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I was making a game of SMW2 on the Acmlm Boards, and I was wondering if there was any way to have it to where you can get more than 6 eggs,like maybe 9 or 10. SNN made a level where you get keys and they away the eggs.
Also, is that list for editing the music in the levels b.c I was wondering if anyone knows where the castle music, and how it goes in the hex editor like is there a part where the notes are for the songs or is it really complicated? I was just wondering.
oh,and for my 3-4, I was going to try to make it to where the frog eats you, it takes you to a different room or do you have to use ASM for this? b/c I don't. It was like before you go to the boss and then it says S-17 Frog in Eggvine, but then it takes you to the room w/the boss, but then you get small and you go inside his stomach. I just want to make it so it eats you if you get close to it, and then you end up in the other room. I tried it a long time ago, but when the frog appears at the beginning of 3-4, if you move it,the background glitches so I don't know if anyone has tried it.
Oh, and one more thing, is DB a lost level or something. b.c it wasnt in Eggvine, but when I type it, it gives me something. Can you use that for a level or will it corrupt the game or something and make the sprites go all over the screen?


ok, I tried, but do I have the screenshot on a website? b/c it won't let me put it directly on here. Well, it says Sprite 0/0 so you're probably right.
Originally posted by anonimato
this is my yi hack, blah blah blah
1st video
2nd video
3rd video
and little change

Your videos seem pretty good, but the levels seem kind of short. How did you make the doors look like that and why do the bandits look angry? did you change the graphics w/YIcompress? the icons on the map look really good. I was trying to do that, but the colors got mixed up sometimes. oh,and in the first level, the pipe in the castle kind of looks weird b/c it goes into the ground, and when you come out,close to the end, you just come out of the ground. sorry if it seems like I'm being really critical, but maybe it's your first SMW hack. I have one too, but I stopped it for a while, but I'm just telling you so you can make it look better. Are you going to make a dem soon? b/c maybe I can test it.

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I'm not sure if this is in the right place b/c the other one says it's for Eggvine, but does anyone know if it would be possible to make it so Yoshi could get more eggs and if it would be possible to make the countdown timer go higher, if you get more stars(like up to 50 maybe) or would have to use ASM? I wanted to make it like SNN did in one level so you can get keys and maybe only 1 or 2 eggs.
Also, I looked in the thread and there was no castle music, does anyone know where it is in the game and how it goes? For example, are the numbers the notes or is it like mixed up? b.c I tried to change one song, and I changed a few things and all I got was like a sound; it didn't even sound like music anymore.

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I hope I am posting in the right thread b/c I couldn't find enywhere else to post it, but it has to do w/level names. I started trying to work on my game for SMW2 again, but I had a problem when I was trying to change the name of one of my levels. I'm stuck b/c I checked, and I have the s after the apostrophe, but it won't appear in SNES or SNES9x. I tried moving the text,and it started giving me weird characters like Spanish and things. well,this is what I have so far:


You have to save it,sorry, b/c it won't appear.

I almost got it, but I would appreciate it if anyone can help. Also, I am not very good w/making levels that have to do w/the theme. they just seem like random so I don't know what to name them so if you have any ideas or sugggestions, I would appreciate it also.



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Here is a new video I made of my SMW2 game. I haven't worked on it for a while since I was on Acmlm, but I just changed the name of one level and a few icons to show people, but I'm not like professional at making them so I tried my best. I just showed this level, but I didn't want to give it away so that's why I didn't show it from the map. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.

<object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""> </param> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"> </embed> </object>

Originally posted by Golden Yoshi
Originally posted by Insectduel
WOW, that was an intense YI Hack. But I need to ask you something. Can I put your file onto my hacks collection on my website? I really love it and all YI hacks.

I know,it did seem really intense in some places. I only got 100 on 2-8 though. one thing though, the order of the bosses kind of made it seem a lot harder at 3-4, but I got to 3-6, and I am kind of stuck. Your level ideas and names for levels seem really well thought out like the airplane level in the snow, and I remember one level where you like go inside houses or something. Oh,and the icons looked really professional almost like the ones in the original game.


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Originally posted by Golden Yoshi
Originally posted by Mokou
Uh huh...And what happens if we edit whats in that level?

Never tried it. Didn't want to screw up anything by moving objects around. ;)

Oh, that's why I assumed after looking at it after a while, but it doesn't have Raphael the Raven in it and I didn't see him in any other level. If you expand it, will it make the ROM get corrupted or something?
Also, did you use levels after DD in your game? b/c I opened the Rom in Eggvine just to see the level designs and there was one that said "EXIT" but when open up the levels, there are sprites all over the screen so I wasn't sure what that was.

Originally posted by S.N.N.
Originally posted by Romi

This is meaningless, but we can edit like this by edting a few things. (A problem is, it's still easy to defeat the boss...)

