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Now it works correctly, thanks a lot, really good work!
First of all, don't ask why that specific name. There isn't a reason.
Boppolo is a kaizo hack made with the intention to be a bit harder than the original kaizo in term of difficulty, but still beatable by using only savestate, and maybe without them, but I'm not good enough to actually test this. Levels will be of various length, but with the multi midway point still fair. How many levels, I don't know right now, we will see.
So, that's said, what I've done so far

Mind refresher
The only level that right now has a name, I tried to make a level using almost only thing from the standard sprite category. Could be a potential first level, depending on what other level I will produce.
In the last part, where I launch the shell right after exiting the pipe, you must not proceed further than that, or an autoscroll trap is activated.

Level based on layer 2 and bomb

(There isn't actually much to say, without showing it trough a video, will do that in the near future)

No jumping! Probably done and redone in much other kaizo hack, but personally never experimented with this gimmick

A shell and a blue koopa, wonder what should I do

Also, there are quite a bit of falling rocks trough your way

(Note, you are actually swimming down and going on the platform)

Yellow koopa that is required later.

That's it for now, I hope you like it and also I hope to be able to finish this project soon or later
Originally posted by Katerpie
This is pretty good as a "refreshing" level (totally not a pun) and could be a first level actually.

I also dig your screens and the decent amount of variety so far. I assume this hack can be beaten savestateless if you try harder to not make your segments too difficult to get past without tools, but that's for you to decide after all. Are you planning to apply the retry system as well?

Thank you! I've forgot to mention it, I've already applied the retry patch!
Originally posted by MasterKastylinos222
Doing anything without any tools would be a pain, even for speedrunners. Are you thinking of infinite life system?

Also excellent job!

Thanks a lot! I was thinking about maybe adding more checkpoints, expecially after really hard parts. Right now I'm concentrating about having at least the basic layout done. About infinite lives, yes, there is no life sistem, don't watch the actual status bar, I will do changes in future.
Gravity's enemy

The no-jump level gimmick. There is also a secret exit done, but gonna keep this a secret (at least for now). Also, I'm not liking to much the part with the yellow shell, thinking about reworking it a bit
2017 in a nutshell
Various layer 2 pillar stuff going on, with bombs and lava! In the last area, touching any red pillar or pipe will make the layer 2 fall, midway point included.

Also, two more level in progress

A beach layer 3 level with two main areas. In the storm part, water current is stronger, upstream movement is impossible unless you carry an item

A VVVVVV inspired level, with the top-bottom linked gimmick. Again, a gimmick that I've never personally experimented with, but I'm liking so far.

Because of IRL stuff, progress in the rom hack will probably be slowly, I'm working on it in my spare time and right now I've really little to none, so don't worry if I don't update frequently, I'm not even able to complete my kaizo contest level (will surely rework it for this hack, it's only half done but i really like how it was going)
I've played some of the levels, they are really good and clever, hope everyone is satisfied with their work!
I didn't have enough time this month to build a complete level, because of this I didn't enter, but I still want to share what I've done so far


The level itself is not completed, also there could be bugs and breaks, I still needed to polish it a bit. Even if I wasn't able to finish it for the deadline, I will still complete this when I will have time and use it in my kaizo hack, at least it will not be wasted!

That said, good luck everyone for the results!
Concrete valley

EDIT fixed submission
A sunken ghost ship level, there isn't any particolar gimmick in the first half. The second half and the boss utilize a fast layer 2 smash in conjunction with water. Thinking about adding a secret exit somewhere. Just as a note, the wall with brown block leads to a death trap

Also, I've started a level with the DKC barrel thing, this is going to be shorter, about only two sections.

Thank you all for the feedback, going to rework the wave effect to something less intrusive.
For the level itself, in general I'm not good in water level design, I've started the level with some ideas I think were good (the outside of the ship mainly) and other that I don't think are bad, but neither that special. For this level in specific, I was thinking about adding a secret exit somewhere, so there will likely be a re-work of that areas, If i'm able to think about something better and tie it to the main area.
I was also thinking in the near future, with more level completed, to have a beta-testing with all' I've done so far to also have some feedback about the actual difficulty, gameplay-wise I need to relay on savestates because I'm simply not good enough, and I'm not sure if I'm nailing correctly the difficulty of some parts. I'm also starting to think how to put the overworld and a general idea about other things. The length of the final hack will be probably near 15-20 levels, with a special zone included, not sure right now how to set it.

Also, I was thinking about the last area in gravity's enemy to rework it a bit, not completely getting rid of the rainbow shell, but keeping it in a different way and for less time (probably leaving the p-switch wait part and then you can directly go to the pipe without doing the slide part), will re-work that part in one of this days then eventually post the new images of that area.
This is a glitch that I can't get why it happens. The game keep crashing when a platform or a rope :

1)Touches a solid object (such as a wall of any kind of blocks or the floor)
2)When it despawns by falling down (this doesn't happen every time)

This glitch happens only with newer emulator (such as bizhawk), using older emulator (such as snes9x) is completely fine. I'm using the Line Guide Acts-Like Fix patch, the only actual thing that I think could somehow contribute to this glitch, someone has any idea why this is happening? Right now it's not a big deal, I'm modifying the level to avoid this kind of problems, but fixing it would be better.
Beach Time

Layer 3 level with 2 main gimmicks: a stronger current that prevents going right without an item and a dolphin that follow you around.
Star Platinum

Line guided platform level, with some more things in it
Thanks a lot for all the criticism and compliments, I really appreciate them!

Cheap Odissey

I've actually uploaded the video some days ago, but forgot to put it here! It's a basic level with the butter bridge autoscroll, filled with hammer and baseball chuck.
Global Warming
This would have been my KLDC entry, but I hadn't to much time to work on it and I wasn't able to complete it untill now. It's an ice level with insta killing water and blocks that can break with the fire flower.

Right now, I would say that the rom hack is almost finished, most of the levels are completed, some need some polishing, other are fine, but I still have to complete the final stage (only done one room so far) and come up with an idea for the final boss. Also, right now I'm very busy with personal stuff, so I can't say exactly when this will come out. Counting the special levels, there are a total of 17 levels (which only 3 need to be finished, counting the final stage). I will maybe only add one more stage eventually, but even if I don't I think this is a resonable amount of levels, considering also that some levels take 5 minutes without failing.
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turbofa's Profile - Posts by turbofa

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