#w{O.O} Im sorry but i didnt understand that, except for the part about setting the mario side/above/below thing, i got that part.

Well, make empty .bin file and copy hex i gave you there. Or, if you plan switching to BTSD paste my code to .asm file.
It seems that I suck at manual asm to hex.

I think you should look in the tutorials section, there is one for BTSD.
Both patches use RAM $0660, repoint one to something else.
With the information you gave I'm basically unable to help you.
Did you apply any patches, done any hex edits or some other advanced stuff?
Well it is not, but what did you do before it started freezing?
Also, which version of SMW do you have?

EDIT: I forgot, what emulator do you use?
If you want the "act like" setting to change, then write low byte (00 in 200) to $1693 and high byte (2 in 200) to Y register. Since you want to use ON/OFF switch you can use ExAnimation instread of having the change graphics routine inside the block.
No, you actually can do that, but it would just require some harder ASM (it can be found here). For the act likes it'd be like:
;This will make block act like tile 130
LDA #$30    ;Load #$30 into A...
STA $1693   ;... and store it to $1693
LDY #$01    ;Load #$01 to Y register

If you want to check for ON/OFF flag use CMP and BEQ/BNE (read some good tutorial to figure out what this is).
That's because you should look in the RAM map for it. It's ON/OFF switch flag which is $00 when on and $01 (or any higher value) when off.
It'd be $1490 (star timer), 00 when no power, FF-01 (decreasing) when you have some.

Here is shatter code for blocks. If you want block to break when hit by fireball do it like this:
JMP MarioBelow : JMP MarioAbove : JMP MarioSide : JMP SpriteV : JMP SpriteH : JMP MarioCape : JMP MarioFireBall

LDA #$02 ; Replace block with blank tile

LDA #$02
LDA #$00 ;set to 0 for normal explosion, 1 for rainbow (throw blocks)
JSR $028663 ;breaking effect

LDA $02

loads whatever is in RAM address $7E0002 and you don't want that (do you?).
Replace it with
LDA #$02

Also, replace
STA #$19

STA $19
Originally posted by Samuka97
Probably the easiest question on this thread, but I can't make a block that instantly ends the level. I want that when I touch the block, it fades out and the level is over.

I've tried messing with the level-end timer, and no value seems to reproduce the effect desired.

Any help? At all?

I think Smallhacker's block is what you look for.
No, you actually can't modify the palette using YY-CHR. You can only edit colors but that won't take effect on actual gameplay.
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Mindless' Profile - Posts by Mindless

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