Yeah, did something like that in YIKR, except the poles wouldn't disappear when I deleted them (hence making one set "disabled")

Since we're on the topic of Raphael, I remember finding an unused Raphael the Raven sprite while playing around, that seemed to take unlimited hits to kill, and get got faster and faster each time. It was pretty glitchy though (graphically that is) I'll get the sprite number of it in this post soon, though if anyone knows what I'm talking about without me posting the number, I'd love to hear your input.

does it have to do w/Sprite 0C? I don't know which one is the unused one? b/c why doesn't Raphael the Raven appear in the logs level? I was trying to change the boss and the battle to see if there was another way to kill him, and I was going to make a video on it on YouTube, but I think I made it too long, but it says it can be 1024 MB so I'm not sure. I was trying to add the log spike thing, but then you land on it w/out being able to see it and if you get hit, the graphics glitch or something.
just wondering, but would it be really hard to make that ghost from SMW2 that is only like in one level or something and when it gets you, it steals Mario and I think he starts crying. I'm not sure how to explain it, but Eggvine,it says "Sprite S37- The sprite that swaps the left and right key when touched." Thanks. I don't know ASM, but that would be a good enemy to add to SMW.
Here's my IPS patch: It's my first time making a level like this so I thought it wouldn't be possible, but it is just really hard to get the timing to work right. I made my best attempt.

My SMW Automatic Level

Also,it seems like works most of the time, but sometimes you get hit so does it matter if you get a leaf or something and if you get hit once and then you get big again when you go through the halfway mark? it has ExGFX, custom music, well,not one I made, but I inserted one for SMW2,and I inserted a few custom sprites to make it look better.
Also, I used the ExGFX one,and it said it was all right to use it,but I just moved the level to be 105 like it says so I hope that's all right or does it have to already be level 105 from the original map, and it's like 2 minutes so it fits the time limit.

Here is an updated version of the previous video I made on YouTube. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know, but I worked really hard on this level so I want to get done w/other levels so I can maybe post a demo soon like when I get up to 3-4 or so.

<embed src="" flashvars="m=35181351&v=2&type=video" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="430" height="346"></embed>


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Golden Yoshi,
I didn't know you made a separate thread for SMW screenshots and videos, but thanks for letting me know. I hope these screenshots are better. It took me a long time to make this in Eggvine. Also, in the one w/the big blargg in 2-4, it is the only big blargg in the whole level just so you know, and it chases you, but while you are on the riding platforms, it cannot get you the whole time. The rest of them are still small ones. Someone suggested it in the other thread.
Also, I know what you mean by clearing the whole level, but I am only on 2-4, and I am afraid I might run out of room for the longer levels
that use up more space. I know it's like 44,000 bytes or whatever, but did you expand a lot of levels and get close to running out of room at the end?

Well, it just seems like you got done w/SMW2+2 really quick.
I am trying to put the levels together my best so let me know what I could do to make it better. Here are the screenshots, and you can go to
My SMW2 screenshots for more, but only the first four are really new and the most of the others ones are really old or I changed them.

Two new screenshots of 2-4

New name for 1-4: I was able to make it fit.
I'm not very good at thinking of level names so I don't know how I should name the level. I just read this so I was thinking of making a level. How will it be judged though? on the design of the level mainly or does it have to be a certain length? oh,and do we just make an IPS patch of it or do we have to make a video of it also?


One question though, are we allowed to use screen scrolling pipes in the level? It doesn't say you can or can't. Also,I wanted to show part of the level in the introduction if it is all right.

oh,ok, but can show part of the level on the title screen before you go to play it?
I will upload an IPS patch soon. It is not the final version yet,and i still have like half of a level to do yet so don't like say it's bad right away. I'm trying to fix the problems I could find to the best of my ability.
oh, I didn't use custom graphics. I was just using enemies that were already in Lunar Magic in other enemy sets,and I was trying to use the bowling ball from Bowser, but I put it on the ground, it would just make a sound and then fall. Also, sometimes, parts of it disappear, but, I 'm not sure why that happened. I fixed the part where you get stuck at the end also, if you hit that coin block where the Yoshi coin is so if you have any suggestions or ideas, let me know. There wasn't relly that much to go by since there could not be anything that was custom made, and I'm not an expert but I am trying my best w/the level design. It might be a little bit hard in the haunted house part, but it's not like some videos I've seen where the level was almost impossible so I hope the level design is good, and the level is good to play.
Here's the hyperlink to the video:

Edit 1: Oh,I'm not sure what I should name it b/c I cannot really sure what the theme of the level is. I just hope the level is good to play. Let me know if you can think of any good level names.
oh, we can make blocks from existing ones? I thought it said we couldn't make anything custom so I assumed we could only use Lunar Magic. Also,I was changing the graphics set in Lunar Magic to try to make the enemies look different. It just said we weren't allowed to like make custom blocks and I saw a level that had star blocks that we different colors. well,I have to work tomorrow,and I'm trying to think of ideas so I'll try to finish my level soon.


Edit 1: did anyone try the hyperlionk to my video? it seems like my level is just like random. I can't think of a theme so I wanted to know if anyone had any good level names.

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Ok,thanks. that kind of helps, but my level has three parts,I think, two so far.
The first part is like a bonus room like level w/ the blue diamonds background, koopas, two thimps made to look like other enemies, and the football players, and a hammer brother.
The second part is like a haunted house level w/a few swimming fish, bowling balls on top, and you have like take a POW back to get springboard that is stuck in some blocks and then take the springboard to the end so you get to the top.
For the third part, I'm not sure what to do. I am thinking of doing like a football type level where you have to run to the end w/a P block to get past the blocks at the end, and the football players chase you. I'm sure if people will like that or think it's like redundant. I will try to make it somewhat interesting like add coins to mark the yards lines and splitting chucks to make it harder. I'll try not to make it way too difficult, but it will be the end so let me know what you think or if you can think of anything else.

oh, I didn't see that and I sent you my level so can I work on it some more and send a newer one or once we send it that's all? I wanted to make another part in my level, but I wasn't sure if I would have enough time.
oh,and can someone test my level though?
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