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Hello there! Though there's been no real activity on this thread for a while, if any of you are still interested, I have slightly updated Too Cruel Two Bear, and that "slightly," happens to be enough to make a v1.1
Originally posted by notgoodwithusernames
Originally posted by Danielsbigfish
Name a fun way to use a P-Switch jump.

May not be the most creative p-switch jump, but its a start. The blue coin is where Mario starts at.

I'd stink terribly, but that is reasonably creative, actually. Either way, I think you should do a keyjump, because it's challenging but fun.
Hello! I know I just asked some thing about palette editing recently (I don't want to give it away, but it would make sense if you knew the trick to the hack), how do I change the blue color that flashes on the number you got on the goal post?
Hello! This isn't terribly hard, but it's not non-kaizo, so I just decided to release it here.

Forest Maze v1.0

Originally posted by mockingod
If it is non-kaizo, why did you release it in the Kaizo subforum?

I cannot play the patch atm, but I can comment on the images. Anyways, the overworld has bad palettes, an it is a bit blocky in your levels at one point.

Other than that, everything else looks fine.

I knew you would comment on the OW palette, because it's the same one I used on Too Cruel Two Bear (another hack I released), and people bashed it.

Well, it's not exactly kaizo, but it has some kaizoish essence. And besides, where else am I going to release this hack?

What do you mean by, "blocky?"
Originally posted by mockingod
By blocky, I mean that there are clumps of things in one area. Like the cement blocks in screenshot 3. It's not too blocky atm, but just something to look out for in the future.

Ohhhhhhhhh. I just didn't know what to do with all that space, so I filled it up. #w{=3}
I'm on vacation right now, so I can't play it this second, but could you please add some screenshots? When I get back home, I'll try this out!
1. You can't exactly. You can add "Door with a one in front of it > 'Make this level a water/ice level" if you add. OR, you can remove the boss entirely.
2. (I will make in edit when I come back home).
3. I can assume he's correct.
4. Add munchers. Munchers most of the time are good. Check out this thread is a good example of my hatred for munchers.
5. "Read above"

Doing difficult non-kaizo only works when doing such things as Rise To The Challenge, but that's a different story. Overall, it's said to be pretty good.
Originally posted by pixie
I like the palette edits.

I agree. And I really like the OW.
Is what I have. Go there if you dare.
Can I post Kaizo in C3? Also, could somebody please give me the submission guidelines? I honestly have no idea how C3 works anyway, but it looks fun!
Originally posted by EvilDonuts
I'm 11 and I'm very good at hacking and I started when I was 8 and I didn't find this by Youtube or any thing, and 11 and 10 year olds arn't morons. We have cool lives, we have Girlfriends, lol. I'm not Flaming/Trolling I just find it annoying how everybody thinks "Younger" Kids are Idoits who just go to find flash games and youtube vids.

Wow lots of Righting, lol. ^^

I'm with you there (well, except for the Girlfriends part...). I'm 11 also, and frankly it has no matter, being, as long as what I do is good.
Originally posted by SMWneeb=D
i think it's to easy #w{:s}

if you're making another one,make it harder!

Agreed. Make it much much much much much harder. If your not good enough to make it much harder (I had that problem for a while), stay this way, but please warn us in the desciption.
Welcome to the Mega Cruel Series!
This is where all of the MC's are stored. Currently five, however, there will except not be a 6-- 2 years later, I'm reading this. Hah, I was so confident. Eh maybe it'll happen who knows lol.
Mega Cruel
Mega Cruel 2
This is quite confusing. The difficulty is definitely harder than MC1.

Mega Cruel 3
Urgh... not my best work, but it's okay.
NOTE: It may not look like it, but the spot in image one is very, very possible.

Video Coming Soon...
Mega Cruel 4
Custom Blocks:
Green editted switch block - Solid to Luigi
Red editted switch block - Solid to Mario

Video Coming Soon...
Mega Cruel 5
Wohoo! I'm very happy with how this one turned out!

All fates have ends... some connect to other dimensions...
Originally posted by Kaizokoban
Looks like Forky's nicer, weaker brother. Also reminds me of this one hack I played called Kaizo or Cruel.

Wait until you see MC2.
Originally posted by OGS93
It seems a bit... Safe, for a kaizo hack. Not even the time limit seems threatening. (+flunchers look so blurghh)

Don't worry, the MC series gets much better as it goes on. Also, what did I say about the flunchers? lol
Originally posted by Alexander
Originally posted by Botcrazy
Originally posted by OGS93
It seems a bit... Safe, for a kaizo hack. Not even the time limit seems threatening. (+flunchers look so blurghh)

Don't worry, the MC series gets much better as it goes on. Also, what did I say about the flunchers? lol

Being aware of them doesn't change the fact that they look terrible. Fix it.

Alright, fine, I'll fix it. But honestly, what the heck is wrong with them? None of you seemed to mind when worldpeace125 used them in Cool or Cruel.

EDIT: Actually... they continue to float through the rest of them. SERIOUSLY WHAT'S WRONG!?!? I have posted on a thread that I've forgotten about wondering why. Besides, getting to say "flunchers" is fun!
Originally posted by OGS93
Originally posted by Botcrazy
None of you seemed to mind when worldpeace125 used them in Cool or Cruel.

His level design matches to the fact that appearance is the last thing on your mind, don't make a point like that since it's doomed to fail. Plus you are posting on here, you don't have to get rid of them just expect people to criticise them.

I got that, I was just annoyed that flunchers have been discourged from use, when frankly one of the best hacks in the world used them. Sorry for acting akwardly. Although, I really do like saying flunchers.

Edit, again...: On thursday I should be able to upload MC2. It's a much better hack. Have any of you seen Star Trek? I find the even number movies better than the odds. That's how I feel about my MC series!
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