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Hello SMWCentral, this is my first post here. I decided that it is time to make a real hack after some one level hacks I made but never posted anywhere.

Anyways, here are some pictures of a level I did. It only shows the first part, the second part will be underground.

---------------------------- Progress ------------------------------

World 1 ( Lvls Done 5/5 ) Grassland World

World 2 ( Lvls Done 2/5 ) Dark World

World 3 ( Lvls Done 0/1 ) Dark World/Final Level World

Special World ( Lvls Done 1/? ) Challenge World

Total Lvls Done ( 8/? )

If you want to support this hack here is the userbar for it


Originally posted by MercuryPenny
Originally posted by TheSorrow

You may disagree with me on this if you wish, but those decorative tiles look just like solid tiles. I think you should either make them darker than the rest of the foreground, or do away with them entirely.

I do like the atmosphere you have going on here, and the mist looks great with the rest of it. Hope to see more.

I agree with you, the palette is still not final and the level itself is just about halfway done so some things can change later like the palette
other than that thanks for your feedback.

Originally posted by Crash Kandicoot
Amazing for a first hack. The level design seems great.

Thank you =) and btw this is not my first hack i did 2 - 3 one level hacks 2 years ago but never released them it was just for myself. ^^

Ok here is a new update on the level like i said the second part will be a underground section and is a lot darker than the forest as you can see below.

I changed the palette in the forest pictures that looked like solid ground into a darker green.

Anyways here are the pictures and btw the level is still not done i would say about 70% - 80% is completed and this is not level 1.

So that's it for now the next pictures will be a new level i think.

Ok i changed some palettes

I changed the pipe palette and reduced the reflection on the spikes and on the pipe.
I made the non solid blocks a bit darker to tell what is solid and what not.

and some new screenshots only 2 but hey

And with that the level is now 100% completed now.

In the next update i will show level 1.

And by the way guys thanks for all the feedback so far =)

It is update time here is a preview of level 1 i'm currently working on.
And i changed some more palettes in the previous level.
But for now here are the pictures from level 1.

That's it for now i will post more screenshots when i have more to show to you guys.
I just wanted to show what i'm working on right now.

Originally posted by Ultimate SMW
Hi, I am the Ultimate, you're OK?

Just one question: What is the challenge?
Agility? Speed? Puzzle?

Keep working. Success for you ...

Hi Ultimate SMW
My goal that i want to achieve with this hack
is that the player has fun with it and never feels bored.

And the hack has no specific theme like you asked ( Agility, Speed, Puzzle etc)

There will be levels with puzzles (Ghoust House) and other stuff
but nothing specific.
The Only thing i want is to create a fun little hack. #tb{:)}

I finished Level 1 it is a pretty short level but i think it is ok for a level 1.
Level 2 will be the next level i do but it could take a while for the next update because i don't even started level 2 yet
anyways here are more pictures from level 1.

And btw if you want to play an old hack from me (1 Level Hack) i have an old hack in my files here in SMWC that i made over 2 years ago.
So you can see what i did in the past.

Originally posted by Ultimate SMW
Will be a MiniHack? A typical Hack? A full Hack?

It will be a short hack it will have around 10 levels or more.

Originally posted by MercuryPenny
I'm a little worried about the set up in the first screen.

Yea i wasn't sure if i should remove it completely
it is just a small part of the level around 3 jumps and thats it.
Maybe i will change this part later and do something else.

Originally posted by mario hacks
I have a idea for the hack name smw bowser returns

First thanks for a suggestion but why "smw bowser returns" ?. I don't even know if i put bowser in this hack.
And i still don't have a story for my hack. I don't want to use the same old story "ohh no bowser kidnapped peach again rescue her".
But like i said thanks for the suggestion.

Progress is a bit slow at the moment but i wanted to show some screenshots from Level 2 i am working on.

it is like level 1 a grassland level but a bit harder.
It would fit more in a world 2 or 3 but it will be a short hack so i think it is ok to increase the difficulty earlier
it is still possible without savestates or other tools.
Anyways here are some screenshots from the beginning of the level.

Ok thats it for now if you have some suggestions say it.

I got some more progress in level 2 it is almost finished then i can move on to level 3.
And i changed the Ground/Dirt pallete a bit i hope it looks better now.

Maybe i change this part a bit to make it easier

That's it for now the next update will be level 3 but i don't know what kind of level it will be but we will see in the next update.
If you have something else to say what i could change in the level or what i can make better say it.

Your screenshots are looking pretty good so far and i like the palettes from your recent screenshots.
And like K3fka said the birdo looks pretty weird maybe change the palettes so it will fit more in the level.
Other then that it looks pretty good so far keep it up.

Originally posted by Aeon
A small problem I have, though: levels 2 and 3 seem a bit similar design-wise; they use both the same sprites and tileset, and even the palettes are a bit similar. I suggest trying to make each level more unique, as level 3 seems like more of the same right now. They individually are fine, but it doesn't work well in a hack, specially when they're that close.

It is still the same level thats why it is the same Tileset/Sprites
as in the previous screenshots where i used Grassland/Ghost House tileset it is still Level 2
In level 1 i used Grassland/Ground Tileset

Originally posted by Everest
I find the palette ghost house graphics and the background to be too similar to each other. Perhaps a little more distinction without ruining the entire palette would be nice?
Originally posted by Aeon
Actually, it seems to be using the background's exact palette. I agree with changing it, as it does look a bit confusing right now.

I changed the ghost house palette a bit i hope it is better now

I hope im in the correct place here i have a problem when i change the gfx29 with yy-chr to make my own title screen graphics
it glitches the whole overworld and a level where i use mist
here is a screenshot from the overworld glitch the overworld it self is still standard but will change later

I don't know what to do maybe you can help me.

Ok i wasn't thinking about that thanks.
Then i need to change it

After some problems with the title screen i finally got a cutsom title screen.
I hope you guys like it it was hard work at least for me :D
And i finally have a name for my hack "Mario's Mysterious Journey"

I used the letters and the borders from Pokemon G/S/C
It is a simple little title screen but better than nothing

I was thinking the same after posting the screenshot that it would look better without the wood border but here is the 1 without the border an the old screenshot in comparison and i added the other shader in the clouds

Ít looks better without i would say


Mario's Mysterious Journey

Thanks man looks really nice O.O

New Update
This level was supposed to be Lvl 3 but it turned out way to hard so i decided to make it a special world Lvl and not Lvl 3 because if u play Lvl 1 and 2 and then 3 the difficulty would be to much and this lvl only works in world 1 Grassland world and not world 2 or 3.
and i don't wanted to delete it so i decided i make a special world for this hack where i make really hard Lvls for people that want a good challenge with and without savestates.
I played this Lvl without savestates and let me say 1 thing it took me a while to beat.
And this is the first Lvl in my hack where i used YY-CHR to make some stuff like fixing the vines cutoff so i can use it in my level
and other stuff you will see in the screenshots.
I really had fun making this Lvl and i think besides the high difficulty it is a fun level.
But enough for that here are some screenshots.
Do anyone read all this text ? :D

Water Bubbles one of the gimmicks if you want to call it like that

The "P" is there so you know that there is a P Ballon inside this block

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