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Originally posted by aj6666
If the player does nothing in those screens, then it won't count for the screen limit.

Wait, does it count to the screen limit if you have to say return to an earlier portion of the level in a different status, like say with a fire flower?
Originally posted by Sokobansolver

Man you really do like your Coin puzzles. Nice use of Metroid though :D
Yeah a rare Botcrazy sighting on somebody else's forum
Just passing by. Noticed some of the samples are detuned-- you should probably fix that, or get somebody to help you with it if you can't.
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Okay so like, I haven't been a part of SMWC for a while now so I apologize if I'm missing something dead obvious, but I'm trying to use any many Super Mario Bros. 3 Mario GFX, and all of them have glitches when big Mario is swimming, but works fine otherwise. I've tried every version on the site, they all have the same issue. Please help #ab{;_;}
Originally posted by Mindevous

I've already tried this one? And yes, I already tried the patch. It did not fix it.
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
Could you snap a picture of the bug for us so we have an idea of what it is?

Thank you for wanting to help, but I actually found the original Super Mario Bros. 3 Mario GFX (not that SMA4 one) and that one worked out for me, and I actually like it better. The SMA4 ones, though I no longer have a ROM with the bug active, it was sort of like Mario's feet were displaced above him.
Click here to scroll to my updated issue

I've never used a moving Layer 2 sprite before, and so far I haven't been having a good time. I'm using level mode 02, which appears to be what I should be using.

Image removed

The greyblocks/munchers are what's on Layer 2, but when I tested the level, they didn't go anywhere D: they held perfectly still on both On and Off. Please help :{
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
In #lm{othprops}, make sure that Vertical is set to None and Horizontal is set to Constant.

That was it! Thanks :)
Going to go ahead and bump this with my new issue:

Why is this happening?
I mean, I have a P-Switch to the side and that's the only other sprite on screen.
Originally posted by Erik557
Are you using sprite header 0E?

Well aren't I dummy. When I was switching it to that I cliked the wrong one. Thanks :)
31 levels, damn. You should make at least one kaizo level #w{=P}

See that brown line above Mario's shoes? That doesn't look right? What should I do?

EDIT: Oh by the way, how do I get the water to hide Mario? I tried setting the Priority to ON in Map16 but it didn't work?

And, while I'm at it, what determines whether or not Yoshi says his message when he spawns or not?
Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
Originally posted by Botcrazy
See that brown line above Mario's shoes? That doesn't look right? What should I do?

It seems like you forgot to replace Mario's shoes in GFX00. You probably should use YY-CHR to get rid of the extra browns that are on the original Mario sprite, or if the Mario GFX you have included GFX00, replace the GFX with that instead.

Originally posted by Botcrazy
And, while I'm at it, what determines whether or not Yoshi says his message when he spawns or not?

Placing yoshi in a level that is in Yoshi's Island triggers the message, IIRC. It also has to be from a new save file.

I'm not too sure on what your problem is with the second question... perhaps either you accidentally didn't safe the map16 page, or you saved it, but you didn't reset the ROM fully. There are some weird things that happen when you load an old save state. If it's none of those things, I don't know what to tell you.

For the first one, I've been scrambling around modifying everything I could on GFX00 and I couldn't find the line D:

Okay, thank you for the Yoshi info.

I reloaded the save fresh (no savestates) and triple checked my priority settings and made sure it was saved, it still shows Mario in front of every tile.

I suppose this could be relevant, I'm using a vertical level.
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