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@CrestedPeak9: Thanks for the reply, but nevertheless regarding some of your concerns (I'm going to use bullet points for this so bare with me):

* You don't have to draw a new tile for the path event if you wish not to.
 - In fact, you be much better if you just created a whole new path altogether.
 - However, if you do want to draw a new tile...
 - ...use this program.

* There's really is no need to rush your creations.
 - That's not to say one should take five months to create a single level.
 - But if you feel that you rush any aspect regarding your hack.
 - Don't be afraid to take a second glance.

* Lastly, with the regard of low timers.
 - There's really nothing wrong with rushing the players to an extended.
 - But levels with low timers should be on short side.
 - And be based on the idea of speed.
 - With that in mind, I'm not usually one to provide examples from my own work (because I feel it makes me into some sort of attention whore), but perhaps you can give this level of mine a try.
 - With that, take into consideration on how I design my level around the aspect of speed.

Have any questions or concern, you're more then willing to post in this thread or just drop me a PM.

@Daniel 115: Appreciate the effort, but I have a hard time giving you a point for the review of yours because it's really nothing more then a bunch of bullets cramped together to create a paragraph. That's not to say there's nothing wrong with using bullets to express yourself, but you also must create a review with it as well, as in one that is written out in complete sentences. Take a look at all of the other reviews that had received a point to get a good idea on how to properly write a review. If you need any sort of assistance when writing reviews or just have a concern that needs addressing, you're more then willing to drop me a PM.

@Everyone else: Thank you for taking the time at giving this hack a try, I really appreciate it.

And with all of that aside, the hack had been rejected from the database.

Your suggestion seems rather pointless considering that's one of the reasons why we have staff members to begin out with, and that is to deal with conflicts. With that in mind if you are having any trouble with a user just contact a staff member, we're more then capable of diffusing tense situations.
That was intentional because in the same level there are grinders later on in the level. Considering that the grinder's graphics overwrites the Yoshi egg's one, it results in the Yoshi egg sprite being glitched.

Personally, I don't find it to be much of a problem cause of the fact that the grinders added to the level in my honest opinion. However, at the same time if I was able to fix the problem then I would of, but I couldn't cause of contest limitations. Of course one can say to get rid of Yoshi but even he added to the level as well (especially in the second half of it).
DerpyBackslide, also know as
Disclaimer: I didn't play the whole hack all the way through. In fact, I only played the first level.

Hack Page
Permanent Link

Name: The Amazing Super Mario Bros.
Author: MCJ32
Length: 85 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Demo: No
Description: Patch fixed. Travel through the real world to help the Mario bros get back to the mushroom kingdom.
Tags: N/A


If I had to judge this hack based on this very picture alone then two words come to mind; inexperience and laziness. For starters, for someone who is just starting out messing around with lunar magic, you were way over your head trying to create a full scale hack. I mean don't get me wrong, I like the enthusiasm of you trying to create such a hack but the harsh reality is that if you don't have the proper skill-set of creating such a project, then it will all fall apart. It's usually ideal to start off small (like a world 1 demo) so one can have a idea on how to use the basic functions of lunar magic or any other tool that one may want to use. I mean, this hack was litter with poor aesthetics choices, bad palettes, poor level design, and overall was a hack that I can't really recommend to anyone. If I was going to recommend this hack at all, it will be to those who want a idea of what not to do when creating a ROM hack.

Even though the overall quality of the hack can be greatly improved with a tad bit more experience under your belt, I can't help but feel that you half-ass it to some degree. For example, through out the whole hack you had showed that you're more then able to insert custom graphics along with giving them the correct palette, but in the picture above wart doesn't have the correct palette. You had showed that you're more then able to insert custom graphics and you had showed that you can use the palette editor. Then why hadn't you messed around with wart's palette? It would of only took you like five minutes to do so. Even if you didn't know the correct color values to use, you can always resort to Google to search up a pic of wart and just copy the color values within the pic itself. If by any chance you don't know how to do that, you can always ask here in the General SMW Hacking Help forum.

I know that the term laziness may be a tad bit harsh, but when I see that your first level looks like this...

...there is simply no excuse for this. Even though one may believe that graphics are not as important as game-play, but poor aesthetics can really ruin the experience for many.

Now even if you did fixed the aesthetics, the level design is this hack is extremely lacking. For example, in the first level it was nothing but a giant straight line to the finish goal with a change of land formation here and there. Personally, that doesn't necessarily mean that flat levels are bad. However, height variation through out the level can really make your level a lot more engaging to play through, providing the player with multiple ways to overcome a obstacle. For example, one can play through the first level in Super Mario World to see how the designers uses height variation and good placement of enemies in order to create a fun level to play through.

Overall, when you trying to do something new (in your case creating SMW hacks) it's best to start out easy. Going full out with little to no experience while at the same time not doing the best that one can do will end up in a disaster. And sadly, this hack is a prime example of what not to do when starting out.


Users Who Have Earned A Point In This Thread

The level I ended up receiving is pretty neat. Bonus points for making me think that it was a secret Satan level at first, and it's always nice seeing the net climbing sprite being used.

The level deserves to get a badge.
Neato 3rd place, and I'm quite surprise to considering how short the level was. Though regardless the contest was a lot of fun, and congrats to the other winners to boot.
Video Link

Currently making a level based around the P balloon. The aesthetics are pretty bare-bones at the moment but I'm just showing off the design for the time being.
Thanks for the detail review, it really helped me out with polishing the second half of the level. So if you have the time here's a update of my level if you want to take a look:

Dude, Jill

Updated as of 3/16/2019
Download Link v.8

Don't mind the graphical issues, they're gonna be fix later down the road. Just posting this here for level design critiques.

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