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So I've recently become interested in SMW Hacking and found this site a while ago. I've only been doing this a few days and rather than submit my First Hack, which let's face it, probably won't be too good I thought I'd post a WiP thread. If this is in the wrong section please forgive me. :)

I've been reading all the removal logs so I can try and avoid bad habits and I hope with the help of the members I can actually become half-decent at this. :D

You can download the current .ips here.

NAME: King Boo's Revenge

Mario blacked out mysteriously only to wake up in a mysterious forest. He must find a way to escape and figure out what is going on.

As you can tell from the title it will have something to do with King Boo. I'm hoping to get each boss to be a Big Boo, but with something different. For example, King Boo may wear a crown, have Royal Guards, etc. Then there may be a.... ummm... Elder Boo, and you get the idea.

First Submap (World 1) has all levels laid out and just needs some touching up with sprites and whatnot.

Level 1 is 100% finished minus some tweaking.
Level 2 is 0% finished, as is the rest of the hack.


I've removed those rails as the Big Boo clips behind them, anyone tell me how can I fix this?

Well I've actually just joined the site and started hacking not too long ago but I have read through all the Removal Logs and half of the Removal Log thread. I have a tendency to break games unintentionally while playing and I am always the one to complain about something tiny that many others may miss, though from the Removal Logs I think I may have met my match for being picky. :p

Anyway this is the first I've actually heard and I would be playing it blind. I always take the time to fully explore levels and try to find everything. If I'm not supposed to go somewhere, I'll go there. :D

Thanks for reading and I don't expect to be picked but I've got nothing to lose by posting this.
Wow thanks for all that. I fixed some problems in the first level.

Thanks to MarioFan22 for the Big Boo fix.
Also I made the patch left behind when you eat berries to match the tree

I managed to add some Yellow Switch Blocks to the Boo section so you can avoid a death if the P-Switch runs out. Took me forever to get them in.

What's with the Edit Post not working?

I'm going to start on level 2 and should have it finished soon, so long as there's absolutely no problems at all! :)
I tried to get into the pipe and indeed I could. Thanks for that SPW.

The forest palettes are darkened.
Gee thanks for the replies and yes this is the first hack I've attempted after getting LM. Level 2 is nearly done just gotta fix some Layer Priority stuff and a Sprite or 2.

I tried to venture out a bit with DARK FOREST 2 (Level 2).

I added some custom block and tried some YY-CHR.

And to answer I8Strudel, I've had a look at custom music and I'll have to dedicate a lot of time into learning that so I may add some off the site or ask someone to create some. I actually had a go at a small sound clip but it sounded not quite as it should.

I'm planning on a new enemy every level or 2 in Boo Form, either with Custom Sprites (which I have absolutely no idea how to make, but I can add 'em if anyone wants to make some :)) or ExGFX and simply re-skinning existing sprites.

Anyway on to the screens of Level 2.

Start of level.

Boo Coin I made.

Banzai Boo in Progress.

Custom One-Way Blocks

Levels End.

Also I forgot to get the pipe above me in the final shot. It can be accessed without the Yellow Switch but requires some jumping skills.

My thoughts on the YSP is that it is there to aid you so I try not to make too many areas or collectibles dependent on having the Switches.

For example the in the last shot the Boo Coin is easily collected by having the Switch, but a P-Switch also allows collection and one is needed shortly beforehand. This however risks death as it may run out.
I has a problem! I'm working on level 3 but can't get this one block to work.

I was using the regular BlockTool for the One Way blocks in level 2.
I downloaded "[BTSD] Race against death block" and realised I needed BTSD so I got that.

I inserted the block with BTSD, everything working fine except the One-way blocks stopped working.

I went back and inserted everything with BTSD and now the One-Way blocks are working again but the Teleport block isn't! Argh. >:(
I'd gladly try this. I'll try get a demo up by tomorrow. Hope I'm not too late. It's better to help out than to lurk all day. :)
I'm up for Beta Testing.
I might as well put myself up for beta testing this also since I can't seem to stop beta testing. From SMW to Minecraft Games to Oblivion and Fallout mods. #w{=P}
So a while ago I started making my first hack and screwed it up by using both BlockTools on it. I was to lazy to port over the levels to a new ROM so abandoned it. Now I've decided to start a new hack, it is as of yet, unnamed and unstorified.

Because of my screw up I'm only using custom stuff that I make and since I can't do ASM or Music very well there won't be any of that for a while. >.>

The first level is finished and I just wanted some opinions.

Totally unexpected munchers (like who ever uses them?) and my Invisible Note Blocks.

Damn Kaizo. (Don't worry they have outlines too) :D Also I must remember to replace that coin with my new ones. Anyone know what file the graphics are in?

Hmmm. Those ? marks are in an odd position..

Boing! Oooh pretty numbers.

Haha! You suck fishes!

Optional bonus room with a hardish difficulty.

That's all!? Boring, there's no way I'm playing this hack. -.-

Also there are two other bonus rooms and ... actually nothing else now that I think about it. >.> Really, I swear.
Meh, my OCD-like mindset likes square things but not all the graphics will be like that. :P Yes, vertical scroll ?-Blocks and "pretty numbers" is just the palette change on the score.
Let's begin!
Knew I should've risked one of them... :)
Umm... is it What is "Of Mice and Men"?
This is why I love C3, although in years past I have just been a lurker. :)
And now that I have some less school work I can visit this site that houses my on-off casual hobby, and there's an event! :)

Since there's a deadline it might motivate me enough to actually finish something I start.

Oh man I certainly feel sorry for whoever I have to make a level for.

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