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Originally posted by TheMonkeyBob
You mean using WiiWare to download the extra content? That's what I meant. The hard drive that plugs into the back idea was because the Wii does not have very much room on it.

I know the thought of having more Brawl comtent is far beyond enticing, but I feel this needs to be looked at in a realistic way. (This is not an argument of any sort, just something to think about) Super Smash Brothers Brawl is comprised of a dual layer disc, one of which barely works in our Wii consoles in its current form. I fear that adding more to the initial load (and if you continue to pile it up) can cause problems.

Even if you begin to add numerous amounts of replays the "replay saving time" is increased. (I would know, I one had over 300) That's just the replay section. Try adding full blown characters/stages to the already crammed disc that needs the full power of the laser to just boot up.

In short. It's not about the space on the Wii, it's about how much the console can actually handle. And I feel that Brawl is pushing the limit already. ;)
I stick with the keyboard for the sake of having less to worry about. I own a Gamecube controller USB attatchment for those "involved" games, but I rarely ever need it. If you were curious about my set up, here it is:

x = Y (Index Finger)
z = B (Middle Finger)
a = A
s = X
d = L
c = R

Enter = Start
Right Shift = Select

Arrow Keys = Directional Pad

I find that this set up works best for me.
I was playing through this demo (again) when I came across the weirdest glitch. My only regret is that I haven't the slightest idea how I did it.
That is very strange... did it stay that way when you went to a new area? If it did, it's not that big of a deal. But either way, I'd have no idea how to fix it.

It reverted back to its normal self when I took the downward passage. It seems to only happen with that enemy when you kill it and loop back to the left side of the same room. The strange thing is that it doesn't seem to happen to any other enemies in the level.


Did you know that you die when you warp star into the wall?
Originally posted by Kagami
Iv read someones post once before I don't know when or where but he said that Nintendo is basically ripping us off for making us pay for games we can easily download or find and play on our old Super Nintendo's. And quite frankly I kinda agree. Nintendo should of made the virtual console games free downloads. Nintendo knows there are many places where you can download Super Nintendo and N64 games, so why make people pay to play on their wii's? Especially with the twilight hack out. Or am I the only one that thinks that?

I don't completely agree. Sure, the Virtual Console can be a rip off (5 dollars for Donkey Kong NES, anyone?) for some games, but I find the ability to play Nintendo 64 (and even Super Nintendo sometimes) on a console without emulation flaws to be worth it. I also personally believe that people started drifting toward emulation because used video game stores are the ones over-charging for their games. The games I could buy on the Virtual Console for 10$ were seen used for as much as 30$ at Game Stop. So, in an attempt to end emulation for those who feel "dirty" when doing it, and to offer us a conveniently obtainable game (none of the hassle of making it to the game store in the first place) in our own homes makes it worth the extra we may spend on some games. Save for Donkey Kong. (Yeah, I'm anti-Donkey Kong 5$, as you can tell. =p)

In the end, it sort of depends on the circumstances for each particular game. Is it fun? Are the roms harder to find? Does the game have good replay value? A few more come in to mind, but I'm pretty sure everyone gets the drift.

To paraphrase it for those lazy people who shouldn't even be on the Internet, a communication/resource-based tool, I explained that each rom you download or choose to buy should probably depend on the circumstances for that particular game and your circumstances for your own life situations. However, please don't let laziness direct you away from larger bodies of text. ;)
I downloaded this hack a couple days ago, but decided to wait until now to review it to make sure what I thought about the game was final.

I'd like to start off with the controls and what people think of them. I personally don't see a problem here. The new fast and slippery controls make the game fresh. Speed running levels is also more interesting because timing for nearly everything is different than we're used to. Lucian's controls were also very fitting. I also don't think that his float should be changed to R, mainly because it's very difficult to manage an awkward button like R on the keyboard with the other keys. My problem here may be my backwards set up for run faster/jumping. (jump is on Z, run faster is X and C is R) So I'm probably one of the only people who have this issue. =p Even though the set up is odd, I still wouldn't trade it away for anything.

Now for the story line. It is true that it runs about in circles for a few levels, but I didn't think it was bland. It felt like more of a tease. I didn't know when information was going to be given to me, so I was eager to play more levels to find out what's going on in this apparently not-so-peaceful world.

