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Originally posted by Kaizokoban
Even though I believe death blocks look better and are more logical than gravity defying plants, deep down I kinda miss the days of old when floating Munchers were acceptable and even I have been tempted on occasion to include flunchers. Believe it or not, I think there are certain occasions where flunchers look better than death blocks.

Originally posted by Danielsbigfish
Oh, sure. Everyone likes key jumps, but no one likes P-Switch jumps.

I'll think about it.

Well, if you want the P-Switch jump, at least make the P-Switch visible please.
Hello! Is there any way to change Mario's graphics for one level? Thank-you!
Originally posted by Alexander
Originally posted by Botcrazy
Alright, fine, I'll fix it. But honestly, what the heck is wrong with them? None of you seemed to mind when worldpeace125 used them in Cool or Cruel.

C|C was also groundbreaking and set a new standard for Kaizo hacks.

Unless you have something UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING to bring to the table, I suggest you not compare yourself to C|C.

Not to be rude, but it seems childish. Comparisons are for the ignorant.

I do not compare myself to C|C, but instead I was stating the fact.

Originally posted by VMAN4567
Your level design looks pretty good but here are some criticisms:

- There is a bunch of cutoff with the ropes
- As stated before, flunchers
- Using a half door to eliminate water cutoff looks kinda awkward (to me at least)
- You might want to decrease the time limit, you are being WAY to lenient to the player
- At around 2:20 in the vid, i dont understand the point of giving a mushroom just to lose it immediately afterwards
- You also might want to change that ugly green background (in the sublevel) to something more eye appealing
- there is also some water cutoff when it is next to munchers (or flunchers)

These things being said, it still looks like a great kaizo hack with some good level design. Keep up the good work.

Thank-you for the critisisms, but I made this about a year and a half ago, so I've had a lot of time to improve. Here is my thoughts, though.
1. I didn't understand cutoff back then. I could probably just change them to clouds though.
2. I doesn't look akward to me (others feel free to mention this).
3. I had originally done that, but then I had a bad time getting there, and after what seemed like 4,000 attempts, I gave up and gave you a decent time limit.
4. Yeah... my thoughts back then were "they'll want to kill the hammer bro.!," and for the blue koopa, I have no idea what my thoughts were.
5. Why do my palettes always get critisized?
6. Minus the cloud part, same as one.
Does this count as kaizo? I thought it did. I can't wait to try this hack though!
After an unexpected amount of feedback from MC1, I have Mega Cruel 2! I have majorly changed the beginning post, so be sure to look at it!

Originally posted by Kaizokoban
Just completed Mega Cruel 2. I don't even care about the flunchers and stunchers. The difficulty and complexity were just right for something that didn't require advanced glitches. I wonder what Mega Cruel 3 will be like.

Don't get your hopes up to high for MC3. I just learned how to get FuSoYa's SM3 Screen Scrolling Pipes, so I got a little over-excited with them. However, MC4 is a different story...

However, I have released Mega Cruel 3 and Mega Cruel 4.
Originally posted by undefinied3
So you'll not use any custom blocks right? Cause SMB3 pipes breaks db $42, that enables some other clipping options in custom blocks.

Nope. Well, not in three.
Is there a sprite that allows you to wrap around the screen? I know there's a vertical one, but I would like a horizontal. Thank-you!
I use Circuit - Menu Right theme. Green is just plain awesome.
Originally posted by UMA
9/10 Well i see you often and what.

I know you due to your giant Pop Tart Cat layout. If you were around before that layout, then I didn't know you.
Originally posted by tmercswims
Originally posted by Botcrazy
Is there a sprite that allows you to wrap around the screen? I know there's a vertical one, but I would like a horizontal. Thank-you!
Because I can't tell exactly which one you know exists and which you don't, here are both:
This generator connects the left and right of the screen.
This generator connects the top and bottom of the screen.

I meant the fist one. Thank-you!
I've really gotten to like this song know as Dreams of an Absolution. Others may know it as Silver the Hedgehog's Theme.

This is a demo of my hack, "The Quest For Color." I sadly did not get enough time to get as much done as I would have liked. I really had no time, so just read the title on Yoshi's House, and then go to Yoshi's House.

The Quest For Color (C3 Demo)

Originally posted by CorruptEverest
Would be nice if you provided more screenshots. The pallete of this hack looks much better then other similar hacks.

Okay, oh, and I meant GO TO Yoshi's House.
NOTE: This is a kaizo hack, but I was informed that I was allowed to post kaizo here.
NOTE2: Though I already have a thread in the kaizo forum, I'm making this "special," and releasing v1.2 for the first time.

After releasing Too Cruel v1.0, and learning many hacking skills afterward, I lost satisfaction with it, and decided to make a sequel, Too Cruel Two Bear (Notice the "Two?"). You can download it below.

Too Cruel Two Bear v1.0

Too Cruel Two Bear v1.1

Too Cruel Two Bear v1.2

Beware, this is most likely to create much frustration, possibly confusing sections, long levels, and great overworlds.

Same as above, except for the fact that it's v1.2

EDIT: Hehe... triple post!
Originally posted by The Narcissist
You sure make a lot of hacks, BC.

I made several before found out about this site.

Originally posted by The Empowered Citizen
Looks OK. I'm not too sure about the Monochrome thing, but I'll see if I can try this later.

Monochrome thing?
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