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Hello #w{=3}! Can I have a star/pipe lead to a level (on the overworld), or at least make a pipe/star go only one way?

Can I still use .bnk files even if I'm using AddmusicM?
After releasing Too Cruel v1.0, and learning many hacking skills afterward, I lost satisfaction with it, and decided to make a sequel, Too Cruel Two Bear (Notice the "Two?"). You can download it below.

Too Cruel Two Bear v1.0

Too Cruel Two Bear v1.1

Too Cruel Two Bear v1.2

Beware, this is most likely to create much frustration, possibly confusing sections, long levels, and great overworlds.

Hmm, it seems I may have made this spot a little difficult to figure out. Anyway, I tried writing a walkthrough, but then I began to get confused with it myself, and I knew that I should just do a video.
Simply go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeaTthy2_hY

@Alexander - Honestly, how did you get a mushroom there?
@Anybody that's commented about this - I understand that the overworld palette must not be very good considering a lot of you have not liked it, but seriously, what is it you don't like about it?

-Thank you for playing and looking over my hack. #w{=)}
Because it's a coin block. Spinjump through the floor instead. #w{=3}
Assuming you mean the spot in Evil, then I'm not sure. There should be a P-Switch door on the second pipe tile to the right of the pipe you came out of.

Edit: I've added the screenshot.
I'm seem to be getting a lot of questions about this one room... anyway, here's the video.
@miguel21450 It's math time! Read the message block for the questions, and go through the door with the same number as your answer.

@GoldenSonic15 You're welcome!
Well, if you mean what I think you mean, there are several rooms that look exactly the same (until you hit the next section).
Hello! How do I make a midway point not make me big? Thank-you!
Originally posted by smwExpert
Originally posted by Botcrazy
Hello! How do I make a midway point not make me big? Thank-you!

Use a hex editor to change the byte at 74E5 from 01 to 00.

It worked, thank-you! #w{=)}
I agree with notgoodwithusernames (well, not on the five minutes part, I say more one). I'm sorry to say that even after some delay, I didn't need more than one P-Switch to complete the level. Also, the overworld has an annoying cutoff at the top of your island.
Hello! This really doesn't mean anything, but why does @18 and @1 have the same instrument?
Hi! How can I change Mario's Palette for a single level? Thank-you!
Hello! Is there any way to edit the flashing yellow color?

Hehe, first post with my new footer
Originally posted by Thehoundsquad
There is probably some hex way, but you can always click the coin in the top right hand corner and then uncheck the pallete animations for the level. Then you can ExAnimate a Pallete.

But wouldn't doing that kill any animations that the original game had?
Okay, first off, I can't find your IPS on youtube. |-O There's a files bin in SMW Central, so you could have easily uploaded your hack there rather than making you hack invisible. Or, if you know how to, direct link the file right on this page to make it easier.
Example: Look at my footer. The link to my hack is right there.
Okay, yeah this isn't to good. |-O
First off, I highly suggest you do something that's NOT jumping between two munchers for a long stretch. Also, can you beat the upper ghost house in world two? I did, but I took the feather from Peril Rocks, and then went back in the level and twirled out a mushroom (by the way, you're doomed after peril rocks, due to the fact that I managed to fly throughout pretty much 3/4 of several levels).

Overall: Not my favorite by any means, but not a bad first attempt. My first kaizo hack certainly wasn't great. #w{=3}
Originally posted by MarioFan22
OK, forcing the player to jump off an INVISIBLE P-Switch?! Are you kidding me?! #w{x(}

Huh? I never found a use for the P-Switch. Click this, click it now.
Originally posted by Danielsbigfish
Name a fun way to use a P-Switch jump.

At least I didn't use a key jump.

Well, I enjoy short keyjumps. #w{=3}
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