I also loved the free-roam exploration style. I know some will disagree here, but I ask you to hear me out on this one. Instead of just looking at a big gaping level with a tedious chore of being the crystal brigade, I saw how Cleru was looking around the world for answers. When you search for something, you will often not look in the right places. These crystals encouraged me to scour the land for every secret and make sure that what I was looking for was not here. It was a true sense of exploration that fits in very well with the free-roam overworld.

Now for the secret bonus that this game offers. (anyone who knows me even the slightest just knew I had to mention this) It was definitely my favorite part of the game. It does kinda suck that it didn't last longer in terms of strategy creation. (I still have a few ideas, so I haven't quite given up =)) However, I don't think that really matters too much. The nature of Super Mario World (even when hacked) limits the potential for versaility. There can definitely be a lot, but not enough to create an experience in this field for years to come.

I know everyone loves this demo, and so do I. But I think to see the true beauty that this game is, you need to look at it as a whole and not in just parts. This isn't your normal hack, so it requires a not-so-normal approach when telling others about it.

There are also some things that can naturally be improved, but the things I feel need to be improved were already discussed in a priviate kiosk of message exchangement.

All in all, this hack earns a 10 from me. It may sound a little conformist toward things that are amazing, but I really do feel this way. I look forward to any future demos you may have, but if you want to forget about demos and just finish the game that's also cool. Finish the game at your own pace, even if everyone is groping at you for another demo.
If people are discussing Target Test here...

I have a new video and strategy for stage one. It's not the best run in the world, but the record comes out at 6.45. I plan to continue perfecting this strategy in the near future, and hope to hit the 6.2x expectancy, or maybe even edit it a bit (I already have unshown edits) for 5.9x. =)

I hope you enjoy the strategy as much as I did playing/making it.

I also understand that stage 2 still needs some major work, and I haven't forgotten about it. I just want to finish tying up every loose end I can locate in stage one. ;)
Hard Mode looks really great. Would it be possible to add Hard Mode exclusive levels?

Also, I played some Stage 1 Target Test today. (It's actually been a short while.)

I'll let you guys try and find out how I did this one. ^_^

(Yes. It's a new strategy)
I'm currently working on a block that exits the stage and triggers the normal event with 4 Yoshi/Dragon coins have been gathered.

I've done the necessary programming for said block, and it works exactly (to an extent) how I want it to, but there are a few small things I can't quite iron out.


LDA $1420
CMP #$04
BEQ SwitchA
LDY $1493
BEQ SwitchB
STA $1493

As I said before, this block triggers, but with some issues. when I hit it from below, it's replaced with a brown "previously hit" block, and sprouts something like a chunk of land, wings or a key. (depending on what else I have in the stage) Mario also walks forward a bit, which is something I would like to remove.

How would I change it to remove the "previously hit box" and the walking animation?


- Below, top and side offsets are 0, while the rest are -1
- Block does act like 25
- (if it matters) I use old methods like TRASM and the old Block Tool

Is there an exit ram address I'm not aware of? Or do I have everything I need, but using incorrect values? Any help would be appreciated. ^_^
I played this game earlier today, but didn't really know what to think of it. I still don't fully know how to feel, but one thing I can promise you is that I do like it. The new play style took a little while to get used to. Walking in one direction and holding the other on the ceiling felt a little unnatural, but easy once I adapted.

Another problem I had is something previously mentioned. I disliked the length of the down shell spin, but I see you're actively working to make it more enjoyable, so I'll leave it at that.

There is a minor thing that I didn't enjoy too much. On the title screen, could you make the lettering a different color? The baby blue used made it a little difficult to read with your background. There was also this spot where you had to press up to survive the water pit. Could you possibly put a small arrow pointing up above the water or add a text field explaining this so new players can avoid death?

Overall, I was really enjoying this sampler. You provided a fresh new feel to a pretty stagnant game. I really look forward to the future of this hack, and can patiently wait while you fine tune the hack to your liking.
If you are using Windows XP (my solution may work for others too) and edit1754's advice does not help, try playing Recover Lunar Magic and your smc file into C\:Documents and Settings\Owner (Name "Owner" may vary)

From there, go to Start -> run. Type in "cmd.exe", then in command prompt, type out "rlm.exe hack.smc"

I don't know if your issue is the same, but when I tried to unlock my old hack, the issue seemed to be that command prompt did not want to follow directories at all, so I put it right at the base.

I hope this helps.
Wouldn't it be easier to give us your ALLGfx.bin file to us if you want somebody to do that?

Also, I think you should strongly consider the following tutorial.

It's very easy to understand, and it provides a video view of how to work YY-CHR. After you know that, the rest is as simple as finding the coin animation in YY-CHR and altering it yourself.

If you need assistance with anything else, there's a whole topic full of tutorials made for people who are just starting.

If there's anything you're stuck on with learning how to use YY-CHR, I'm sure we (and by we, I mean spectators looking, but not assisting) can help you with any specific questions you may have about YY-CHR.

If you want a different tile editor to try, you can try Tile Molester.
I suppose that's good, but I have two questions for you.

- How old are you?
- Where was this dog for the entire 2 days it was apparently deceased?

I only ask these because what you said can completely relate to the "My parents replaced my dead pet with a look-a-like to spare my feelings" scenario.
Your music must also be inserted to the over world's music bank. If you want to select level music to use on the title screen, go to the following address:


Change that from 0E to 48.
I feel deep compassion and sorrow for the victim, his family, relatives and anyone who was positively associated with him in any way, shape or form, but there's a small piece of information people aren't looking at here.

What was stopping this 15 year old from going to get a drink of water himself? I believe in respecting the rules of the school, orderly conduct and all of that, but water is one of the absolute necessities of life. Why would this student allow himself to get so overworked he collapsed?

It is not my goal to be mean, but look at this from a logical standpoint. Think about yourself in this same situation. Would you have allowed any such extended abuse toward your own body, school yard or not? Eventually there would reach a point where you would ignore the world and care for yourself. It's possible he still may have died simply from heat exhaustion, but not forcing yourself to the drinking fountain because Mr. Big Bad Coach said "No." is like signing away your own well being.

As stated before, I'm not trying to be mean, but every person in this world is responsible for his or her own actions. He made the choice to listen to the coach, and suffered the grim consequences.

However, the coach should not be off the hook because of that. (This is the part all of you are probably more likely to agree with) While I can't say what he did was illegal by any means, due to the athletes having free will, but I do not justify his actions at all. He should face the 10 year sentence for not homicide, but sheer ignorance toward another human's health. Every other coach whom agrees with his tactic to overwork their athletes in this way, without even considering water as a factor, are probably as dull-minded as he is.

I wish I could say for sure that the coach in question is guaranteed his 10 year sentence, but this is America. You're more likely to go to jail over showing a sliver's width of indifference toward another person's culture than anything else.

Deep condolences go out toward the family of lost youth. To any of you who have children, or will have any. Be sure to teach your kids the differences between following rules and looking out for your own safety. It could save his or her life one day.

If anyone wants to flame me for potential ignorance, feel free to. Just think about the whole situation and the points before doing so.
This plays out much better than I anticipated.

Now all I can think about is how can I get off this map without Mr. Tiny Sprite. Thank you. ^_^
That's actually a huge relief, Azure. I'll have enough to worry about without throwing in Single Player Two Player Break the Targets. ^_^

I also know everyone is probably going to flame me for this, but with all the advances made already, I would almost rather not see a third demo, and wait another year (or however long it takes) for a finished product. That's just me, though.
I played this hack yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. However, I felt it was truthfully lacking in a few places. Your level design was very fun to play, but you did use the same boss multiple times. For a short hack, this isn't necessarily the best option. I know custom bosses aren't easy to come by, but with the Noobs Custom Boss, it shouldn't have been too hard to whip up something. ^_^

There's also the option of turning standard enemies into bosses. In one particular hack made by Mawwo7, fireball enemies and grab blocks were used. To win, you had to open the floor wide enough so they can escape and traverse off screen.

Despite the issues, I felt your hack was worth playing, it's just a bit too repetitive for being so short.
I'll admit to not being one of the most active users, and having not logged in for quite a while until seeing this, so perhaps my opinion is a little void? Regardless, I hope to have things at least heard.

A mono-spaced font is very easy to read, and it's even used in the main post editor, so I am seeing very little trouble with it. I understand the need to make things readable, which my current layout using a grey font is not as such when using the "Fit" layout, which I was switched to without my consent. Having been switched, I assume nearly everybody else was, and this also has some things that aren't the easiest to read. For example, the list of users currently online.

I would normally accept the new temporary layout to see something fresh, but I had to immediately switch back because some robin's egg blue on a green background (and even more for the purple names) were very unreadable. Though a small portion of the site, and not necessarily the part people focus on, do you not think people should worry more about the aesthetics of the site itself before worrying about the readability of an already readable font?
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